Wednesday, December 26, 2012

28 Years, So Far, From the Firsts to the Lasts

Today it has been 28 years since I first met my Husband, The Seamonkey, ( Outside the ladies room of a night club where he could get a good view of the possibilities) and started a string of firsts that we didn't realize were possibilities on that day.

I won't be answering comments this week. I'm still concentrating on and spending most of my time enjoying  a few of our 'Family Lasts' : )

I Wish Everyone a Happy New Year From the First Day To The Last!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And They Shall Call His Name

You know how some words strike us as special? They ring pleasantly on our ear for some reason, often regardless of their meaning. When I was a child I heard the word Emmanuel and thought it was the loveliest sounding word. It flowed like living water and emanated warmth and comfort and strength as well. And then I learned what it meant.

God With Us.

And it took on a whole new level of wonder in my heart. It has always been my favorite Word.

I can say, I Hope you have a Happy Holiday, that you had a lovely Hanukkah or will have a Merry Christmas but this year these words don't seem to be enough. They ring like jingle bells and flicker brightly like LED candles but they don't say what I wish for everyone now and in the coming year. Because this Word is not just good one day a year. I Wish You....

Every Day. 

May the Lord Be With You and Yours This Season and Always.
Ms. G

Isaiah 7:14Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel

Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe a Lemon Pledge Gift Basket?

We are once again on the topic of boys in my house. Now boyfriends have come and gone over the years at my house. Sometimes the same ones more than once. I don't usually consider people being dated a 'part of the family'. I don't think they need to be invited to every family function. I may wish them Happy Birthday but don't find more than that necessary. Last year I did get Mids boyfriend a small Christmas gift because he was going to be at our house on Christmas Eve when we open some gifts, so that was courtesy. Middlest broke up with him a few weeks ago, so, this year obviously a gift for him is not an issue. Um..the fact that he picked her up 5 minutes ago to go Christmas Shopping not withstanding...I don't get it..but..ok.....

Littlest has been dating her boyfriend over a year. I'm going to 'blog name' him Daisy. There's a legitimate reason for this moniker. I'm not making fun of him. Really ; ) He's a nice kid, though I find him sitting on my couch way too often when I wish to be on it myself.  Recently it was getting late and I wandered upstairs to find them on the couch and Lit appeared to be conked out. I asked him, "is she asleep?" he looked down and said, "yeah, she is." I said,"Go Home Daisy." he said, Okay, as soon as my show is over." ??? But in general he's alright and I don't really notice him much. He's kind of like a piece of furniture that I'm used to. The other day he walked in the living room and said, "You turned the light out on me." What? What was he talking about..and where did he come from anyway..? "You went in to use Littlests bathroom", he explained, "and when you came out you turned the light out on me. I was sitting at her desk using her computer." Oh. Sorry. Where the heck is Littlest anyway? I didn't even know she was home..but anyway..

 Yesterday I walked in my living room and found dirty socks sitting in the middle of the floor which is a huge problem at my house and a huge annoyance to me. Both girls are terrible about it and it drives me crazy.  So I immediately yelled out, Littlest! Are these your dirty socks or Middlests? If they're yours come get them right now, they smell! There was a moment of silence and then I heard a deep voice from the kitchen, "Um,  those are mine." He shuffled out to the living room and mumbled, " feet I took them off..."

Mmm Hmm..he obviously feels just like part of the family.

His family, on the other hand, ADORE Littlest. They include her in almost everything they do. His parents are divorced so that's two families claiming her as part of their own. When he has a performance they gather her up to sit with them. They have invited her to go on a traditional family camping trip they take the week before Christmas. She has become Just Like Family to them. His mother Had Her Included In His Senior Pictures. Seriously. WTH? But, if it makes them happy, ok...His Dad actually thanked Littlest for dating him one time. All we can figure is that they were relieved to find out he isn't gay...even if his girlfriend can beat him up...but anyway..

I suppose I  have to get him gift.  Last Christmas he did surprise me by presenting me with Guitar Hero games. And since I'm pretty much Sheldon when it comes to gift giving, I'll be scouting out Batman T shirts and Darth Vader mugs because he's pretty much Stuart.

And after all,
The boy's been around long enough that he's become Just Like Part of  the Furniture to me : )

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mafia Maid Service?

Yesterday I was in my local 'everything for a dollar store' buying some nifty cookie tins for Littlest to provide baked goods for and 3V fake Tea Light batteries which they were out of and it was really annoying but anyway......

Ahead of me in the checkout line were two kind of scary, shifty acting men. One of them stood off to the side and looked antsy while the other stood in line. They were buying:

4 large rolls of adhesive packing/shipping tape.

2 Lint rollers

2 Swiffer type mops


Carpet Cleaner

The friendly cashier chuckled, 'Doing some cleaning huh'?

"Um, yeah," one of them answered with a blunt laugh, (it sounded like 'Heht' )"we do alot of,  uh, cleaning."

When I left the store I noticed them driving away in a vehicle with out of state tags.

I'm uh, going with, um, a Persian cat. They obviously have a Persian cat. The one I used to have did alot of shedding and couldn't find the litter box to save her life, bless her heart.

And they must be....shipping her to their mother as a Christmas Gift...yeah...that sound plausible...


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