Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It Just Isn't a Holiday Without Bad Poetry

So I dug into my archives from 2009 to reproduce this gem originallly entitled:

So I Missed My Calling (As a Greeting Card Writer)

May your turkey be tender
Your stuffing just right.
The corn mellow yellow
And your cranberries ripe.

May your blessings be numbered
That when you behold
How many you've Thanked for
Your food has gone cold.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded
Inflicting bad poetry on others since around 1979
( when she was usually grounded )

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

Now does anyone know the measurements to make green bean casserole? Because the worst has happened and the recipe is not on the cans for the green beans, mushroom soup or onions.

Yes. I'm serious.

; )

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS: Check the internet, everything is on there!

  2. I'm a terrible cook, so I can't help you out on that. However, you definitely missed your calling, these are brilliant :) xx

  3. There was something about 'the traditional green bean casserole' in an article I read about American Thanksgiving. So that's really a thing, huh? Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Ms. A is so right. The internet answers all. I hope it turned out well!

  5. Well they ate it all so I guess it was alright. As for me, nothing else matters but the turkey. I roast the best turkey on earth. Not just bragging, I really do. It's sooo good I'm cooking another one today! Because there aren't enough leftovers of my turkey awesomeness!

  6. Not gonna lie, not a fan of green bean casserole. Green beans, check, mushroom soup, check, onions check. All together? Bleh.

  7. LOVE green bean casserole and the last time I looked, the recipe was on the back of the French's crispy onion rings. No more???

    Please let it not be true.

  8. You've missed your calling. I've been hearing a lot about this green bean casserole. I'm gonna have to try it.

  9. Whoa, I left th party early to decorate fo Christmas and more people showed up!

    I won't eat my green beans. Gladly lose desert for them any day ; )


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