Monday, November 12, 2012

i Didn't Do That

Ok. My last trip away was not business. It was pleasure. Not just pleasure but purely decadent, throw all cares and serious issues of this world and particularly financial issues, to the winds pleasure.

We went to Disney World.

If I'm shopping for cardboard boxes to live in next year, so be it, our kids are almost all old enough to take us in ; )

Besides, this is the year of Last and we haven't been there since Littlest was 4. It may be our last chance. So we threw senior year to the wind as well and took our baby to see Mickey. And our Biggest. Because she will never grow up and is a Disney Freak and she and DecentGuy own season tickets so we didn't have to pay for them. Our poor Middlest had to stay home and work because she is a grown up, which sucked all manner of eggs, but what can ya do?

Now, most of the time when people show off their photo's of vacations to Disney they give you a run down of all the fun activities and wonderful things they experienced. Yay!... Right?
First of all, I don't take that many pictures. I'm too busy 'doing'. And Second of all, half the ones I take don't turn out.  So I'm not gonna do that.

Instead this is a list of some of the things I Did Not Do at Disney World and I don't suggest them to you either.

We went to Hollywood Studio's and

I didn't do This
Rockin Roller Coaster
Or This
Tower of Terror

Though I spent a lot of time sitting outside them waiting for other people.
Off to Animal Kingdom where
I didn't do this either. Expedition Everest
I actually was going to, after much reassuring and coaxing from my family,
and was waiting for our turn. If you look closely you can see all the little people going up

But then something happened.

And I watched them walk all the little people off the top

So I went and looked at a duck instead.
My family accused me of cursing the ride so I wouldn't have to go.
I told them if that was so it was totally inadvertent.  : )
I also didn't go on Mission Space at Epcot but I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too busy looking through the brochure of delightful international cuisine to be found at World Village, to find out where I could get a cheeseburger.
All in all this is the type of attraction I visited most.
The Restroom Ride.
Which is where I was when everyone was on Splash Mountain and I don't have a picture.
Because I didn't do that either.
Just for traditions sake though, here is an obligatory picture of a parade.

And of the castle

Which was transformed into the Christmas Decorations unexpectedly while we were there.
That was pretty cool.
And, well, I hate to admit it, but it was magical. Because we were sprinkled with Pixie Dust and my daughters were able to go inside this; The Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beast's Castle, which is gorgeous and not open yet and so was completely empty, and wander all around it without a crowd. Which will never happen again. And sit in The Beast's chair without a line.
Which will never happen again.
And Biggest cried.

Last of all,
 Littlest got to see the fireworks from in front of the castle.
 Which is what she wanted most.
And we got to have a vacation with Biggest, which hasn't happened in years.
And we were able to spend the time there with Littlest.
Which might not ever happen again.
Because she is almost grown up.
So I DID do that. 
And it was all totally worth the cardboard box.

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  1. Holy cow! For someone who doesn't take many photos, these are great!!!

    I've never experienced Disney and for some reason, I don't see that happening at this stage of the game. I've become a wimp in my old age, not to mention CHEAP.

    1. I think we're good for another 20 years. For me a little Disney goes a long way!

  2. I was completely taken by surprise by how Disney got past my ironic worldweariness. So glad you had a magical time with your girls.

    1. It was pretty cool watching them have fun but not having to 'be in charge' of anything : )

  3. What you didn't do and they did? Well, I think it all evens out. What a MAGICAL trip! And super cool memories. I have never taken my daughter to Disney. But you have shown me, it's never too late. :-)

    1. I'm not real big on the4 mouse ears myself but it really is fun for any age-read-Epcot Shopping!

  4. :) I need a trip like that. The last time we went it was so hot I couldn't take it.

  5. No matter how you slice it, Disney is made of magic. I'm so glad that you had a great time!

    1. This is true. Magic is very expensive and so is the perfume in Faux France but wonderful all the same!


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