Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo..and stuff..

First Of All-  For everyone enduring the awful storm on the East Coast. I hope everyone comes through safely and with minimal damage. No one was expecting that kind of scary this week and we could do without it.  My Thoughts and Prayers Are With You!

In other news I'm getting ready for Halloween:

I bought the candy.

You just don't get what you pay for anymore.

Red ones? They make red ones?


As always I didn't have to pay alot of money for decorations because nature supplies them for me.
These spider webs are all over the outside of the house. They obviously are spooky and from another planet because whenever you try to photograph them they GLOW.

So I had to look for another source. This is what they look like:
One look at those when the trick or treaters approach and I might not need all that candy after all ; )
Spiny Backed Orb Weaver.
Photo courtesy of the University of Florida.

Speaking of scary things in Florida, I took on a nightmare for everyone and recently went to Miami for you. Now you never have to go there to see it for yourself.

Thanks aren't necessary. I do it because I care.

Because this is the year of last, I've been reminiscing about the old days. Right about now my sewing machine would be out-and so would the glue ; ). My dining room table would be covered with colorful fabrics being transformed into kimono's and gypsy skirts and princess frocks. Fairy wings sparkling with jewels and sequins. Glitter sprinkled wands or occasionally the makings for a swashbuckling lady pirate. A couple of times there were green felt tunics for Robin Hood or Peter Pan. And of course we had a few witches and the Hogwarts years. But now, they are grown. Does this stop the grounded girls? Of course not. They just do it themselves. And Littlest is now at my dining room table creating her own costume.

...on my dining room table...

She's going to be a Zombie Hunter. Her boyfriend is the Zombie.
She finally found a way to literally drag that poor boy around with a chain ; )

For the Last Halloween, Zombie Moon Music.

Be Safe Everyone!

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  1. LOL to your daughter and her boyfriend! Miami is that bad? Those are my favorite suckers in the world! I like the chocolate ones but I used to hate them!

    1. I love the cherry but I have a whole bag of chocolate ones I can mail you!

  2. I hope I don't hand out a single piece of candy. That means more for me and my ever-expanding waistline and butt! I love candy!


    PS: I've never seen a spider like that. HOW FREAKY!

    1. We ate it all already. I have to buy more today. We only average about 3 kids each year so I figure that's 3 more lbs. by the end of the week!

  3. Lol at a zombie hunter. Did you eat all the candy :)?

  4. I'm so sorry about Miami. And that spider!!!??!! ack. See, I knew there were plenty of reasons not to move somewhere with sweltering heat. Most of our icky critters around here just die when it freezes! Hope you and the grounded girls have a safe and happy halloween too! I am NOT looking forward to going out in our cold and gloomy/drizzly/ post hurricane weather... but couldn't convince everyone to just skip trick or treating and go to the party at church, so I shall have to be cold. oh well, at least i'm not in miami ;-)

  5. I really hope you get pics of your daughter. I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan and I love a good Zombie. :-) Happy Halloween!!

  6. Oh, and I am NOT a fan of your weeble wobble web building bug. Yikes!


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