Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo..and stuff..

First Of All-  For everyone enduring the awful storm on the East Coast. I hope everyone comes through safely and with minimal damage. No one was expecting that kind of scary this week and we could do without it.  My Thoughts and Prayers Are With You!

In other news I'm getting ready for Halloween:

I bought the candy.

You just don't get what you pay for anymore.

Red ones? They make red ones?


As always I didn't have to pay alot of money for decorations because nature supplies them for me.
These spider webs are all over the outside of the house. They obviously are spooky and from another planet because whenever you try to photograph them they GLOW.

So I had to look for another source. This is what they look like:
One look at those when the trick or treaters approach and I might not need all that candy after all ; )
Spiny Backed Orb Weaver.
Photo courtesy of the University of Florida.

Speaking of scary things in Florida, I took on a nightmare for everyone and recently went to Miami for you. Now you never have to go there to see it for yourself.

Thanks aren't necessary. I do it because I care.

Because this is the year of last, I've been reminiscing about the old days. Right about now my sewing machine would be out-and so would the glue ; ). My dining room table would be covered with colorful fabrics being transformed into kimono's and gypsy skirts and princess frocks. Fairy wings sparkling with jewels and sequins. Glitter sprinkled wands or occasionally the makings for a swashbuckling lady pirate. A couple of times there were green felt tunics for Robin Hood or Peter Pan. And of course we had a few witches and the Hogwarts years. But now, they are grown. Does this stop the grounded girls? Of course not. They just do it themselves. And Littlest is now at my dining room table creating her own costume.

...on my dining room table...

She's going to be a Zombie Hunter. Her boyfriend is the Zombie.
She finally found a way to literally drag that poor boy around with a chain ; )

For the Last Halloween, Zombie Moon Music.

Be Safe Everyone!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Said What?

That is the question that has most represented life with Littlest.

Since October is the month I originally began my blog and I'm lazy tired busy burnt out I thought it might be fun to look back a do a re-post from my earliest days and tell a story that No One Read, because I hadn't found any blog friends yet- I was so thrilled when I found Nicole at Help Mama Remote and she had a teenager too-even though her daughter wasn't grounded, and she returned my visit on Halloween becoming my first Blog Friend : )! At this time I think I was a better blogger. I was more tight, concise, and to the point. Why? Because no one knew about it in real life either and trying to do something privately at my house takes great powers of speed and precision.
 They still found out about it because they are just that nosy stealthy important in my life and I want to share everything with them.

But anyway, it's a back in time both on my blog and with Littlest story, about when she was actually still pretty Little.
This week we have a RE-RUN of a post from October 2009

 My Littlest was a child who wouldn't stand up for herself. This is not true anymore. Nowadays she could fill a resume with moments like this. In 5th grade her teachers didn't seem to like her much. She could be a little abrasive & perhaps was not worshipful enough. She seemed to be particularly annoying to her gifted class teacher,  which makes this even sweeter. The class was assigned to work in groups and create a "TV" show using fairy tale characters, that they would perform for parents of the class. These kids can be really clever so this is usually a lot of fun. My child was assigned with a partner to write commercials. "Glittery", we'll call her,  told Littlest that she wasn't allowed to give out her phone # so they couldn't work that way or meet up. This assignment had several weeks to be completed. Littlest worked on it. Every week "Glittery" didn't have anything to contribute.
 Just to clarify, I try to teach my kids responsibility by making them deal with situations themselves instead of Mom rushing in to save them.
Littlest wrote a couple of outstanding & hilarious commercials. I told her to tell her gifted teacher that the work was all hers. She kept putting it off. She was waiting to see if "Glittery" had something to add. I think she also sensed the teacher wasn't fond of her & avoided dealing with her. She turned the work in but didn't say a word about Glittery not participating, just complained to ME. I repeatedly told her that if she wanted the credit for the work she needed to speak up. Littlest didn't want to be the "kid who tells". She asked "Glittery" to admit that she hadn't helped. Yeah, Right.
 The day of the show arrived. The acts were introduced. Including: Commercials by; Littlest & "Glittery". After a very entertaining show it was time for a curtain call. The MC announced:   Commercials brought to you by.... Littlest, who stomps up on stage with arms crossed & PO'ed look on face and "Glittery", who floats up, smiling wide, her arms akimbo as she gracefully plunges into a curtsy, her long hair streaming forward to touch the stage as her forehead is bowed to the ground in humble appreciation of the applause of her fans.... And then a voice is heard above the din of parental clapping... SHE DIDN'T WRITE IT! I DID ALL OF IT. SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! Glittery's curtsy wobbled a bit & her eyes widened. Confused parents looked relieved as the next kids were called up. Glittery's mom appeared frozen for a moment, then ignored the situation.  The teacher looked like she wanted to smack Littlest. I had my first Littlest experience of 'Oh My God what did my kid just do?' But I maintained my dignity.
 Immediately afterward I told Littlest and her teacher, "She could have picked a better time for that." "Yes, she could have ", answered her plainly annoyed teacher.
 But to be honest,
 I was Awed by her Beauty in that moment & Forever became her Biggest Fan!
(And laughed my butt off as soon as I got in the car)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 4. The Book of Last.

Over the past few weeks, while I have been gone...I've actually been coming and going some. When I was home my time was exclusively filled with 'what's been going on around here.' It's really a shame because I could have told a multitude of stories but I don't know if I can round up enough details now to flesh them out. But just for the record here is a rundown;

I turned 47. On my birthday we were working out of town. When we arrived at our hotel our room overlooked the cemetary. I found this amusing. Also while traveling, I saw a sign that said:

New Life Cremation and Burial Society
....walk ins welcome...

I found that amusing too : )

while at the same time wondering if I'm getting some kind of metaphoric messages about endings of one phase of life and moving into another, from the cosmos, or beyond, or God or whatever you believe in..because I think they are all the same ...anyway..

Mid quit her job, moved home, talked about going to school for illustration for a couple days, was offered a job working with Biggest, came home the first day with a fever and pain in her abdomen and back, spent 8 hours in an emergency room in the middle of the night to be told she had a kidney infection, is now saving money to get a car and move out again. She fell in love with her new job and loves to discuss every moment of it in detail and it's a possibility I will now be responsible for 2 crazy cat ladies.

Biggest is very pleased because now if Mid tells her, "You're not the boss of me." she factually can reply, "Yes. I am. "

The Littlest has been very busy. She stepped aside from her usual sense of responsibility and borrowed a page from Middlest, for a morning,  by arriving to take the SAT without a calculator. What's 60 bucks and a college future mom? At least she stayed and winged it. Her writing and reading score usually save her from the math when it's all averaged but this one would have to be a miracle. Luckily her ACT score was alright. All she really cares about is the ASVAB and that's next week. She joined the boys wrestling team at school-which we all find amusing- She was Grounded from going to her jiu jitsu class for a short time due to charges of 'aggravated mouthiness' but we put her on probation and she went on to win three first place medals at her last Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. We will be taking her out of town next weekend for another event, in order to support her in her quest for the girl or woman in her division who can seriously kick her ass. Haven't found her yet.
 Her father finally agreed to talk to her recruiter and we had a long and very interesting meeting with him. From time to time I hear a voice softly crooning a rendition of the Marine Corp Hymn wafting through my house. It flutters in my ear for a second and passes on. Sometimes I follow it and stand nearby, unseen, just listening. Sometimes I think someone left the TV on and I run in hoping Gomer Pyle is on...but it isn't. Because though it sometimes feels like one, this isn't a TV show.

It's very real.

Time is ticking fast. And this is the year of Last.

The 15th is my Three Year mark for beginning this blog. My blog that is mostly about raising these girls. I have 10 1/2 months left to get the last one to adulthood. This is my last year as the mother of minor children/teenagers. The last year of teenagers and high school, ever. The last year of supplies and signing forms, teacher conferences and report cards.  The last checks for yearbooks, photo's and shopping for prom. The last year of homework, check ups, and of course, senior year activities and graduation. This will be the year of the Last High School Graduation.
Last year of rules, curfews and of course, Groundings ; )
The last year I Ever Have To Deal With The PTA!!!!

The last year I have any say or control. This is strangely frustrating and liberating at the same time.

So, all of you who have joined and stayed on this journey with me, thank you for hanging in there. I still haven't figured it out yet and apparently never will. But knowing you're out there somewhere has helped me make this trip and I will be thankful for you over the fourth year too.

So. Are we there yet? Not yet. But this is the last mile. Fasten your seatbelts please. Snacks will not be provided but you're welcome to bring your own. Hopefully oxygen masks won't be needed. But, these are the Grounded Girls. And I'm not finished.....not yet.

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