Monday, March 5, 2012

bzzzzt...bzzt.. bzzt

I arise early to start my day
I have lots of errands
No time to play
But for a change my car
Is sparkling to see
Because my Mid washed it for me
It's usually a dusty field
With kitty prints covering
the hood and windshield
I climb in at dawn with Lit by my side
It's too cold for bikes
She needs a ride
I turn my key and lo and behold
Bzzzt says the engine
Like a honey bee scold
I turn it again with heightening dread
Bzzt said the engine
That sucker was dead
I did lament how could this be?
Nothing was left on
That I could see
We get back out and I sighed
This is the third time
The dang thing has died.
We have a charger to hook it to
we charged it up and vroom
Good as new
It needed to run for a bit
To get the charge set
I'd have to drive to finish it
I cruised the neighborhood, said a prayer, lit some votive's
Watching for cops as I circled
who might question my motives.
When I came home it seemed to be fine
I could do all my errands
No need to whine
I had letters to mail and banking to do
And a pretty big list
for the grocery store too  
I hop in the car ready to go
Bzzzzt said the engine
Oh $#&%@..I mean Oh No!
I even called Mid hoping to find
a possible cause
For this bind
There's something that I need to know
Did you run the radio while you washed my car?
To which I heard...Ummm...No?
So I sit here waiting for The SeaMonkey to rescue me
Like a knight in shining armor
Bearing a New Car Battery
As I wait I sadly find
That concerning my day
I'm three hours behind
So if I don't visit today as I sit
Please know it's because
I'm having a fit
Bzzt says my brain I cannot get started
Bzzt bzzzt says my day
I'll skip the obvious bzzt rhyme for started.
I'm looking for some good vibes to borrow
Otherwise I think I'll
Start over tomorrow.

Vroom I go...

© 2012 All Rights Reserved by MOTPG


  1. You're so cute by making light of it, but I'd be ticked! Is the battery failing? Maybe you need to replace it since it won't hold a charge long anymore?

    1. Oh I was ticked all right! That's bad poetry born of frustration ; )

  2. Don't you just hate it when the day starts off like that? Hope the new battery got you up and running and that's the end of the problem.

    1. It got me going! A day late and a dollar -or 50- short...but going..

  3. You are brilliant!!!!!!! I pray every time i stick my key in the ignition. It's a habit :-)

    1. My car is 7 years old and I pray it would turn into a new one ; )

  4. I HATE IT when that happens! What a rotten start to a day!

  5. This would make a decent Berenstain Bears book...

    1. Ha! Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind living in a tree.
      Allison, your on a no reply email again! Quit that.


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