Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can You Hear It?

We're off on a business trip on Wednesday morning.
Our 26th wedding anniversary is also this week and by happy chance, we are working somewhere with a nice view, so we will be taking an extra day just for us! I'll be back over the weekend. In the meantime you may enjoy this song and video Biggest and DecentGuy introduced me too. It spoke to them. I found it spoke to me too. It spoke to all my worries. It spoke to all that I love.
 I dedicate it to The Seamonkey and Our Family. Maybe you will find it speaks to you as well.

 See Ya Soon : )


  1. love it, love it, love it.

    enjoy your time....

  2. I was able to watch most of the video before it stopped. I sure could use some beach and sunshine!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. I'm sitting in my office area with three other people around me so I will refrain from embarassing myself by playing the clip until I get home. Happy Anniversary, hope you have a enjoyable trip (even if it is for business)

  4. Loved the sound of sunshine. I'll carry that through the day.
    Have a wonderful anniversary!


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