Monday, January 9, 2012

That Littlest Girl

I thought I would continue the theme of picking on Littlest. Something very strange has been happening to her recently and has come to a head this week..
Littlest is what you might call a slightly late bloomer. At least by today's standards. She has never been the flirty type and held herself in reserve when it came to boys. She turned her nose up at the constant boyfriend switching her friends participated in during middle school. She rolled her eyes at Middlest whenever she proclaimed herself  'In love '-Again. In her early teens she focused her affection on a boy who barely knew she was alive for a long time and was satisfied with adoring him from afar. Until she got close enough to really know him and that was the end of that. She has always been the exact opposite of boy crazy and because of her aloof manner unfortunately attracted boys who were inappropriately to old for her for some time. She would deftly avoid the situation until they went away.

She hasn't necessarily been happy being boyfriend-less though. For a long time she lacked confidence, feeling Middlest was prettier than her and got more attention from boys. Starting about the middle of ninth grade and continuing on through her sophomore year she created her mantra:

"I'm Going To Die ALONE"

She even carved it in our picnic table.

Finally, last September when she became a Junior, a boy whom she has actually known some time got the nerve up to ask her out. I have mentioned this briefly before and they are still an item.

But. As soon as she became happily ensconced in having someone to sit with at lunch and hold hands with in the hall something started to happen.

It started with a boy she liked briefly last year who chose a slightly more.... 'wild' girl instead. After realizing and discarding his mistake he found Littlest otherwise occupied and um..cried.

There was the one who also was interested in Jiu Jitsu and was harboring some hope during the 'Homecoming  Incident.' but had to back away.  He is suffering from terminal jealousy and Today he very meanly asked Lit's boyfriend if ,  "he was embarrassed that his girlfriend could beat him up." The boyfriend is a quiet boy. He didn't respond. The other is pretty lucky they were at school because Littlest might have beat him up instead.

 Then. There is a...young man, now I guess, who has been pining for Middlest for twelve years. Starting in 1st grade. No Joke. He has been Middlests boyfriend in 5th & 8th grade and for a short time during Sophomore year. In between they were just buddies and wrestled and threw rocks at each other in the front yard or complained about the people they Were dating. This is a great kid. The kind any parent of girls would Love their daughter to date.  The kind Most Girls would knock themselves out trying to catch. There is even family history. His mom dated The SeaMonkey briefly in High School.... then again, who didn't?...but anyway....He's a terrific kid but all the same Mid says,
"I can't date him anymore because he's like my brother."

 So. Recently he found out Littlest has been working out at the same gym and suggested they start working out together because he couldn't find anyone else as dedicated as he is. So they did.
 Now Littlest has been in the middle of all the wrestling and rock throwing all along but apparently his eyes just opened and it took about a week for him to fall for Littlest instead.
 (Can you say, Little Women?..I knew you could.)

That would be Littlest who says... "No, I'm happy with my boyfriend...and

 "I can't date him. He's like my brother."

 I told The SeaMonkey we should have had more daughters to give him a few more shots at being related to us since he seems determined ; )

Littlest was relieved that he is transferring to an out of state college this week because she likes having him as a friend and felt bad. He isn't giving up easy though. he left her with a care package. A backpack full of Ramen noodles, chocolate, martial arts movies, some spare shin guards and a Hello Kitty pillow. Oh, and a three page letter explaining how Awesome she is.
 Very industrious this one. But then, he knows her very well.

Still. According to Littlest, no one can beat her guitar playing, theatre performing, dorky, long haired boy who likes to sport a fedora and a vest and gave her a giant Key Blade for Christmas, (pretty much the key to her heart) even if she is stronger than him.

But as for the young lady who despaired that she wasn't attractive and was certain that she would never find love and

"Will Die Alone"

I Think Not ; )

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  1. Sometimes late bloomers outshine all the other flowers.

  2. Go, Littlest! I just watched Little Women, again, the other night. Great movie.

  3. Oh wow, go littlest! My baby sister is all grown up haha


  4. It must be in the air - middle son brought his first ever girlfriend home for tea tonight (well the first he was willing to share with us)

    Makes me feel damn old :D

  5. GB's: There's just something about her : )

    Ms.A: One of our all time favorites. Which adds to our amusement. Mids even dating an 'older' man ; )

    Charlotte: She will be tickled that you said that! They agree with my theory ; )xo

    Fi: She must be a Good One! I know-I feel ancient. Especially seeing the kids friends I've known forever becoming so grown up. Our own seem to sneak up on it so it's more jarring with their friends.

  6. What a sweet story....go Littlest! My daughter is a late bloomer too - and I'm happy about that. It gives her more time to figure HERSELF out before she tries to figure out a boy!

  7. I am so delighted that your baby girl has found her ability to attract boys. You always know it's there, and it just takes a little somethin' somethin' to get it going.

    My granddaughter Hannah is a little like that. She's 17, very beautiful, and has never had a boyfriend. Since Hannah is popular, athletic and smart, this surprises me, but guys seem to view her as a "friend". She's only 5'1" tall and she thinks being a "shortie" is the problem. I don't know what it is. She's a very pretty girl. It'll happen. I just hope it's soon before she begins the "I'll die alone" song.

  8. ::big goofy grin::

    crossing my fingers over here that MY littlest is a late bloomer and/or that her brothers are huge and intimidating....

  9. Lisa: You are so right. I think Littlest is a little amazed about what she has found!

    Linda: I think sometimes when they are confident in themselves and accomplished at this age it's more intimidating to the teenage boys. So many of the girls are very forward and obvious and the boys don't know what to make of the ones who don't pursue Them!

    Elissa:*snicker* Littlest is small, except for her muscles, and so far has been the intimidating one herself!

  10. I love teenagers and Elissa's big goofy grin. Ditto.

  11. GPD: I love teenagers. I do. I love them so much I wish I could keep them in a special box until they're 20 or so ; ) Grin Dittos here too!

  12. I'm so glad that things have turned around for her. It's a tough time when they're feeling unloved and unwanted, and most of the time it does begin that way when they're late bloomers. Thank goodness their self-confidence gets a pick-me-up later on!

  13. Liz: It definitely put some spring in her step!

  14. oh my gosh. A love saga! My daughter is a LATE bloomer. Thank God because I bloomed enough for both of my daughters ;-/

  15. You are never noticed more than when another person gets interested. My daughter was going to win the "I will die alone" contest. She was still single at age 31 *gasp*.

    Suddenly, her long time "he's like a brother" got interested, they got married, and now he's a big wheel advertising artist and at the advanced age of 43, she will be an anesthesiologist in March.

    Unlike her mom who married too young, just so I wouldn't "die alone".

  16. Sheldon runs hot and cold with boys, lately she's been picking ones we're not crazy about but they keep cycling through.

  17. Beau's Mom: I hope one of these girls marries tht boy. They might have to be in their 30's to appreciate him though!

    Mrs. Tuna: Between the 3 girls we've been thru not crazy about. Are you serious? And Hell No! One of the worst straightened up and my oldest married him. Sometimes they improve with age.

  18. So very perfectly a post about being the mother of daughters.
    Thanks for the glimpse in.

  19. Alexandra: You are very welcome! If your boys would ever like some insight on a what a girl is thinking, I have a wealth of knowledge at my house : )


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