Thursday, December 8, 2011


There IS NOTHING going on at my house. Not a thing. Not a peep.

and Biggests' phone isn't working ; )

Turn off the news. Turn off the screen. Turn off the phone. Set that list aside.

It's a dim down. Just breathe.

Moon Music


  1. I love it when the house is silent. Especially when I'm reading.. it rarely happens though, Luke is big on the video games.. xx

  2. Don't you even laugh at how long I was here after the music ended. I was enjoying it so much, I zoned completely out!

  3. One of my favorite things to do it sit at the table, or at my computer, in silence, while my husband makes sketches in a book. The sound of the pen/pencil lulls me.

  4. Of course I was too busy to actually listen to this at home, so I watched it when I arrived at work this morning. I had a total zen moment, which I followed up with this: - the video for December 9th.
    What would we do without creative people to entertain us?!

  5. Charlotte: My husband plays Halo. I never know when the words 'red team has the flag' will come bellowing through the house ; )

    Ms. A: Wonderful! Me too. I just listened to it again.

    The Sweetest: I like that. A lot of sketching goes on around here. I'll have to listen up.

    Carmenzhome: I'm so glad you stopped by : ) I will definitely have to check that out!

  6. I call this time, moment when I can finally exhale! Thanks for the music clip. The good Lord knows that after the week I've had, I really needed it! :)

  7. The silence is often deafening and oh so welcome :-)

  8. Hey :)

    I've nominated you for a blog award thingy, and thought you might like to know! xx

  9. Yes please. Let there be nothing.

  10. Bella: I hope it did the trick : )

    Fi: So true. But then I get paranoid waiting for shoes to drop ; )

    Charlotte: Thanks Sweetie, I'll drop by : )

    blueviolet: I know. It doesn't happen nearly often enough. Particularly at my blog ; )


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