Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just Joy With It

It's just there.

I don't know why. Bubbling up while I vacuum. Snuggling into my blanket while I relax. Swelling to a crescendo when I walk across a room. It can't be stopped.

There is no exact reason for it. When you look at the big picture there would seem to be every reason for it to not be present at all. True, though there have been the usual share of stresses, lately things have not been a train wreck for me personally.  I imagine that helps.  All the petty worries that chip away slowly are there as usual. All the huge worries than can overwhelm are present as always and conspire to make us lose hope. But the joy overtakes them like a tidal wave drowning them in delicious tingles of content and ripples of laughter.

I have habitually distrusted joy, always waiting for the event that crushes it.  Felt guilty with joy. Why should I have joy when there is such a lack of it for others? Felt foolish for joy. This world is a serious place with serious problems. Do I not see the trouble everywhere starting from right next door and spreading across the world? Yes I do.

Yet I feel Joy. Unbounded all consuming Joy.

maybe events might crush it.
I try to find ways to bring it to others.
I am aware and do what I can and what I think best.

So I have decided,

To Have My Joy and Be Joyful Too.

I Wish You Joy!

Will you stick it in a drawer and wait for a better time to use it?

Don't do that.

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  1. I seriously need some joy. Maybe you have enough to go around.

  2. Great, great, great post!! And though I hate to jinx it...I've been feeling rather joyful, too! Time to take the joy by the horns and revel in it, eh?!

  3. Yes! In November things were ugly inside my head. I feel much better now. Plus my daughter and I baked cookies and sang Boney M. Christmas songs and left floury handprints on each other last night. I can't stop smiling.

  4. I will accept your joy and follow in your example of spreading it wherever I go today! Lovely and inspiring post that served to put pep in my step as I underwent a caffeine slump. Now, coffee cup in my hand and psyched by your words, am raring to go joyfully forward! :) I loved, loved this post! :)

  5. I'll have what you're having! However, I just might need a margarita to kick-start the process.

  6. I think we all lose sight of joy in the simple things, like being alive.
    What an awesome reminder - here's to you 'oh joyful one' for reminding us.

  7. The Sweetest: Check between your sons goodnight kiss and sitting to relax while your husband sketches : )

    GB's: Yes. And we should use it all year!

    MMN: Absolutely. Wave a red flag right in it's face!

    Allison: Perfect! That's what I'm talking about : )

    Bella: Go Joy!!!

    Ms.A: Margaritas are a great kicker. Here's a little known fact. 2-3 beers will put me on the floor but I can drink Margaritas without effect till everyone else in the room is under the table. Eventually I just kinda fall over ; )

    Fi: Thank you Fi, you are right. 'Oh Joyful One-I kinda like that : )

  8. Sometimes we just put one foot in front of the others. But other times we need to shout our even small victories from the rooftops. Joy to you chica.

  9. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop too. I have such a glass half full mentality. I'm so happy for your joy!

  10. Mrs. Tuna: Back Atcha Ms. T !

    blueviolet: Those damn shoes. We should throw them out and get a nicer pair ; )

  11. When I am happy, I sing too. Loud and proud!
    Great post - I love joy, it is contagious!

    I forgot to tell you that I gave you a blog award the other day. I don't usually keep up with them very well (obviously!). And now, I forget to tell my awardees. HA.

  12. I feel like I need some joy. It feels like Friday but it is only Tuesday. I love your happy post!

  13. Angelia: Thanks Angelia : ) I hope it's contagious, we need that virus.

    blackheartbetty: Every day has been feeling like Friday. It's so frustrating when I have to keep getting up. But that's ok, I'm joyful anyhow : ) Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Joy joy joy.there are days when I' thankful. Nothing on the outside has happened noticeably but, I'm thankful because of the simple things in life. Like food to eat, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.

  15. I wish you joy too!! I'm so filled up with christmas spirit I could pop xx

  16. Nicole: I've been feeling that way a lot this year!

    Charlotte: Me Too: ) Joy to You! xo


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