Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Recovering From Christmas

I'm recovering from Christmas
And mostly can be found
Reclining on my sofa
With a cat and a hound

Watching old movies
Perusing my new book
Playing Guitar Hero
And refusing to cook

I'm enjoying my last glimpses
Of our ornaments glowing
Before the huge haul job
Of packing and stowing

I'm feeling pretty lazy
And too tired out to write or talk
I'm napping in the afternoon
And hitting bed a eight o'clock

We had a lovely season
And to all of you So Dear
I hope your Holidays were Brilliant!
And even Brighter your New Year.

I'll be back around when I don't feel like I was delivered by FedEx.

© 2011 All Rights Reserved


  1. Brilliant! Get you some well deserved rest.

  2. Gold - love this, you could be describing my life (only difference - I don't have a hound LOL)

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy oh, and then enjoy some more

  3. Me to.
    but loving every minute of my extends vacation.

    Hope you had a good one.


  4. Ha! Love your rhyme (or was it a rap?).... :-)

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Oh yes. You just made Hallmark your bitch.

  6. I followed you over from my blog. I read several of your blogs tonight and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. So much so that I have subscribed. Looking forward to more blogs by you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Haha I love this, enjoy the last of the christmas spirit.. its aaaall downhill from here ;) xx

  8. ooh! you sound like me. sort of. a little more "parenting" going on in this house but it can't be helped :-) SO GLAD the cat was found (insert singing of "the cat came back") and hope your toilet flusher was fixed. a got a visit from Mr. Roto-Rooter for my present this year (a story for another day) and new tie-rods (or, however you spell it. my car knowledge is VERY limited). merry, merry while we avoid all the work to take it apart...
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! mwah!

  9. Oh my me too. Finally feeling relaxed. Happy New Year!!!!

  10. Happy New Year Everyone! I just crawled off the couch and am headed straight to bed because real life starts again tomorrow at 5AM. Back to the blog as well! See Ya soon : )

  11. I am so glad it's over. I'm so glad it's over. I'm tired, let down, depressed and now I'm hungry for April!!! Happy 2012 to you and yours!


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