Friday, September 23, 2011

I Didn't Write This Week

I heard that sigh of relief all the way over here thank you ; )

Anyway, What have I been doing instead?


I'd like to say reading a good book. But I read a really lame one. Even more annoying,  I spent money on it which I normally don't do unless I already love it. But I grabbed it anyway when it caught my eye at the grocery store even though  I Know When It Says: New York Times Best Seller on it And it's At The Grocery Store there is a 90% chance it's going to be crap but all the FREE books I am hoping to read are checked out at the library and I'm on a waiting list so....I'm not going to say what book it was because the day I write a great novel I might have some ground to criticize.

Let's just say you could question the quality when you are so involved you stop reading in the middle of a paragraph in a Suspense Novel because you find an advertisement in the middle of the book and read it instead to see if it's one of those Free Books but then we keep sending you more to pay for scams...and it is...yeah....

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my Internet going out for a couple hours and being bored and noticing, Hey, this computer has some games on it with free trials and trying something called Black Hawk Striker 2 and becoming hopelessly addicted to it and after the internet is back up, paying for something called Wildcoins to continue to play it because Ms. G. likes to shoot at things and blow stuff up. Come on now. Be Serious.

 I have no idea who the person on the high score list called MOM is.......a total stranger .... maybe.... but her score actually moved up two slots last night after she defeated level 3 and she changed her name to The Mom. I forgot to update the picture before I she someone turned it off....

Perhaps I was inspired, because though I love my middle daughter, I was so pleased that when she moved she actually got all that mess of hers out of here and the absence of her stuff spread through every room in the house and the energy consumed in nagging her about it, galvanized me into action and I not only gutted 5 trash bags worth of crap I'd been hoarding in some cabinets, my entire house has been dusted, vacuumed, mopped, polished and scrubbed, including base boards, bed made and laundry caught up, Every. Day.

Oh Yes I Did!

Of course when I looked in the hall closet.....

 I realized by the stack of boxes shoved in that she didn't actually get Everything out of here and left behind this special box of treasures for safekeeping.

No. I didn't write a post even though I've been working from home this week and going to great lengths to not actually get dressed and leave the house, but I did spend some time in the yard.

 Look what my husband found.

Isn't that just the cutest thing?

I Did Not Say Aww! Can We Keep Him?...maybe...

i named him ed
Did we then carefully place him on the edge of the woods and stand over him for fifteen minutes waiting for him to move and discuss how worried we were about him and we hoped nothing would eat him and that he would have a long happy life and grow up to be a big strong turtle and start his own turtle family?
What do you think? ; )

Last of all it would not be a Ms. G random picture post without some FUNGI!!!

This is one of those times when I wish I was a better photographer or had a better camera

The rain left me this precious tiny gift. I don't think I've ever found one is this pale yellow shade before. It makes me think of a fancy yellow party skirt. It was tiny and fragile as tissue paper and wilted away before noon. But there were some new ones this morning : )

We also celebrated my sweet SeaMonkeys birthday!  I can't show any pictures from that but he wasn't thrilled and said he was getting old.  I told him he was getting just right because I'm coming up right behind him so he will always be just the right age for me. He said that made it worth it and I say, That's why I keep him : ) That and he shares his birthday brownies with me.

See Ya Later...!

I have some aliens to blow up Important paperwork to do.

Wandering off in the middle of typing to eat a brownie now........

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  1. Wow - you DID get a lot done this week! I am in awe. My house needs a serious purging and cleaning.

    Ed is so cute. My son let his turtle go last spring (yellow bellied slider he caught in the lake) and has ben searching high and low for another one. He would have loved Ed! And we have mushrooms all over our yard, too - but ours aren't that pretty.

    Do you have a Kindle? I found a great site that lists free and bargain books for the kindle. I love it! (Pixel of Ink)

  2. You did get a lot done! The only way that would happen in my house, is if I moved out and hubby hired someone.

    Belated Happy Birthday, SeaMonkey!

  3. My kids are trading rooms after we repaint and refloor both, so I've been casting crap out also, and cursing the under-carpet and tripping over piles of crap everywhere. I wish I'd found a tiny turtle too. I did go to a brand new eye doctor where the counter staff were actually nice to me, though. That was fun.

  4. You're hooked on videogames? LOL So, so nice that you got rid of so much crap already!

    Have an extra brownie for me!

  5. SIGH. does this mean i'll have to wait until tate leaves the house before i get a chance to properly clean it? oh well, i DO have brownie mix and monkey trouble 2 on i like to play expert level with the evil monkeys, cuz that's how i roll.

    and that turtle is SA-WEET! even cooler than a tiny toad and i really like those.

  6. MDSA: Ed was awesome and if the girls had been home there is a good chance he would have become an indoor turtle. No kindle for me, I'm a technological dinosaur. I haven't even graduated from a flip phone!

    Ms.A: It's finally getting done because it is me. I've been waiting for Middlest to finish her chores for 6 years ; )

    Bibliomama: I think I inspired my husband because today he decided to refinish our floors. The dogs really tear them up. I will be tripping on some fumes for a few days. May make for some interesting posts ; ) Glad about the new op doc, that receptionist you described was horrible!

    blueviolet: I can honestly say I detest video games. Except the kind where you shoot things and blow stuff up. I haven't played one in years for exactly this reason- I will keep playing till I win or die.

    Elissa: We need more brownies. I LOve Tiny Toads TOO!!!!!!! I need one to sit under my tiny mushroom : )

  7. Wait, I'm confused...what did you do?

  8. Jamie: Ha! I did every last thing. I think I might be in the beginning stages of empty nest syndrome : )

  9. Ed was the only logical name choice for that turtle.

  10. Oh my gosh hes so cute. I don't know if he would have gotten away. My kids would have kidnapped him. Although I'm not blogging everyday I don't. think I could stay away a whole week. I was debating on posting an update post and not posting again until next week because this week is gonna be so busy. But I said no!!!! LOL

  11. I want a turtle! So cute. We have a ton of fungi out back. I wish it was that same fungi for which I just paid way too much money at the market.

  12. Nicole: Oh, I usually post at least once a week. Even if it ends up being nonsense like this post : )

    MamaMash: It looked like something took a bite out of one of those mushrooms in my yard. Lord knows what kind of pretty colors that critter was seeing ; )


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