Monday, August 1, 2011

Have I been Lazy? or just having too much fun?

 No actual real new post last week? Sporadic visiting and commenting?
Yes. That's me.
What have I been up to? Got another whole month to read it all? I lost track of everything that has been going on that I might write about because there is just so much of it. And then I had a migraine over the weekend. That was awesome fun.

Truly. It has nothing to do with my husband upping the cable service for the summer.
I promise.

I watched the best movie the other day. My Best friend. The link is to a pretty good review of it that I agreed with because I doubt I would have liked this movie if it had been made in America. It was in french. I don't speak a lick of french but it went slow so it was easy to keep up with the subtitles.  I loved it. Oh, and did you know a movie can scare the pants off you even if it's in Korean and you don't speak Korean?

Those Walton's sure were some cute kids weren't they? I always wanted to be one of them when I was a kid.....what? oh. anyway....

Here are some things I've been doing.

1. Taking the dog to the vet because something bit him and his face swelled up in a frightening manner which is apparently an allergic reaction and then spending a week making him take pills. One was prednisone. Do you know what it does to dogs? It makes them pee. ALOT. And suddenly. Do you have an idea how much a 125 lb dog can pee? Guess what I woke up to, next to my bed, one morning last week?  I thought I had been transported to Niagara Falls in my sleep. At first I thought my husband was running the faucet in the bathroom at full blast, but why did it sound like it was right next to the bed? Yeah. That was fun.

2. Taking the kids to the doctor for a check-up. They behaved rather well. Until they told Middlest she had to have routine blood work. And then she cried. Which was an improvement. Last year she cried and hid in the restroom. She is terrified of needles after a surgery a few years ago and multiple tests that involved needles. And then they had Littlest bend over to check her spine. Every year they give it a second glance and then say, "uh, has she ever been checked by orthopedics?" And I say no, and they kind of blow it off. This is a new doctor. He looked at it and asked if anyone had ever checked it and then he said, "I'm going to do an x ray." Which is when Littlest came unglued. Because scoliosis can disqualify you for the Marines. And she continued to unravel as they took her out. After she left I explained to the doctor and told him she was probably close to hysterical. He went out to check on it and when they came back her face was red and her eyes were swollen and the doctor looked embarrassed. He kind of shuffled his papers around and said, "it was only about 2 % down near the base. They probably will never notice. I'm not even going to put it in her records."
Thank you Doc. And Yeah. That was fun.

3. Giving my house a serious cleaning. Because we are looking for a refinance and appraisers would be coming thru. Everything looked great except for Mid who was dragged out of bed earlier than she wished and ensconced herself on the couch wrapped up in a blanket, without even brushing her hair, and pretty much looked like she would bite anyone who came near her and didn't even acknowledge they were in the room as they tried to snap pictures all around her without getting her in one. I couldn't decide whether I was annoyed or if it was fun. Maybe a little of both.

4. Oh and all three girls wanted a haircut. The two oldest, both with the long long dark hair wanted bangs. And they didn't know the other asked. So I did it. And then I told them they looked like the Bobsey Twins. And now the 24 year old looks 13 and the almost 18 year old actually looks well...almost 18, which is kind of a relief. And youngest one with the short light hair wanted to go even shorter. And then she said she looked like a guy. Even though she said a very nasty thing to Mid when she told her she would look like a guy if she cut it shorter. But she also said she liked it and No One Cried! Even Biggest.
Which is also a relief and it was kind of fun.

5. I decided to quit complaining about the heat and everything else and actually go outside and look out for some of my blessings that I don't always appreciate. Because I actually walked outside yesterday and blurted the words: "Oh God it's hot. I live in Hell."  So I better cover myself just in case the Lord decides I need to learn a lesson about the difference.
 I am blessed.

I have some lovely views if I take the time to look at them.
 Like this cool naturally framed composition.

And what I fell in love with the moment I first saw this house.

I Have Kitties!!!

This is Voo ( Not the french vous of course because I don't speak french)
Just Voo like Boo..except not.
 who is 12 and still going strong. He's my favorite ; )

And this is my magical 6 toed kitty that was left at my house last fall by the faeries.

And this is Lits cat that was born under her bed and is the youngest
but thinks that he can boss everyone else.
 Hm. Just noticed something...
(and yes that is totally dead grass)

And this one who is responsible for the one above because Biggest brought her home when she was 16 and didn't get her fixed in time like she promised and we ended up with her because the Seamonkey couldn't bear to give her away because she did such a great job as a momma.
(and we ended up paying for her spay ourselves.)
She also didn't want her picture taken because she is in her summer coat and it's not as pretty but I chased her around the porch until I got one anyway.

And of course, Serena Miserina who is not serene at all but tried to take my leg off the other day because she thought I was putting her on the porch. I was.

Now my yard is in tough shape this year. We had a hard winter and a scorcher summer so far and not much is thriving. I didn't plant anything at all.
But the other day I noticed a new plant growing in my front yard.

It's a pumpkin vine!

Maybe a little gift to remind me that summer isn't forever.
My favorite- fall is coming. It always does.

Now I think I will go back inside and watch some tv visit somemore blogs today!

Yeah. Now that really does sound like fun : )

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  1. I can't believe you know how to cut hair without screwing it up. I can not do that! Kinda fun that they all wanted their hair done!

    A pumpkin vine? That IS exciting!

  2. i just got me haircut and it is très décevant. not because she didn't do what i asked. she did. it just looks the same as it has for i think 20 years now only it is medium again instead of long. i desire a haircut, but do not want to take care of it.

    picturing mid during the house appraisal is totally cracking me up.

    i haven't started to be QUITE anxious for fall yet. but i'm okay with it coming when it is supposed to get here, so the next month will be just fine.

    i need a tv day. for reals.

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis a couple of years ago. Hers is about 30%. She had to wear a brace at night. She's finally finished with that, thank goodness - but of course it didn't fix the curvature that is already there. It just prevented it from worsening. It's been a challenge for her as a dancer, but she is working through it. I'm glad your daughter's wasn't anything bad!

    And it WAS a brutal winter and summer. My yard looks the same. I've given up. Our house is for sale, and the yard looks like crap. Oh well. We've been looking for someone to refinance ours also - but it's difficult in Florida!

    Love your kitties!

  4. --What lovely photos.
    You Kitty Kats are Purrfect. :)

  5. I would KILL to be able to cut in a straight line. Seriously.

  6. You've been way more involved than I have! (although I did give hubby a haircut) I miss the Waltons and Little House and the shows that portrayed family life and morals and closeness, even when they struggled.

  7. blueviolet: What can I say? I have skills : ) Everyone hit me up for haircuts this week. I would have made a fortune if I worked in a salon. And I know Pumpkins! How cool is that?!

    Elissa: I have been pathetic with the tv lately. Ruining my snooty, 'I don't watch much tv rep.' with fancy schmancy(that's french right?)indie movies and I almost watched Psychic Kids today. But I didn't..maybe ; ) Now I have to go look up
    'très décevant.'!

    Mommie Dearest: I'm glad your daughter was able to get past it. I can only imagine the challenge of dance while using a brace. I know mine is still carrying some worry but she has stopped growing and I think it will be ok. : )

    My Inner Chick: Thank you. And thanks so much for coming by. I just returned from your blog and I'm so glad to meet you : )

    KLZ: Who said it was straight? I just tilt their heads and tell them they look cool that way ; )

    Ms.A: I miss a lot of shows too. I can get them with the higher cable level but it kills me that I'm paying more to get old shows that used to be free!

  8. Poor dog. We are lucky in that my daughter lets my dog out about 12midnight and I"m up by 5am letting him out again. He doesn't have that many hours without being let outside. Hope he's on the mend.

  9. I love your daughters and the stories about them, but sometimes it does make me glad I have a son. I come from a family of three girls, and we did not make it easy for our mother. :)

  10. I wear my hair short enough to be an army recruit. I love it! It's spiky and glorious. Poor pup! We take Harry (our big guy) in to the vet on Friday to have his teeth cleaned and a spot on his nose removed. (Fingers crossed it's nothing dreadful.) I now use "pill pockets" for the dogs pills. Much easier to get them to take one.

  11. AudreyO: He's much better, thank you. I felt so sorry for him! First the face swelling up and then being unable to control his bladder. The vet told us the meds would make him go often but not that he would have trouble stopping it at all. He normally rings a bell to go out but he would just be standing in a room and 'oops, there it goes'! He is a Swiss Mountain Dog and just turned a year old. They have slow maturing bladders and even though he's well trained that may have contributed. Thanks so much for coming by too: )

    Sweetest: Oh, then you know exactly what it's like! But truly, my girls can be very 'guyish' sometimes. They are out there burping and wrestling each other with the best of them. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like with boys but I'm not sure I actually missed out ; )

  12. Linda: Ooops! I was typing my previous response while you commented. Littlest reminds me of my mom with her hair. Very thick and always wanting it cut. Somedays it's like my mom is still here. Poor Harry! I hope he's ok. I feel more helpless when my pets are ill than I did with the kids. Kids can Explain what they feel.

  13. I have very thick hair too and it grows straight up on top of my head. My Mom had BIG Oklahoma hair and she loved it. Me, not so much, so I keep it short.

    I hope Harry is okay too. He feels fine but he has a tiny spot on his snout that might be trouble. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I love your cats too by the way. I have old Smokey Joe Trouble and he's about 20 now and going strong.

  14. I have very thick hair too and it grows straight up on top of my head. My Mom had BIG Oklahoma hair and she loved it. Me, not so much, so I keep it short.

    I hope Harry is okay too. He feels fine but he has a tiny spot on his snout that might be trouble. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I love your cats too by the way. I have old Smokey Joe Trouble and he's about 20 now and going strong.

  15. I've been cottage-surfing and baseball-watching and blog-avoiding like crazy. I can take the heat as long as I can go back to a cold shower in my air-conditioned house at the end of the day. My daughter would HOWL with laughter if I suggested cutting her hair for her (actually no, she'd probably try to spare my feelings, but she'd be howling inside). Hope the dog's face and bladder and the kid's spine are all good.

  16. You have been busy! Why does summer go by so fast and winter so slow? I wonder... My daughter finally consented to chopping off a bit of her locks (it was so long it swallowed up her small face!)and our stylist suggested layers-she went with it and it looks great. The same stylist did me and wanted to add layers in mine as well. I consented and the result...not so nice. Live and learn I guess.

  17. Looks like you've been pretty busy. I would love to experience fall. In Malaysia it's like summer all year round and I would welcome a cool relief to the heat over here. Not only that, it's humid too - can you imagine the Hell I'm in now. No, I'm blessed, really I am. I shouldn't be complaining lest God decides to punish me and send me to the North Pole.

  18. Linda: Is my blog doing that sticking thing with you too? My Grandog had a little skin cancer spot but the vet took care of it and he has been fine ever since. We also have had lots of benign stuff on our dogs so hopefully Harry's is no big deal : ) My oldest cat was 17. I still miss him.

    Susan: I can't stand cutting their hair. I think the day Mid turns 18 she might get a crew cut just to spite me because I refuse to cut it short! With Lit, she just won't quit complaining and she looks adorable with it short. So of course being the bossy youngest she gets her way!

    mom2kiddos:It's going to be 98 degrees where I live today with a heat index of 103. It's very humid and I'm sure you are used to that in Malaysia! Luckily we get some respite though. No snow but I do get a winter. I can't imagine being in summer year round. You get a lot of rain don't you? I wish we would get more but you are right, we don't want to end up at the North Pole : )

  19. Bibliomama: Oops! That was just me at 7:30 in the morning : )Sounds like a good time to me! Mine follow me around like puppies and whine for me to cut it. They like to start at around 7 PM after a very long day. I tell them, 'you do not want me to touch your hair right now. Wait till I'm not tired.' One time Mid kept pushing the issue and she paid for it! For about 4 months. Everybody is fine : )

  20. You have kittens alright! Wow a pumpkin vine. How did you know thats what it was? My youngest takes shots real well my oldest didn't. If we got cable again I wouldn't get anything done.

  21. Nicole: I'm pretty sure that's all it could be. Unless it's one of those pods from outer space. If I start using better grammar and punctuation call the pentagon, I've been taken over by aliens! No....I'm not watching too much tv ; )


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