Saturday, August 13, 2011

And She Was.

You are of course the prettiest, sweetest, smartest, strongest baby on earth
 and we love you very much.

                                                                         The Middlest Baby Book, August 1993

My Moonbeam. Is. All. Grown. Up. When Middlest was very small she asked if she could sleep with the moon in her bed. Being nothing if not indulgent parents we set about to take care of that. I drew a template on poster board. Her dad bought wood and we traced the crescent moon and he sawed the piece. 1/2 inch pine. None of that flimsy pressed board for my baby. I bought glow in the dark paint and covered the piece thoroughly. You can always see the moon in Middlests room.
My Mid
How appropriate that your moment of rising to adulthood coincides with the rising of a spotlight. The moon full of itself and glowing in all her glory just for You. I am sure of it. The gentle light reflects your gentle nature. Why just look at these definitions I found for 'mooning' in my editor dictionary.

 Behave or move in a listless and aimless manner
     lying in bed eating candy, mooning around
Act in a dreamily infatuated manner
of course we won't count that other definition of mooning because I know you would never do that. least not since you turned 5...and only once in a McDonalds play maze...that I know of...but anyway.....

Happy 18th Birthday to My Middlest- My Moonlight. Because my Moonshine don't sound quite right ; )

 I know you will light your own path. I know that when you seem like you have nothing left at all that you will regenerate and come back again. I have seen it over and over.  Now it is time to let go. You can't really hold the moon on earth can you? It has to rise and fall on it's own. It has to grow in its own time and if it loses some of itself along the way there is nothing to prevent it. It has its own magic and always returns to the fullness of being. It always shines through the darkness. And it's very likely that it is Swiss Cheese. Or can live on Swiss Cheese...or something like that.....
I LOVE YOU. And thank you for deciding to put put that damn tattoo where I will never see it unless you're in a bikini and I'm glad that at least it's that beautiful orca you drew and not a skull or something. ok.? still hope you chicken out....

There comes a time when these things are out of our hands. These moments are starting to rush up on me. This is now out of my control. Breathe deep. It's time to step back and just watch her rise on her own.

 She can't be Grounded anymore.

© 2011 All Rights Reserved 

Twisting the meaning just a bit to suit ourselves but..

Middlest Moon Music.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute...Happy Birthday, Middlest!

  2. Wow! 18?! Happy Birthday Mid! Amazing and wonderful tribute to a beautiful daughter. I love that the full moon is on her birthday. They grow up so incredibly fast. I bet that is the coolest moon any kid ever had and she takes it with her when she moves out. I kinda want one for my room now. :-)

  3. I can't believe I am not tearing up right now. My hormones must be in balance for once. Happy birthday to your middlest!

  4. You know that picture is my absolute favourite!!! I will look in my backyard tonight at that glorious moon and wish your moon baby happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Moonlight... remember, the moon is a reflection of something bigger. May that reflection always light up the darkness!

  6. Mommie Dearest: Thank you from and Mid!

    Angelia: She will be taking it! No doubt about it : )

    Sweetest: That's a good thing! Our hormones around here are in full swing and Mid cried, so my work is done ; )

    mombshell: I know you do and I do too. Thank you : )

    Ms.A: What a lovely way to put it!

    Miss Mid send her Thanks too ladies!

  7. Such a lovely post for your middle, happy birthday to her. My middle is just 3 and I know this day will come all to soon for me.

  8. And she is...
    What a wonderful post for her.
    Happy 18th to the middlest.
    Where does the time go?

  9. You gave her the moon... What a great tribute, and I wish her (and you) all the best!

    BTW: This is funny because my son just wanted stars on his newly painted navy blue room. So, do I just plant dots any old way? Naw-no fun in that! I printed out a star chart for the month of September (couldn't find one for his exact birthday) and got up on a step ladder to plot the constellations that are in the North, South, East, and Western parts of the sky with glow in the dark paint. It took an entire afternoon, my back hurt for three days, and I was dizzy from the fumes, BUT, my son now looks at stars when the lights go out, so I am right there with you! LOL!

  10. Hi MotPG,

    Writing that sounded so familiar, and now I know why - I did a post back in acronyms and MotPG was the title - stands for Meeting of the Postal Gods. Now I know better - it's Mom of the Perpetually Grounded!

    Anyway, I just stopped by to say thanks for visiting me, and here I've found myself reading your posts for more than half an hour! I think I'll follow and see where you lead me - even if it's nowhere, I'm sure to have a grand time!

  11. Happy Birthday Mid! I remember when you were this high. LOL what a wonderful tribute and love the moon story! The pic makes you seem less weird (just kidding about your last post.)

  12. one of my favorite songs and perfect for this beautiful post.

    mid, your mom is the bomb. but you know that. this one is my song for you...

  13. Jamie:Thank you Jamie! Those middles are something special and it really does sneak up on you : )

    Mel: Thank you. I wish I knew. I keep getting the urge to grab her and say, "Wait! I'm not finished with you yet!" She still has so much to learn.

    Susan: We really would give them the moon and the stars if we could, huh,? I think they know that in their hearts even if some days we would like to send them to the moon and the stars ; )

    ethelmaepotter: Thanks so much for coming by. I might lead you in circles too but I'm glad to have you! That's actually how I found your blog. It really tickled me: )

    HelpMama: LOL, She's this high--holding my hand 4 inches over my head! We're weird. We accept it : )

    Elissa: That was beautiful Elissa, Thank You : ) Her tattooed butt--(or hip) is still in bed but I will share it with her later!

  14. That was so touching! I adore how you gave her the moon. :)

  15. ---So beautiful. To sleep with the moon in your bed. Poetry. Quite moving. Happy 18th !

  16. blueviolet: I gave her the moon.+ replaced 12 calculators, 6 cell phones and 5 pairs of glasses that were all lost or broken during her scool career!

    Inner Chick: Thank you! She was worth it really. She's a(mostly)good girl : )

  17. Happy 18th to your Moonlight. Such a touching, loving post to celebrate your child.

  18. Happy 18th birthday to your Moon Child. This post has so much love in it I can feel the warmth all the way in San Francisco.


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