Friday, July 1, 2011

What's That Chiming Sound? I'm Busy Blogging....

I can be really bad about making appointments. I avoid the phone as much as possible and usually schedule  a certain amount of calls I can handle in a week. Nuts, I know, what else is new?

Anyway, about a  month  a couple weeks ago Middlest was complaining that her gums hurt and she thought a wisdom tooth was coming in. Ok. I need to call a dentist. Except the next day she said, "oh it's not hurting. I guess it went away." Ok. No rush. Then it came back. Then it went away.....Then it grew in. And was fine. Then the other one started so I know she needs to have them checked out. It is summer now.

Summer is a good time to get that stuff done and they were due for a check up anyway.
I would have to make the appointment. I'd ask, how is that tooth doing? "It's not bothering me right now." So no emergency but I will get to it.

 I have six email accounts, you know, one for each personality, and the one for my company  uses Outlook which has a nifty little calendar with reminders that chime and pop up a set amount ahead of time. So I set it to remind me to make the appointment. The problem is my regular schedule has not been regular and has been packed. Often with things that I knew were coming up but didn't have a lot of advance notice on exact dates so it was hard to know what I was doing when. Which makes it hard to schedule appointments.

The reminder also has a snooze feature so that when it pops up you can reset it to remind you again later. Yeah.

 So. I also have this nifty little sticky note feature on my desk top. I love it. I use it for things that are VERY IMPORTANT and  Absolutely Cannot Be Forgot or Put Off. Knowing I had to go out of town last week I remembered to leave myself this note for important things that had to be finished the day I came  back.

But yesterday when I came back it said this:

Which appears to be a combo of German and Reggae. I don't know.


and lastly

Ok. I Get The Message! Or most of it....anyway...

Then this morning I found some new ones.

Of course. Yesterday she 'is almost 18' and can make her own decisions. Today I'm Mommy.

This does prove that my theory about what this young lady will try to do to make a living
is correct. I quote myself from This Post last fall,

"Should she skip college and set up shop on a street corner? Will she have to hold up a sign saying,
Will paint you for food?"

Yes. It's true. She will be standing on a street corner selling her art.

She is Incredibly Undeniably Awesome. Truly. And I Raised Her!

I will collect my Mother of the Year Award right after I push the snooze button on this reminder make this telephone call.

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  1. She IS awesome! "My gums are bleeding. Blood." I love that! BTW, I just had my wisdom teeth removed last summer when I was forty, so you know, no rush.

  2. Hi-La-Ri-ous! I love the post-it complaints! Then again, if they have to complain, it should always be done via we don't really have to hear about it. I think you're on to something!

  3. Rotfl!!!!!!!!at the posty notes. I'm glad you admit you have posty notes don't save or I didn't know they did.

  4. So funny. Love post it notes. Wisdom teeth extraction...ugh.

  5. Sarah L:Exactly! What's the big rush. They are actually growing in and not compacting so I don't know what all the fuss is about. I should buy her a teething ring or something ; )

    Sandra: I didn't think of that!It's so peaceful I should order them to do it that way.

    Nicole: I couldn't get the desk top Post It's to save. I had to download an image somewhere else and copy and paste the messages. And a royal pain it was too.But it wasn't the same without them. 6 emails, I know, crazy, and none of them know about the others ; )

    kelly: I love all kinds of post it's. My wisdom teeth have never done anything. Maybe that's why I'm not giving the poor child enough sympathy. But even she can't make up her mind whether they are really bothering her or not!

  6. Some people actually have wisdom teeth that require nothing more than periodic check ups, with the rest of the teeth. (I didn't, but she might)

    I do the notes all over the house, thing, because stuff happens and I might not be on the computer. (rare, but it has happened before)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. A girl after my own heart - love sticky notes. Least she knows how to get your attention.

    Yup - undeniably awesome, don't they make you proud :-)

  8. Sheldon swings back and forth wildly between wanting me to figure it out (fix it) for her and working it out. She hasn't learned the skill of the backup plan yet. Grrrr.....

  9. Ms.A: My husbands grew in and are still there. She may not have to have anything done either but I guess it's painful.

    Fi: Yes, one way or another. Particularly when she is writing the notes at 1 AM, when I go to sleep at 10, and sleeping till noon so it's hard to catch up with her!

    Mrs. Tuna: Don't I know it! Mid usually doesn't even have an original plan ; )

  10. LMAO!
    Seldom do the momsI come across have kids this age, and it's always nice to know I'M not the crazy one.
    My son had the same dental issues, my daughter requires help with her art projects - all the time.
    (BTW: My mom informed me that when the girls were teens she lost spoons, but when the boys were teens she lost butter knives. Interesting ;) )

  11. le Chef: Well, I have all daughters. I have about 20 butter knives and am short a few forks but I have exactly 2 teaspoons and 3 tablespoons in my house at this moment. No Joke! : )

  12. She is indeed fifty-two varieties of awesome. I can't wait until my kids can leave me haranguing notes.

  13. Allison: I got the song 'A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts'from Littlest on one too!

  14. That is just way too stinkin' funny! She is hilarious! Did the notes work? Did you get call for some dental help?

  15. That's pretty funny! She's got a great sense of humor!

  16. blueviolet: Oh, she's a mess is what she is. Yes, They gave us an appointment in August. Very helpful. I have a feeling we will be making an emergency visit before then.

    Connie: She does. True. And she's been very patient too, the poor kid : )


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