Friday, July 15, 2011

And Then It Rained

which was really lovely and hit the spot. A June full of hyper heat that broke records and a July that is not living up to it's reputation. A week of downpours flooding my soul like wine. A giddiness that floats to the surface and pops like little bubbles on my mood. They burst. Then July smooths my heart down with a sweep of it's hand. Flattens the wrinkles in my nature like a good housewife keeping order on my soul. Tucks in hospital corners, all business, none of this foolishness. No jumping on the beds and hiding beneath the drifting sheet. I stifle the giggles but it is apparent I will be discovered. A lump smack in the center and wondering how to escape. It's so suffocating here. I watch the sky. I see a haze of gray in the distance. But it is a lie. A tease. Stock still beyond my reach. Try to induce magic by tapping the wind chimes into action. A little prompt maybe......they were a gift you know. From someone I loved. A doting father. July cheats. July steals. It stares me in the face in the morning and challenges my accusations.
 It rained for a full week. What else do you want? At least no one died.

The moon remains silent. She keeps her own counsel this time around.
 Lets July take the blame.

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  1. I've grown to hate the summer that I so loved when I was younger.

  2. This was beautiful! Really! And oh Honey, I'm so glad it rained!

  3. I've been ctaching up on my blog reading and have read several about rain but this is the most beautifully written and had me enthralled. Well done!

  4. Silver Strands: Thanks, July does that to me...or makes me grumpy... : )

    Ms.A: I can't remember a time I was happy to see it other than school getting out!

    Linda: Thank You : ) ME TOO, and it rained again today!

    Megan: Thank you: )And thanks for coming by!

  5. Cheryl: OOPS, I didn't skip you honey I was answering the others while you were commenting! Thank you, I don't like July but I LOve Rain!

  6. This was very deep!!! And how can you hope for rain?...then again, maybe you don't come from a land covered in snow for 8 months so you welcome anything that is not intense heat. In which case, wish for the rain all you want! :)

  7. It's been all heat and humidity around here forEVER! WE finally got rain for a couple of days---which we needed since the green was turning brown. Wednesday or Thursday, the heat index was 124. Ridiculous.

  8. Sandra: I sometimes get philosophical in July because my family members tend to die in it. Otherwise that's it exactly! We are covered in intense heat 8 months out of the year. Cloudy days make me perk up just like a Holiday : )

    EmptyNester: We have been in drought until the last couple weeks which have been a Godsend. We have water restrictions and my back yard looks like a wasteland. A high heat index can actually make me cry.

  9. Don't listen to Sandra - I'm Canadian and I hate the heat (then again, I can't walk around everywhere in a bikini:)). We have severe heat warnings here for the week-end - so we went on a boat cruise yesterday. Ah, breezes off the water. Today we're hiding inside. Rain tomorrow maybe.

    Oh, that was so pretty, was what I meant to say.

  10. oooh. for once i have to say i'm with you. we haven't had rain, or even much by the way of cloud cover in weeks now and it is HOT and nasty and our grass is like a wasteland. and, i just need a rainy day somehow to recover. it never comes.

  11. Bibliomama: If we could all be Sandra- what bikini clad chicks we would be! possibly even during a snow storm : ) Breezes off the water are the best, it sounds lovely and Thank You.

    Elissa: I guess we had more than our fair share but it's never enough. I'll hit my chimes and see if I can send some your way!


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