Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mess With Your Head

The other day Littlest and I watched  NOVA, Science NOW: How The Brain Works.Episode 5, on PBS. If you haven't seen it, I suggest it. Very fascinating. But when we saw/heard this it totally blew our minds.
 Give it a try. It's fun!...and short.

Whoa.... Dude! Right? How cool is that?

Except I heard Fa Fa Fa  sooo what does that say about my brain? ; )

I am OUTA HERE This Weekend thru Tuesday so be sure and have a Happy Valentines Day while I'm gone. Post me something sweet to read when I get back!


  1. Interesting. We have friends whose kids have speech issues, but until she told me they said 't' for 'c' and I watched their mouths I didn't really notice it. Have a great long week-end.

  2. Well, I'm so busy talking I never hear what people say.

  3. That is cool-I'm going to show this to my kids at school!

  4. I hear la la la. Still it's better than the usual "HaHahA" I hear when folks are snickering behind my back.

  5. And I heard La-La-La...gulp...

  6. that is cool! there is this thing on you tube too that messes with your brain a bit: we are pretty darn fascinating that's for sure ;-)

  7. So great, thanks for sharing! Hope you did something super extra fun on the weekend!


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