Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heard You Were Good!

And I promised a present from my trip. Sometimes business can be a pleasure. Though this trip involved work, my husband and I did get to spend some wonderful down time. We have an anniversary coming up and it was fortuitous that business brought us somewhere we could enjoy together as a treat.  Even if after you get there the horrible hacking respiratory infection your daughter has had for 3 weeks hits you a few hours after you arrive. And even if you completely zoned out and forgot to bring your mediocre good camera. So you had to run to Walmart because where there's a will there's a Walmart...and a digital camera for twenty bucks that holds all of 12 pictures and doesn't zoom plus uses an amazing 2 mega pixels that can't be blown up.

But as promised. Here is a present. The best I could manage from tourist Walmart.

A lovely place for a stroll if you aren't hiding in your room with impacted sinuses.

You might even dip your toes in if it weren't actually really cold outside.

But, you never turn down a lovely dinner (Yay Shrimp!)
With your lovely husband ( Yay Husband!)
And A Really Incredible View Of The Sunset

Even if you can't zoom the camera or get closer.
Because you're wearing a really nice pair of boots.
And you won't wear them down on the beach.

But *SIGH*, it is Lovely
And you do your best to very carefully choose the perfect twelve photo's
 your new piece of crap camera can hold.
So I give you this sky so beautiful that even I and my cheap camera could not completely ruin it.

And A Deer Butt.
; )

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  1. Wow how beautiful. Good times? : )

    thank you for sharing a little bit of your paradise.

  2. Heehee.

    Baby E and I had fun finding the deer butt.


  3. And I was just saying 'no one ever gives me deer butts any more'....

  4. KittyCat: Yes, we had a very good time : )

    Empress: Glad you enjoyed it! I think I may have some bear ears around here somewhere too..

    Bibliomama: Anytime!!

  5. Didn't even post all twelve of your pictures, were the others too dirty to share?

  6. Those are good pictures even from a Wal-Mart camera. Glad you had a great time.

  7. oooh! cal really liked the sunset pics. we need a vacation from winter!!

    (cal says to tell you he also liked the deer butt!) snicker, snicker ;-)

  8. Oh, you're so right, where there's a will there's a Walmart!

  9. I think tourist walmart did good!! Sorry you were sick :( - but glad you took advantage anyway.

  10. Mrs. Tuna: Ha! No, sadly, to boring or blurry to bother with: )

    Erica: Thanks, it was mostly nice to get a kid break!

    Elissa: I Aim at deer butts To Please ; )

    KLZ: I rarely go to Walmart at home. But for some reason I have seen a variety of them other places...Target too...

    Peryl: I find tourist Walmart is always close by and a little nap went a long way : )

  11. Is there anywhere in the world, except for the town I live in, that doesn't have a Walmart?

    Oh wait!

    I did not see one in Moscow!

    But I wasn't looking very hard either.

    Beautiful pictures!

  12. cathyjoy: Wow! I figured they had Walmart on Mars by now ; )


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