Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Week Of The Year

We had a very nice Christmas. When the children are small the holidays seem a lot more eventful. It takes some adjusting as they get older and things calm down a bit. One of the nice trade offs I have found with my daughters as they grow up is the subtle change from being more concerned with what they are giving than what they are receiving. I find this a delightful transition that makes it easier to leave behind the magical Santa and reindeer stage. I especially enjoy watching as they bicker with each other one day and busily set about looking for just the right gift for each other the next. We spent some time with family. My son-in-law DecentGuy has a difficult relationship with his mother. They had originally planned to travel to spend Christmas with them but the when the plans were canceled I tried not to be too gleeful that I got them. But I was. To make it up to him, this might seem strange but it was perfect, we asked if he would like to cook dinner one of the nights. He was thrilled and chose Christmas Eve. He prepared both a smoked and a roasted turkey for us as well as all the fixings and it was delicious. He did a wonderful job and had a great time doing it, which made me happy. You see he likes things made from scratch. I roast a mean turkey but I go by the meal in a box school of cuisine, so it was a treat for everyone present!

Now I will visit the ghost of Christmas Past. The Christmas of 1984. This just happens to be my favorite week of the year. Not only is it Christmas but 26 years ago I was given a gift that led to another gift.
One of the most Precious Gifts of My Life. The only comparable being my children.

Some of you who have been around for a long time may have read a post I wrote last year for New Years that touched on this subject. Part of it told the story of a gift my parents gave me for Christmas but at the time I hadn't started using pictures on my blog yet. This time around I have a special treat. Now my parents usually had great taste. Even as a teenager I could ask them to pick something out for me and they would come home with something terrific. I even put them in charge of a bathing suit one time and they came back with a great suit that I honestly couldn't believe they bought for me! This time around I'm not sure what happened.

As a quick recap: The night after Christmas one of my friends wanted me to go out and I didn't really want to go that bad but decided to go anyway. I was behind on laundry so my wardrobe choices were limited. I had some clean black pants. I had my really killer scrunched white ankle boots. Hmm, What to wear with them? My parents had given me a sweater for Christmas. I was 19. I was a pretty sharp dresser if I say so myself. Fashion was one of my hobbies. I Did Not do cutesy. I Did Not Do Pink. I did pegged legs, converse and checks for casual. I did stiletto heels, cowl necks and narrow skirts for going out. I was going to a dance club. It was already ten o'clock at night and the day after Christmas. How many people would actually be out, right? So. I put it on. And that night I saw a really cute guy beckoning to me from across the room.

And this year I give you proof of my magical gift!
Proof that miracles do happen!
Proof that if something is Meant To Be- Nothing can stand in it's way!
Proof that Love conquers ALL!
Proof that my future husband may have already been drunk when I showed up.
Because This, carefully archived in my cedar chest. In perfect museum quality condition.....because I never put it on again, IS :


 A similar pattern with sheep started this craze but when my parents saw this, apparently they knew it was for me. Because I like cats. And possibly was not aware at that time that I was the biggest dork on the planet.
But the dear man talked to me all evening. And danced with me. And offered to drive me home.
And has been by my side nearly every day of our lives since.

He says it wasn't the sweater, it was what was in it.
My parents were very pleased. I wore the sweater they bought me...and they could finally turn my room into a den.

I will never part with my magical sweater it will always stay in my box.
I will never part with that cute guy either..but him..I keep in plain sight!

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  1. LOVE does conquer all.

    My fav week is Jan 8th. my birthday and well the kings. : )

  2. i'm pretty sure you should pull that out and wear it to your anniversary dinner, because THAT sweater is LEGENDARY. plus, think how much WORSE it would have actually been with sheep!!! egads.

    i am also pondering the actual (sweating to death) wearing of any sweater to a dance club, but even more so a 1984 sweater as there is a good chance that label says 100% acrylic. ;-)

  3. I can't top any of those comments.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. I think that as great that your son in law can depend on your relationship to help foster what he maybe missing from his own mom. Hope I'm using the right words. We all know hubby wasn't looking at the sweater! LOL

  5. Sweetness!! Where is the picture of you IN the sweater??

  6. Gotta love that sweater. And the story is wonderful. So, are you going to be passing it down to one of the girls?

  7. Kittycat: Yes It Does!

    Elissa: hee hee, 100% acrylic and made in Taiwan!
    I didn't dance much. I stood around with a beer and looked Awesome ; )

    Bibliomama: Yeah, that just about says it all: )

    Nicole: I was very judgemental of that boy when he was a teenager. I know a lot more more and he's really is a DecentGuy and a great cook!

    Peryl: It still fits! But I haven't been cleared to come out from undercover : )

    Accidental Expert: Strangely, it is one of the few things they haven't asked for when I die ; )

  8. Great post, as usual! That was quite the sweater. I forgot to wear a bra on my first date with Q. It's one of his favorite memories that I try to forget.

  9. Erica: Ha! I think mine would prefer to have something like that than my kitty sweater and ankle boots!

  10. Oh, you are freaking me out.

    Do you know that I have kept the dress I wore when I first met my husband?'

    I can't part with it. He loves that dress. And I love knowing I wore that when we first met.

    A wonderful, peaceful, blessed 2011 to you, my dear MOTPG.

  11. Empress: I wouldn't part with it if it were an old T shirt with holes! I guess we are sentimental but I think that's a good thing :)

  12. I just love that sweater story! Life is funny-thank goodness, huh?

  13. Damn, now I'm kicking myself for not remembering what I wore. Although I didn't actually remember the first time I met him. I only had eyes for another... who is now a priest. Long story. Anywhoo, loved this : )

  14. Susan: Funny Awesome..yeah : )

    Dana: That sounds like a great story actually!
    My husband and I grew up in the same town and went through high school together without meeting. He says it's because he would have blown it when he was younger : )


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