Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks By The Light Of The Moon

I have not been around much lately thanks to a large workload that seems to descend every year about this time. My presence has been required on some projects outside the office lately as well as a mountain of paperwork when I am in. I'm very tickled today because I was supposed to work but we are ahead on the project so my husband said I could have the Day Off! To ...do the grocery shopping...and there is the fact that the state of my house Finally Got To Me and I've been putting in some time doing damage control. After all, I noticed the holidays are coming and I inherited a system from my mother that consists of having a hissy the week before Thanksgiving and forcing a grumbling household to scrub the house from top to bottom because, though I may overlook A Lot, I refuse to decorate for Christmas on top of dirt. I cleaned everything including my dusty chandelier...maybe ; )

When we were finished I went to the kitchen and found that the Seamonkey and Middlest someone had attempted some repositioning techniques.

By the way...My Kitchen Artwork is provided by

My Brother J.
Fixture provided by Home Depot..or Lowe's..I don't remember.
And also by

My Mom and my Sister the Mighty Ms. K.
   I kind of like it this way. I'm leaving it.

 The moon was obviously doing it's thing this week.
Biggest called and said she decided she wants to be an anthropologist...or something like that.

I said, "Ok"

Then her phone was cut off because she didn't budget well this month. However she does know where we live and they used their gas to drive to our house on Sunday to borrow money till she got paid on Monday because they needed gas. I didn't have any cash.

The moon seemed to be keeping the girls busy with dreams.

Middlest woke up the other morning and came directly to me. She had an important message.
She said the moment she woke up she had the thought that:
"Noah's Ark was actually a spaceship and that's why we can't find it."

I said, Ok.

Speaking of dreams...
Littlest seems like a tough cookie in so many ways and has so many interest's that I can only imagine the things she will do and be one day but, there is one thing I'm pretty sure of ...

Littlest: I had a dream and when I woke up I was so sad I wanted to cry.
I dreamed I was a mommy and I had a little girl. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were grayish. It was Christmas and she was wearing purple plaid pajamas and her hair was messy and she was all excited because it was Christmas and sitting in my lap opening presents and calling me Mommy and I was
 So Happy!

I was a little puzzled.
Me: Well what was wrong? What happened that made you want to cry!

Lit: I woke up and it wasn't true.

Me: (I said nothing, I couldn't speak...because my throat felt all funny...and stuff...)

Speaking of Littlest,
Overheard on the way to school.

We stopped at a light and there was a sign like this.

This is what followed.
Lit: ( In an outraged voice) I find that sexist! They show the woman in a skirt and it looks like she's holding a purse.

Me: No, it's an equal opportunity sign. They are both on it. See, I think he is holding a purse too. And look, it's really very touching. He's holding her arm to gently guide her across.

Lit: No! She is not capable of crossing the road alone. She can only can get across because The Man is Leading her across the street. Like she isn't able to figure it out by herself.

Me: Ok. ( thinking: is she going militant feminist on me..?)

Mid. ( In an outraged voice) Are you Serious?! Do you Really find that sexist?

Lit: No.

Speaking of the moon.

My husband has been losing some weight. ( Digression to deny that my husband is losing weight because since I have been blogging I have stopped providing food. I can prove this is not a legitimate charge. In my defense, I have gained 8lbs. since I started blogging. I rest my case.) The other day he came home and took his belt off to get more comfortable. Then he decided to go outside and turn on the sprinklers. We don't use a sprinkler system. Just good old fashioned hose and spinner. He turned it on and then decided to move it. Somehow it became out of control and was flailing wildly around his head and as he was struggling with it to keep it from whacking him- his pants fell down..to his knees...in the front yard.

Yeah....we are very popular....anyway...

With Thanksgiving approaching I am thinking of what I have to be Thankful for....that I haven't been blogging about.

1. A Big Deal. My father-in-Law collapsed at the movies a couple weeks ago. He has had heart problems as well as other health problems for awhile and had heart by-pass surgery a few years ago. He was in the hospital a few days while they did tests and they decided to put in a pacemaker. He is recovering nicely and is already showing a marked improvement over the way he has been feeling and functioning lately!

2.Though work has been keeping me from spending as much time as I would like visiting in blog world recently, I have to be Thankful that we had  a pretty decent business year and we did ok.  I feel incredibly blessed to have made it through another year. Next year is never a sure thing but for now we have survived. Amen.

3. I am Thankful for my dusty messy house. Even though it has to be cleaned.

4. I am Thankful that Biggest is around to give me nutty phone calls and borrow money from me and introduce my dog to people as her brother when I bring him in where she works. I am Thankful that her spot at the table will be filled on Thursday with a beautiful young woman who has not stopped dreaming.
 And I love her.

 5. I am Thankful that Middlest is a good girl. She is frustrating but kind. And that she has learned to make Hamburger Helper and eggs so I know she will be able to feed herself someday. And she Got A Job this week, Woo Hoo! I am so proud! She is almost grown.  I am thankful that last night as I was sitting in bed reading she came and sat on the step to my bed and rested her head against me without speaking and we just sat silently for a few minutes while I stroked her hair before she rose and went to bed.
And I love her.

6.I am Thankful for my Littlest who provides my life with so much humor and tenderness. And that when I didn't have cash, she had twenty bucks and on her own, she lent it to Biggest when she came over. Because she is an awesome sister and daughter and she knows how to bake a cake. Because last night in the kitchen she stopped and rested her head on my shoulder and said "I Loves You."
 Because I loves her too.

7.I am Thankful for my husband who works hard and worries and does everything he can to take care of his family.  And because I still think he is a Hottie even though he's all weird about getting gray but I think it is adorable. Because we earned our gray together.
 Plus who needs cable with him puttering around in the yard and I can see the full moon whenever I want ; )
And I Love Him.

8. I am Thankful for my family. I am thankful we can sit around the dinner table and really have a good time. Like the other night when it was "eat what you find" night and our conversation involved everyone's leftover choices which included,  chicken Lo Mien, sauerkraut and hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and half a pork chop.  I won't repeat this conversation but Middlest outdid herself by actually snorting out sauerkraut which just made the day worth while.
 I Love My family.

9. I am thankful for finding blogging and the world of good it has done me and also for the Awesome people I have encountered through it.
I Love Blogging.

10. I am Thankful to be here and able to give thanks. And for Turkey and all that goes with it. Because it is one of my Favorite meals. And I have been so busy I haven't gone shopping for it yet. And I am terrified they will be out of those little brown and serve rolls because ....
I Love Those!

I'm getting hungry.
I'm starting to think about food. I need 1. Turkey 2. Rolls 3.Veggies....veggies?

Hey,...Middlest and Littlest...I was always so careful with what they were exposed to when they were little. It always surprises me how they behave with each other. It always drives me crazy because the way they have always related to each other reminds me of something but I can never quite put my finger on it..but....wait a minute....

Moon Music

I am off to battle for Rolls!!!

Have A Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. So so many gems here... I loved the "and I love you section." I too have gained weight since starting to blog just under a year ago. I'm about at the eight pound mark today too. Enjoy your holiday and your family. Thankfully we have already enjoyed our Thanksgiving and the girls are asking when the tree will go up. But I too refuse to decorate over dirt. So it could be awhile yet.
    Take care,

  2. Great list! I'm also guilty of gaining weight since blogging. It has somehow taken the place of exercising - any free moment used to be spent on the treadmill, now it's in front of the computer:)

  3. I love this post. I love your family and how you write about them. I am thankful that Canadian Thanksgiving was over a month ago and I can spend my time freaking out about Christmas instead.

  4. Enjoyed your list. I'm glad your FIL is doing better. Loved the story about your husband and the sprinkler. lol

  5. Such a perfect post. Thanks so much!

  6. So glad you had time to post. : ) love reading your stuff.

    You make me smile.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. You know, if everyone were to list their blessings like this, they'd all be more thankful, don't you think?

    You have a long, long, beautiful list to be thanksful for. And I'm so happy you see that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  8. Some wonderful things to be thankful for. Also to have a great business year is a blesssing.

  9. Empress: There are some days I need to staple that list to my forehead. But yea I have a lovely bunch of cocunuts and I see them all standing in a row ; )

    Nicole: Surviving in business is truly a blessing. It's hard work when you are dependent upon yourself. When there is a risk of firings the only one to fire is yourself!

  10. first you make me laugh.

    then you make me cry.

    what a great thankful list.

    happy sigh for you.

  11. cathyjoy: I know, I have a tendency to do that to people. Just not usually all in one post; )It's kind of a crap shoot hitting my link.
    Thankyou, I'm glad you came by!

  12. That second photo with the broom and the two tilted pictures? Fantastic. And instead of stapling it to your forehead, may I suggest writing it on various body parts? That's what I do when I absolutely have to remember something. One body part won't do, mind you, it's got to be at least two.

  13. What a sweet and funny post. Your dinner table free-for-all nights sound like a snort noodling blast. :-)

    It's great about your business too. Sounds like you are ending your year nicely. Hopefully you will have some more downtown. My work has been insane and I'm hoping for that too. :-)

  14. Peryl: Well, I do have spme reminders of my children growing in my hair and engraved on my forehead; ) The pictures are still like that, kind of gives a tilt-a-whirl feeling to life.

    Angelia: It's my favorite night because I don't have to cook! We are ending our year intact and these days I can't ask for more : )

  15. As usual, I see so much of myself & my girls in your post. I always feel like I'm home for a visit when I'm here! And I too have been throwing my pre-Christmas hissy fit to ensure that I'm not just adding more mess & clutter to my messy, cluttered house when I decorate for the season! Beautiful "thankful for" list too! :-))

  16. Mayor: Come kick up your feet anytime! I already have so much STUFF that if I'm not careful it looks like a garage sale at Christmas.


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