Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Return

Alone, I curl my feet on the couch snuggling my bare toes in the silky chenille throw. I am missing someone. I set my book face down on my lap, reaching for the mug of tea conveniently close on the table. I hear light footsteps ascending the stairs and  look up with a ripple of hope. Has he returned? Has he come to me? He pauses at the top, turning to gaze my way and  to my relief and joy, his eyes seem to light as they fall upon me. He crosses the room swiftly to greet me, reclaiming his rightful place at my feet.  I am forgiven. Somehow I have been redeemed. With the return of the cool nights, perhaps the memories have pulled him back to the comfort of my embrace and returned him to me.
 Reminding him of our happiness. Recalling him to his place. Warm at my side.

I bow my head and he learns forward to place a small kiss of greeting on my forehead. Smiling I look deep into his glowing amber eyes and see adoration peering back. Yes,it is true!  He could not stay angry forever. He is mine! I reach out my hand to cup his face and as before he leans forward, reaching to meet my touch. Tilting his head towards my hand to meet my caress. The curve of his cheek finding it's place in the cup of my hand and settling as perfectly as a puzzle piece, lost but joyfully found, to complete this scene of domestic comfort. I sigh in perfect content. Complete.

Suddenly his head snaps back, recoiling from my touch! His eyes, blurred with softness only a moment before, instantly flash, burning with fury and accusation. He jerks away as though scorched by my touch. Leaping from his seat he turns from me and strides away,  retreating in haste.  What has happened? Startled and helpless with confusion I cry out wretchedly,  Please don't go, come back to me...Please! Stretching my arms out beseeching, my hands reaching in desperate supplication, I cry out to him to return....

Here,  Kitty.. Kitty... Kitty.....

He glances back over his shoulder with mocking disdain clear upon his face.

Deceitful and traitorous woman. I can smell that dog on your hands!

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  1. oh that is beyond a snicker. i've got a full on belly laugh going here! i have one of those cats. hell hath no fury like a calico scorned.

  2. Oh my! Great story telling. I can totally understand how your cat feels usurped.

  3. So perfect. I knew it was a kitty right away (as I used to have one), and I love the way you tell this. Kitties can really hold a grudge!

  4. Oh, I totally understand. I'm like 64% cat myself.

  5. Love it! My cat is like that & I don't even have a dog!

  6. OMG this is terrific! This is exactly how it happens!

  7. Ha! I thought it was a pup. But, being a cat lady, I should have known better. Fickle creatures that they are.

    Mine is exactly the same way. Such a bitch!

  8. Oh! I wish you were here to hear me bust out on that last line.


  9. Wow, I so thought that was going another way.
    but I do have to say that cats are damn temperamental you know.

    I am much more of a dog lover.

  10. Elissa: You hit it right on the head!

    Aging Mommy: I adore the cat but he has been teasing that dog from day one. He will hiss at him and then look at me like he is expecting approval!

    The Sweetest: Kitties are stinkers, but tat's why I love them: )

    Peryl: I know what you mean. My husband claims I act like my cats!

    Pamela: We have a cat that has always acted like that. She's a 1st class drama queen.

    Sandra: Cat's are good at expressing their feelings. Congrats again on the win at The Girl Next Door Grows Up! The post was awesome.

    ratfacedgirl, wirql: He is giving me such a guilt trip! But it will be cold soon & I need my bed warmer!

    Empress: Ah, I hope you did! luv Ya; )

    Soccermom: I have been a crazy cat lady all my life. This may be why the cat is so annoyed with my affection for this particular dog.

  11. I knew you were talking about a dog or cat (okay, you might have had me going a little-LOL!)

  12. OMyGosh!!!! You dirty woman you! This is hilarious! I'm thinking ,when is this book coming out? LOL

  13. Susan: It crossed my mind that if my poor husband took a peek I might have had him going too, hopefully he would read it all....

    Nicole:'s the story of my life...; )

  14. Hey Mrs Grounded! I have a blog award for you on my site. No obligations just wanted to give you a shout out!

  15. LOVE IT!! What a great giggle, so well written! Gad, I can relate, I am forever trying to pin down a cat for a snuggle....they really can be snotty buggers! Maybe I should switch sides too & get a dog, they LOVE to snuggle right?? LOL! Great post!


  16. Oh wow, first of all you are an INCREDIBLE writer!!! I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm brand new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it!
    So funny, I have 2 cats and it's so funny to see their personalities come out.
    OH, and I'm following you now too. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  17. Mayor: Nothing REALLY snuggles like a cat when it is in the mood to be nice. The wouldn't be able to see my book passed my giant puppy!

    Crystal: Thank you, I'm so glad you came by! I will be coming by to visit you too: )


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