Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's 12:30 P.M.

And this is how my day has gone so far.

I woke up at 5 as always.
At 5:30 Littlest refused to get out of bed because she was tired. She is required to go to school today unless she is dieing because there is a reading tonight and she has to attend. She didn't get up until 6:15. We leave at 6:50. She decided to inflict her mood on the entire household.

 I actually cleaned out the fridge. I took everything apart and couldn't remember how it went back in.

Then I spent 10 minutes wandering around looking for a pair of slacks that I know I washed but can't find anywhere and the search was hampered because I couldn't see anything because I had set my glasses down somewhere and......oh, they were on top of my head.

Then I remembered the book the Littlest was supposed to have for class a month ago and that I forgot about for 2 weeks and then had to order and wait 2 more weeks that was supposed to be in on the ninth and they would call me but no on ever did. So I called and it was there and I had to drive twenty minutes to a store I was one block from yesterday doing another errand.

Before I left I got annoyed because my husband took my grocery store discount card yesterday and didn't give it back so I called him and he said he left it by the front door and I thought, oh good and left without it.

So I drove all the way home after the book store to get it. I had to pee anyway.

Then I didn't have a list but even so, like a good wife I remembered that I didn't see my husbands favorite dressing which is the kind that has to be refridgerated, when I cleaned the fridge so even though I had passed it already I made a special trip back to the front of  the store to get it and hit a spill from the deli and ended up in a half split in front of the flower department. I have bad knees already. My first thought was embarrassment but then I looked up and No One was around and the only thing that seemed to hurt was my big toe, which was covered along with my sandals with the chicken slime I slipped on. I made my way to the check out to tell someone but at that moment a corgi came running into the store by itself and the lady I was trying to tell was distracted and ignored me so when the manager came over to see the dog I had to practically yell to get her attention and tell her about the spill before someone really got hurt and was hoping to at least get a paper towel to wipe the sludge off my foot but finally gave up and wiped it on my grocery bags and continued on. Except for when I had to back track to the salad dressing again because I forgot about it.

I had a $10 off $50 coupon and I spent $49.05.
 So I bought 2 candy bars to offset it. The checkout lady asked how I was and I said fine even though my knee was starting to twinge because I didn't want to steal the spotlight away from the corgi who was sitting in a shopping cart with a crowd of admirers waiting for it's owner.

On the way home I Almost got to see this. Two really conscientious moms on bikes. One with a baby in a seat and one with a small child on one of those attached bikes decide to cross at a 5 way intersection against the crosswalk signal almost get creamed by the mayor driving an SUV wearing her signature pink ball cap. But she saw them in time. But not before they scared the hell out me.

Finally I am home. When I opened the back of the car my milk had leaked everywhere.

I forgot to put the dog out before I left and he peed on his bed.

Biggest just called and asked if I would drive her home and I told her no. And she asked why. So I loudly told her why. Then she hung up on me.

It's 1:09 now because since I've started Biggest has called once, my husband has called twice and Mid has sent me two text messages and I've had to stop and bring the dog in because he was barking. I think I left the salad dressing in the car. My knee is starting to throb.

Middlest just sent me a text asking why the day was going so slow.


Why do I smell chicken?

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  1. Damn sounds like a busy day to me.

    : ) Im also up at 5am. Only good times at 5am.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you so very much for making me feel better about my own week. I think whenever I am having one of those days where I feel I am taking one step forward and two or more back I shall just come and read this post again, to remind me I am not the only one.

  3. Um... well... that is...

    I got nothing. Sorry, well said, and better luck tomorrow?

  4. How is it possible to have that kind of sequence of events? That is outrageous!

  5. Wow! You kept your cool after all that? The chicken spill would have set me off! Your daughter ask why the day was going slow & she didn't know you had a full days events within minutes

    Hope your day is better today.

    I went to the grocery store the other day with no list & accomplished my mission without getting a lot of junk.

  6. Soccormom: 5 A.M. Lovely, peaceful. Just me and my cup of tea!

    Aging Mommy: It was one for the record books and didn't end until Littlest slammed the door on her way to bed.

    Bibliomama: I got pretty much the same reaction from my husband : )

    blueviolet: I'm thinking creepy green woman with a long nose and funny hat looking at me in a giant crytal ball because she wants my shoes...

    Help! Mama: Good work. I came home with Grasshoppers, Chips Ahoy, and Cheez-its on top of the candy bars.


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