Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I LOve RoCks

Yes I do.....

My computer keeps crashing and I can't get anything done.....

So I'm doing something important.....

Lookin at rocks......

Wish they were real....

But they're not.....

Cause I like rocks.......

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  1. When the 'puter breaks, looking at rocks is just about as good as anything! :)

  2. i like rocks too.

    but, dude, get a mac. ;-)

  3. You rock! (sorry I couldn't resist)

  4. You wrote that after I posted photos of Bryce - so you really are a rock lover. I am more of a rock chick of a different kind, but I love rock rocks too, Bryce being my new all time favorite rock viewing place. You have to go and see it for yourself some day

  5. Oh, the only thing better than rocks are rocks in a river!! I love rivers.

  6. Liz: Very true. For me looking at rocks is better than Most Things; )

    Elissa: A rock is a lovely thing. Nature, history, a toy, a handy place to sit. We'll skip throwing them, except into water. It doesn't matter what I use. The kids will load a bunch of mess on it and I'll be lookin at rocks again.

    mombshell: Perfect! You know I love foolishness: )I was waiting for someone to ask if I had rocks in my head.

    Aging Mommy: The pictures of Bryce were very cool. Visiting rocks is a big favorite for me. I've seen shells...they all look the same.

    Peryl: A rock in a river is THE ULTIMATE!

  7. Just think, buying those beauties will cost us a good penny! LOL My kids like rocks too & they throw them. Then I yell stop throwing my money away!!!!!

  8. Me too!! I love me some pretty wet rocks. They are so fun to collect in the river or the lake. Except they don't always look as pretty when they dry off sometimes. My kids love to collect them too, all the time. So every time I turn around I am pulling a rock out of my pocket or my purse or my underwear. I'm a mess!


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