Monday, October 4, 2010

I Have A New Blog!

And I didn't even ask for it.

It's called:

Just click  my link and you will be directed to it!

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  1. oh, you are too dang precious!!

    I love you!!

  2. Oh, and here I was all excited that you did actually have a new blog :). More MOTPG is never enough.

  3. Oh I just love those service unavailable error messages, especially when I have written a long meaningful comment somewhere and it won't let me publish it, or it tells me I have no blogs in my follow listing or some other wondrous piece of news :-) Hope you get things sorted out soon.

  4. Everyone: After the 5th time in a row I clicked a button and got that I decided it was a message from Blogger God and he wanted me to build it!
    After I made this post I had an idea and there is a Blog there. I edited the link in. Don't know what I will do with it...but it's there!

  5. Is that making you as crazy as it's making me? I swear I've rewritten comments at least 25 times today!

  6. That's the prettiest 503 error I have ever seen. How seasonal and delightful.

  7. blueviolet: Yes. yes. it. is. Especially when I have to sign into my own blog 3 times in a row!

    DG: Thank you! I don't get seasons and I figured as long as it was there I would just make my own : )


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