Friday, October 29, 2010


Not exactly.

I really do like Halloween. I love a good ghost story. I've always enjoyed a scary witch and the nice ones too. But for the past few years I've had a little trouble getting in the mood. For one thing, my house is the last one on the road and my house is set back. Really dark and spooky. I rarely get kids at the door. I guess they don't think it's worth it. They don't know that if they are brave enough to venture through...I buy the good stuff.

I have a pumpkin. But when it's 85 degrees outside and 80% humidity you can't carve them until the last minute.  They start to mold and cave in within 24 hours. So, until Sunday I have to make do.

It's just as good. Maybe Really

I don't have little kids to dress up and take out trick or treating anymore. No cookies to bake. No costumes to make. No school parties to help out with. So I have to make do.

They did this without treats.

Really Maybe

Now there is a bright side to all of this. When I look around my house I notice that I really can save a lot of money on decorations.

Again with my housekeeping. This is actually up 2 stories high and I took the picture from the stairs.
Not that I'm defensive about it or anything.
I cleaned it,  maybe really.

Serena Miserena. Yes, she is that Evil.

And of course when the night is all MINE.

What bag is already open? I don't see that. Maybe Really.


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  1. I'm in the same boat you are without kids to take out for candy, etc. But I'm gonna pass it out too (and eat it) and I carved pumpkins the other night. My BF put them in the fridge though. I'm scared to look at them on Sunday!

  2. Haha! I used to dress up my cat before I had my son. I kind of miss it - although I'm sure he didn't;)
    Happy Halloween!!

  3. LOVE the cat. I am really into Halloween. WE decorate our house inside and out every year. This year will be the first year I have no kids dressing up. Kinda sad.

  4. My kids still like decorating and Eve is still young and excitable, but Angus doesn't want to go to the Halloween dance this year, so it's starting. The cat? Fifteen kinds of awesome.

  5. haha! This was terrific! Love the orange-jack-o-lantern, the evil cat, and the dogs you dressed up! This is the best Halloween post ever!

  6. Oh sob sob sob! This will be me in the future, sitting all alone and wishing I had a three year old to take trick or treating, especially one who loves collecting candy but doesn't eat it (jut M&M's).

    We carved our pumpkins early and have learnt this week what a mistake that was in the desert heat (stupid English foreigners, that is what we are, pumpkin carving novices). I can attest to the fact that rotten pumpkin is a very horrible smell!

  7. that orange is the bomb.

    and thank you. now when the kiddos complain that i don't decorate the house, i shall show them my cobwebs and dust and say "take that!"

  8. We did our oranges, too, and they look so adorable!!

    Things last forever here, 43 degrees in the daytime, keeps things ULTRAFRESH!

    *trying to convince myself how lucky I am to be a Sconnie*

  9. Haahahaha!!! LOVED this post. You are a genius. I just loved your dogs all dressed up and pimped out. Your cat on the other hand does look like the Queen of Evil. Kinda reminds me of a cat I had once. And yes!! It's super hot here too still and our carved pumpkins have already rotted. I love the orange idea though. That is aweomse! Sorry I've been such a sucky bloggly friend lately!! I've missed you:)

  10. blueviolet: We are so pathetic at our house waiting for kids to come. I feel like the witch in Hansel and Gretal but I only want to eat the Reese's!

    Pamela: All of our pets have been dressed up at some point and Biggest dresses hers up too: )

    Kittycat: I had one brave child several years ago who made it to the door and informed me my house was "scary". All I had out was one Jack-o-Lantern!

    Bibliomama: My kids refuse to give up even though they don't trick or treat. On Friday Lit wore a costume to her school because it was allowed there and Mid wore a witches hat to hers even though it wasn't; )

    Sanda: Wow, Thankyou! That's so nice: )

    AgingMommy: It's hard to wait when you have little ones. Rotten pumpkin is pretty yucky. I think the stores where I live do a pretty good business in relacement pumpkins; )

    Elissa: You see, avoiding housework can lead to saving money. I've been telling my husband that for years ; )

    Empress: You are making me Long to be a Sconnie!
    I love cold weather and snow but have been told that is because I don't live in it. But I don't know, sweating my way through Oct.31 just seems sucky.

    Naomi: I'm so happy to see you honey! Not at all, I have been having trouble keeping up and you have way more reasons than I do! Serena Miserena Is a Queen who was turned into a cat by a sorceress because of her bad attitude! She told us herself ; )

  11. Oh, I love how you 'make do!' I am so going to have to borrow your "pumpkin" idea next year.

  12. Buckeroomama: It's a fun little thing to do: )

    I am Happy to report that 2 brave monsters and a poised princess made their way to our door this year, where they were well rewarded with handfuls of The Good Stuff by 2 giddy and pleased teenagers. One of the monsters ventured to ask, "Are we the only ones who came up here?"
    On a rely of "yes" he announced "Ah Ha! I knew it!"

  13. Nobody visits our house anymore either because the houses on our street are too far apart (we don't live in a development.) I used to buy the type of candy I liked just in case I would get visitors, but decided the old gut (mine) didn't need it this year. (Although wanting and needing are two different things-LOL!)


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