Sunday, September 5, 2010

Talk About The Weather.

For me the new year always begins in September. A school days throwback. With the angle of the suns rays, bending calendar days strive for a change. In the schedule. In the priorities. In the weather. I am an October birth. Is that why this season is when I begin to feel alive? My beginning coinciding with what is traditionally known as the end. When all begins to fade and wither. When in some places it appears barren but is only sleeping. Hibernating. Cocooning the future against the elements of  harshness in the season. I could thrive in this simplified environment. I have to search for it in my life's location. My spot on the map refuses to surrender. It clings to lushness. Life sinks it's nails into the flesh of leaves and transfuses moisture into their veins. They will not die. They will not fall. They will not go out in a blaze of glory. I bleed boredom on the view. Once in a very great while the elements fight back. Last year the winter had built it's strength. Ate it's Wheaties in the North and ran the marathon. Breaking through the ribbon on the finish line it hit the bottom tip of the state. It blew past my world like a loved one running the race to save my life. Raising awareness to cure hot flashes. I cheered it on. Dismayed by the crunching Hibiscus I swallowed my glee momentarily. They were lovely. But. Oh well. The simple fact is that it was worth the exchange. While others were buried in whiteness and driven insane by it's apparently never ending unmarked page I dotted my eyes with hearts and doodled in margins. I love Winter. Winter + Me. Wrapped up in blankets drinking tea that seemed just right, not just a formality. I clung to every bone chilling breeze like a lover. A climatic relationship that lasted a little while this time around. It hung in there for the long run. It's head never turned when the Camellia's bloomed in February. They are sturdy and benign. We could all be friends without jealousy or tension getting in the way. But in time it began to withdraw. Spring would insist on budding in. Flamboyant it returned well rested and with a makeover. Winter retraced it's steps. Backed away from me with a rueful smile and promised to return. I know it loves me too. I rejected summer and refused to dance. I sat and tapped my foot impatiently waiting for a song I liked. I am watching out the window. As though searching for head lights on the road that signal a homecoming that is running late. Waiting as if to see a childs head with hair flying backward running past the neighbors yards.  Feet pumping fast to hit the drive before curfew. There will be no warning sign. I will not read the letter sent by way of the daily news. It is an unreliable courier. Has let me down before. It is only September. I might have to wait until the end of October or even November. But one morning I will rise early and step outside and it will be there. Waiting for me in the yard. I will open my arms wide and embrace it. Lifting it up off it's feet I will spin it around and laugh wildly with joy. You are back! You are here!
Come. Let's have a cup of tea.

P.S. I will be leaving on a business trip Monday so if I don't answer comments or come by to visit I will be checking in as soon as I get back ! Tell me, are you looking forward to the change in season?

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  1. I always feel like fall brings a sense of rebirth with it as well!

  2. I love fall, too. Especially since living in the hot climates of AZ and TX. it's a welcome relief.

  3. This year I actually am looking forward to the cool down. Now my daughter is older not being able to really go outside for three long summer months because of the endless heat here has been hard. Thankfully fall when it comes is still nice and warm here too. I do not nor ever have liked the cold, so winter is my least favorite time of year.

  4. BAH!Humbug!! You insane woman!
    The winter is not for me. I hate Nov thru Feb. Every minute of it!

    They say it is easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool. That seems to be true.

    However when the cold lives inside of you, there is no relief. Just time. Just the next season. Just the next chapter. SUMMER!!!

    It's inescapable, compelling, and intolerable. Unless?

    A warm heart like yours does the trick.
    Keep up the great work. I love you too. I Hate Winter.
    Your crotchety older brother. N

  5. Buckeroomama, Gigi and Blue Viloet: I am right there with you.

    Aging Mommy:I like the cold but I haven't had to live with it much. I might feel differently if I did. You know, grass is greener, snow is whiter-or actually there ; )

    Anonymous Brother: You know you're all warm and toasty inside, can't fool me ; )Tell you what, You can sweat for me if I get to wear more sweaters. Sound like a deal? I'll throw in part of my allowance.
    I LUVS U more than winter...I really do: )

  6. I love fall and winter, and I get a good long blast of it here. And I was born in June. Go figure.

  7. oh... come up and visit me :-) i promise a fire with tea/coffee on the back patio and we can watch my maple turn to gold while we ignore the jungle of weeds that my flower bed turned into this summer :-) fall, spring and winter are all just peachy when they begin to me. every one of them a refreshing change and a new beginning. it is only when winter drags its heels here until april that i start to really resent him. (that and bundling three small children into big coats and then trying to jam them into car seats. if there is anything (other than a pair of stockings) that is going to make me want to swear, it is attempting that feat over and over and over for months on end.) yeah, autumn is where it's at.

  8. This actually read like poetry. You can cut them up into verses. Nicely done.

  9. Oh, the fall, the fall..

    So not for me. It reminds me of another year gone, and the falling leaves just about do me in like the theme music to Joan Crawford's "the autumn leaves..they tumble down."

    Gaad. where's my prozac.....

  10. I love the season changes. I love the beautiful falls colors. I however really hate the winter and the cold that follows the fall beauty.

    I am a warm weather person. I dont fair well in the bitter winter cold.

    PS Thanks for stopping by.

  11. My baby girl is an October baby. I think that's so cool how you florish at the time you were born. I'm excited for this season to. Only because I like to decorate LOL. I can do without the rain and cold.

  12. Interesting about the birthday- I have an April birthday and have always preferred warmth over cold.

  13. Hmmmm.... born in November and love the chill of the fall - and the feeling of going back to school, even though I haven't done that in blah blah years and my children have yet to do it!

  14. I was born on the cusp of Virgo & Libra and while I love my friend, fall...I so hate to see my summer lover packing up to go back to school.

    A beautiful awe.

  15. I have the exact same love affair with autumn. I wish I could describe my passion for the fall as well as you do.

    I'm a November there you go. Might explain a lot. Also...I'm from the Midwest and the colors changing is magical. I don't think I ever recovered from its beauty as a kid.

  16. allison: I think readers love the cold weather best. Good excuse to cuddle up with our books!

    Elissa: That sounds indescribably lovely! Except for the car seat part ; )

    Fickle Cattle: Nice to meet you! I'm lovin the blog name, can't wait to check it out!

    Empress: If I have any prozac left by November I'll send it over!

    Soccer Mom: I'm so glad you came over! Fall really is best but especially if you live where you can see it: )

    Nicole(HMR) I love to decorate for Christmas. It takes me over a week!

    The Sweetest: I'm so glad you came by! April is such a pretty time of year too and I think most of us are ready for a little warmth by then: )

    Peryl(PAA): Do you get that urge to buy notebooks and paper when you pass the back to school displays? I always want one too!

    Christine(RFG): You are right in there with my husband that must be why I like you so much! He loves the summer too: )

    San Diego Momma: Nice to meet you! Yes I think fall is the overall winner.

    Well it's still in the 90's where I am but I'm thinking cool thoughts and will struggle not to get depressed about it. My sweaters are calling....I hear their faint voices from my trunk...they are singing "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin"

  17. I only wish for the change of season. There is no such thing here in Florida. But if we had one, fall would be my favorite. I am a Fall girl myself, born tomorrow in fair September. Beautiful post, by the way.

  18. Great piece of writing. I love summer, but October is my all time favorite month. Can't wait!!

  19. I love the fall and gleefully wave goodbye to summer.

  20. Joann: I hear you and know exactly what you mean; ) Thank you and Happy Birthday!

    Angelia: October is my #1 too. Not just because it's my birth month either. I just have always loved it.

    DG: Me too and I will be waving and whistling and stomping my feet if summer ever leaves!


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