Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slovenly Sunday

Hello. It's just me, Ms. G. It's 2:45 P.M. and do you know what? I'm still not dressed yet. I don't see the point at this point because I'm not going anywhere today except back to bed later. I ate 6 Sweet Sixteen powdered donuts for breakfast and chocolate cake for lunch. I've drank approximately 15 cups of tea but it hasn't done much for my energy level. I did some laundry but that consisted of getting up from the computer for 5 minute switches and getting back on it again. I wanted to catch up on my blog reading because I haven't had much time. Friday I worked out of town and yesterday I decided to bring all three of my daughters to the mall in an attempt to make them stop crying. That appears to have worked for 2 out of 3 of them. I had Biggest do my housework on Friday and  paid her for it since she didn't work this week and yesterday we bought her new work uniforms...because her daddy said to because her Dad thought it might perk her up and get her back to work. He might be afraid they ( and their 3 dogs and 5 cats) will lose their house and move in with us. I went with her to buy them because she would end up spending the money on something like cat food. Anyway the mall trip went well considering it was my daughters. Though they did spend some time speculating about the woman in her 40's in Hot Topic wearing short shorts and a tight Hawaiian Punch T-shirt buying bra' Hot Topic. There was the "buying them for her daughter" faction and the "no, did you see how she was dressed" faction. I really didn't want to think about it myself. So I distracted them with neon green suspenders before one of them decided to ask her themselves and got the heck out of there. I still am not caught up on my blog reading because it has been going very slowly. I wear multifocal lenses and for some reason lately my glasses make me feel like I'm carrying bricks on my face and I keep trying to wipe them off so I decided to try multifocal contacts. And do you know what? I can't see a damn thing but I refuse to give up! I still have a lot of blogs I need to catch but it is taking me so long to read them that my back hurts and laying around on the couch is starting to sound good. I think I will.

What? No, I didn't brush my hair either. I put it up in a knotty thingy.

Anyone do anything worthwhile and productive with their Sunday? Tell me about it. Make me feel useless or this might become a habit.

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  1. Occasionally, Slovenly Sundays are not only ok, but necessary.

  2. Yeah, sorry, still in my pj's, coffe cup firmly in hand. I did manage to brush my teeth but that's it. Slovenly sundays rule!

  3. I am very excited for the day when I don't have to get dressed by 2:45 PM. :-)

  4. I need a Sunday like yours-mine has been non-stop activity from laundry, Sunday school, groceries, laundry again, dinner preparations, laundry some more, son's meltdown, dinner clean up, grooming the dog (1 1/2 hours!), snack time, snack clean up, last laundry load done, read a book with my kids (45 minutes), then saved by my computer! Ah...

  5. what? ::blink::blink::

    you don't buy your bras at hot topic?

  6. GB's Mom: You are right! It's the occasional part I have to work on : )

    Carol: Yay! I really just want back up that I'm justified.

    Susan: I am decreeing that next weekend you get a slovenly day. I'm giving you permission and you know that's all that counts ; )

    Elissa: Snicker...shhh, they weren't supposed to know ; ) hee hee...

  7. Sorry. I was up at 6am , running. then to the gym. then out of town for my sportsman grandmas birthday party. SPent the whole sunny day stuck inside with a bunch of realy old peopel I didnt even know. does that make me sound bitchy. maybe just a little.

    Every once in awhile I am lazy. I jsut feel too guilty about it to do it very often.

  8. Seems like on the weekends I am also catching up on my bloggies, but I read so many that halfway through my eyes and brain get too tired to understand what I am reading, much less comment. So then I have to go back and start over on Monday.

  9. Capital Mom: Oops, I skipped you. Probably these damn contacts. But I think it is a middle aged version of a lost weekend ; )

    Soccermom: See, that's why my kids don't play soccer. I can't live up to the reputation ; )

    The Sweetest: I am in a constant state of catch up. I used to have a nice chunk of early morning but now I have a puppy/slash future giant dog and I have to take time to train him or be bulldozed and drowned in pee when he's grown!

  10. hello Mom--Thank you for visiting my PM blog Party. Now...I so need to see your broom. Don't leave me hanging please, post a pic and let me know when and where so I can fly over there and take a peak. Merry Meet and Blessed BE )o( Angie

  11. But...but...what the hell else are Sundays for?

  12. I love a pj day. I notice that I have them more often when the weather grows cold and being outside isn't all warm and sunshiny.
    I had to laugh, because I eat exactly the same way on those days...all junk makes me a happy girl. (until the morning after)
    Is laser surgery an option? One of my moms just had it, and she can't believe the huge difference it the first day. She goes back next week to get the other eye done. Maybe you could look into it 8)

  13. Onereone: I can do that. My broom is Truly Awesome : )

    Bibliomama: Well, I think it is one of many legitimate choices: )

    ratfacedgirl: WIRQL, I think I was having one because it was warm and sunny and I just couldn't face it anymore ; )Littlest makes Really Good cake so that was an easy decision!
    Laser might work but isn't a budget option right now. In the future I will be raedy and willing! I can't stand not being able to see.

  14. You know I love when you give your updates. It's like we're talking on the phone. Nothing special this sunday. My baby was still working out a cold so we stayed in. Hope your daughter gets back to work soon. I haven't been doing much blog reading either. Been busy with my other site. TTYL


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