Friday, September 17, 2010

Meanwhile...Back At The Cardboard Box.

My family is playing stomach flu dominoes and we are down 3 out of 4 with a possible alternate in Biggest because she spent a lot of time here this week. As the last one standing I am hoping to keep up my visiting/reading the next few days in between Gatorade refills and before I go down but I'm not feeling very promising at the moment so if I seem to have disappeared SEND GATORADE!....

If you are new here or missed my: Ms. G. is Grounded post, In September I thought that since I chronicle my teenagers here it would only be fair to share a little bit about myself as a teen back in the renaissance. You remember the Renaissance right? As I dug threw my cardboard box I came upon this brilliant gem that I penned in March 1982 when I was 16.  So here is a second installment filed under Pack Rat/ Me As A Teenager. The Poetry Edition.

At this mid point in my life, I again peruse these lines that bear my profound young soul and emerging self knowledge and I realize something.
I really haven't changed too much.


Rising out of the ocean
Golden skin glistening in the sun
This is how I first  saw you
The unbelievably perfect one

If I were Aphrodite
You'd be my Adonis
And I'd hide us away
So no one could find us

Perfectly carved features
Almost painful to see
I couldn't believe you
Would really want me

And I was right
You walked right past
I knew something that good
Just wouldn't last.

By Miss G. aged 16 but probably telling people she was 18 ...or maybe 20.
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Not a full moon but might as well be


  1. I am from the same era as you and remember this song as well-I didn't think so at the time but man this video is strange. LOL! Glad you made it through the 80's.

  2. I love that song! I am from the 80's.

    Hope yours pulls thru the illness sooner than later.

    Hang in there.

  3. moms are always the last to fall!

  4. Yes, that is definitely you talking :-) How wonderful to find that, everything I ever did has been lost (see I have my ID but you have your real history) to the world, but in my case maybe that was a good thing :-)

  5. Oh god, when I find old poetry I cover my eyes and refuse to look up until it's safely alight.

    The barfing virus SUCKS. Sending un-noroviral good thoughts

  6. I love that you still have your old journals - that is so cool! And The Safety Dance rocks!

  7. That poem is awesome! HA! The minds of a teenager, you just can't beat that logic.

    I heard Safety Dance yesterday. My new car has XM free for 30days. I have been nonstop on the 80's station, I love it. Jason and Sydney not so much, but hey, it's MY car. :-)

    Hope you guys get better. That flu really stinks. Sending get well vibes through the screen.

  8. I hope you all get better soon! The stomach flu stinks. :( I like the poem. I had a ton of them I had written when I was a teen but I think I threw them away so my kids wouldn't see them.

  9. oh, i am so hoping you have not succumbed to the tummy bug.

    i need to dig through some of my old stuff. no poetry (thankfully, in my case), but **snicker**snicker** LOTS of old notes passed in class and stuffed in locker vents. the last time i pulled any out my best gal and i were laughing so hard we almost peed because they were funny and silly and then the stuff that was serious at the time was more hysterical now than the silly stuff.

  10. ok. just had to read it again. i wonder if he was wearing jams?

  11. I love that you have this stuff! I went through a stage where I got rid of it all, and I so regret it!!

    We recently did the stomach flu dominos as well - second year in a row that it happens the week of my older sons birthday!

  12. This right here, this is my life.

  13. Oh the safety dance is a good time. Being of a certain age, it makes me happy.

    I am always the last to get sick in my house. It's something about being the caregiver and waiting til everyone else has been served, to get mine. And let me tell you, I get it big. Knocks me on my ass for awhile. I think there was a time or two that I didn't end up getting whatever bug it was...hoping that's what goes down in your case. Take care mama.

  14. Ok, so far fate has not allowed me the luxury of being sick myself but I have been up to my ears doing everyone elses stuff for them.

    Susan: I taught my daughters the dance as a right of passage. They know all the words!

    Soccermom: The 80's were a lot of fun. I thionk that's why I've been spending so much time there.

    mombshell:I am standing on top of the hill with my flag!

    Aging Mommy: I am certainly tempting fate by not erasing all record of those years but they were so short: )

    allison: I brazen it out and even let my girls read the worst drivel. They are truly good writers and we get a lot of laughs from some of it.

    Pamela: That's right! It's Safe To Dance!

    Angelia: They cut the 80's station in my town. I was so mad!!!

    Pam: I threw away a lot of journals and notes but kept the poetry because I just still have fun reading it:)

    I have to leave to pick up a child and will continue answers later!!!

  15. Elissa: It is entirely likely that "Jams" were involved!

    Peryl: I did get rid of some stuff that I miss. And what's up with the flu birthdays/ My husbands birthday was this week!

    KLZ: I know what you mean, me too ; )

    ratfacedgirl: It makes me happy too! I'm still waiting for my excuse to go to bed. It would be worth it I think but I'm either lucky or it's waiting until I have something important to do.


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