Friday, September 24, 2010

A Better Illustration/Harvest Moon Part 2

In reference to my previous post.
This picure of Middlest at age 5 may illustrate her better than her Junior year picture did.

Don't ask what was up with that room.....I don't know.....; )

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  1. oh my gosh. i just love her. let's just say that in middle school i showed up to school in a poofy pair of blue gingham checked ladies dress pants, a strange blue and red patterned shirt which i cannot QUITE completely recall (probably a good thing) and my high top, light blue chucks. my senior year i wore big workboot/combat boots with my jeans tucked in and they made me close to 6 feet tall with their big honkin treads. i thought i was cool because i was different. not sure everyone else agreed. i STILL don't like to be quite like everybody else.

  2. Elissa: The girls were just talking yesterday about the "get ups" they tried out in Middle School. For me it was My high top camoflouge
    chucks and black and white checked sunglasses. And only one extra earring in my left ear when double peircing first came "in".

    DG: That's the only way to describe it: )

  3. OMG, roller skates? I LOVE IT.

    I just came in from your comment at The Music Mamas. Your header/tagline sounds just like me...only I have boys!

  4. Hi Kim! Another southern roller skate lover!Pleased to meet you : )


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