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Meet My Summer Vacation

  I should know better than to give my family a challenge. I also am making a hypocrite of myself (again) because I mentioned in a post a few months ago that I refused to raise anything more complicated than sea monkeys. I was terribly disappointed that we were not able to visit the mountains this year so my family decided we should get a summer project to keep me busy. Since one of my cats, my 17 year old sweetheart passed away in September I've made a half hearted joke or two that a kitten might be nice but we still have 4 cats and until recently 2 dogs and a couple of hamsters. ( So much for my teasing Biggest about her zoo) Anyway.....
  When our 12 year old golden retriever passed away I said "no more dogs for now." One Big Dog really is enough and we really don't know how much longer he will be with us. He is nine years old. Then our other old Big Dog started moaning. Every Day. He walks to the glass door looks out moans lays back down. He didn't want to go out by himself. He didn't want to play. He lost his appetite. He lost his buddy. The one who has always been there. The one who even when he was getting old and too sore and stiff to play jump around and knock you over would lay on the ground and play kicky feet and mouth wrestle.  He has his own kitty that he likes to clean and snuggle but it's not much fun to play chase with because he runs over it and then it gets mad and doesn't want to play anymore.
So anyway......
  I said No Dogs........I loved my golden retrievers and have owned two. They are wonderful dogs but can be hyper active puppies. Which means you need extra energy to keep up with them. I am tired. But then just for the sake of pipe dreams and making it clear that (almost) No Amount of cuteness would sway me....I threw in ..." The Only Way is:  unless you can find The Only particular kind of dog that I have ever seen besides my retrievers and thought "If I ever get a chance I would love one of those dogs, a Swissy." because I knew there was No Chance of me Ever getting one of those dogs.....

I should no better than to give my family a challenge.

Because my husband started looking "just for fun".

So I said: They are too expensive.
And they said: We had money set aside for the vacation we can't go on. Aww...Look at the pictures
And then I said: ..Oh's a puppy....and then...
I said: Big Dog isn't real excited about other dogs. Or at least not yappy or super hyper dogs. Which is why we can't just get any dog. We have to be careful with which type of dog we get. We have to look for specific type and temperament to make sure we don't have problems.
And they said: These take a lot of work but they are working dogs. They aren't yappy and don't seem extremely hyper and they get to be Huge Dogs so when they are grown they can hold their own in the chase you and knock you down game with Big Dog.
And I already know that because it's one of the reasons I like them.....
And I looked at the picture and thought....oh look it's a puppy......

And then they said:  'Look it's a YouTube video of Swissy puppies playing! Hey "Big Dog" look it's puppies!'
And no kidding Big Dog heard the puppy noises on the speakers and dragged himself out from where he was languishing under the desk and watched the puppies. And tilted his head back and forth in a cute manner. And whimpered. And went and looked in the other room behind the computer to see if the puppies we there. And it became his favorite show. The kids would call him and say 'you want to see your puppies?' and he would run in and set his chin on the desk and watch "his puppies."
So I said: That is very sweet and also kind of heart breaking but they aren't very common and there may not be any nearby. I've only come across one real one my entire life. It lives in the mountains we visit and I always make sure to visit him when I'm there. And it's still too expensive....aww look....puppies!

So my husband started to research breeders. Just. For. Fun.
And he found some close enough to reach in a two day trip! aww look...I mean....No..or maybe..Ok..!
And began contacting some.
but they had no puppies.....over and over. They had waiting lists. There are not a lot of litters each year for this breed. What a shame.....See I said.

I should no better than to challenge my family.

Because: Because suddenly.....why yes. Someone had one male available. They usually have a waiting list. But they have had two people apply for him so far but one was unable to take him in the end and the other didn't have adequate facilities and they had to deny the application. He would be available in 3 weeks when he is 8 weeks old.  But they let us know he is not show quality. He has one blue eye. That disqualifies him for showing.

and makes him cheaper

He is "pet quality".

which is what we....I mean They...wanted anyway.

But....oh it's a puppy! And by chance we have the facilities, time availability and the background with dogs, not to mention a special "in" at the vet so our application was accepted.

So meet my Summer Vacation

One I have always wanted to have and will be on for many years.

I chose a name with Swiss origins because that's where his breed originated and I like to do that with my dogs. I love his one blue eye which means he's "flawed" Which of course makes him "Perfect" for "Us".

                                   Can't Get The Red Eye Out of the Blue Eye, Don't Know Why.

  It's been 9 years since we've had a puppy around here. This is not an easy dog. The younger girls were too little to participate in training last time. This is going to be a Huge Dog and a Huge Responsibility.  I have to be Alpha Dog and Alpha Mom. He has special rules about everything from feeding to playing. We have had him since last Wednesday and he's 9 weeks old now. For a crazy cat lady I am spending  a lot of time familiarizing myself with breed specific food allergies and suggested training techniques. I have to remind everyone that even though ...Aww it's a puppy....we have to follow the rules. I keep correcting everyone and waving the pamphlet in front of them explaining 'you need to read the directions' like he's a box of macaroni and cheese. Never forgetting that even though Big Dog seems pleased with "his puppy" He still needs love and attention too.  I can't wear good clothes until he is broke of pulling on pants and skirts with his teeth and am wandering around looking like a crazed ditch digger with muddy paw prints all over my shirt, my pony tail pulled askew because it looks just like a chew rope and grass between my toes from running outside every twenty minutes for "potty training'. We are running ourselves ragged being thrown back into the world of feeding schedules plus safety precautions in the house. My floor is littered with toys.   My husband actually nudged me at 5:30 A.M. and mumbled, "it's your turn" because the 'baby' was crying.

The cats are thrilled.....

But so am I cause....
AWWWW.....Look.....It's a PuPPy!!!

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  1. Oh I love him! We have always had goldens growing up too, but my husband is not a dog person and it seems like the chances of me getting a third baby (which I am so not doing) are better than getting a dog so I will live vicariously through you!

  2. haha! I love the part when you say your Hubby looks for fun. Wow! I couldn't imagine taking care all your pets. You should see my husbands fish tank. I say he's a deadbeat dad. lol I've been wanting a puppy but we have allegies. So he would have to be hypoallergenic and little! I'm fearful of big dogs. Congrats on your ne baby!!!!!Sorry for going on and on....

  3. Oh my gracious!! This tickles me to no end and you know why! Awh!!
    He is gorgeous! I love love love his blue eye. :-) Perfectly imperfect.
    I was near tears for the other dog's loneliness. Animals tug on every heart string I have. I am very happy for your family's new edition.

    We will tell our puppy training woes together. :-)

  4. He is sooo cute. Almost makes me want a dog. AL-most.

  5. Adorable! And Pamela already said what I was going to say - almost... until I remember who would be taking care of that dog 98% of the time! Really, I want a kitten, but the rest of the family is in the dog camp, so we're at an animal impasse...

  6. They had your number from the get go, didn't they? Your puppy is simply irresistible!

    Your vacation never looked better!

  7. Aw, he's a puppy! LOL! At least he won't get as big as my in-laws Newfoundlands. or will he? Good luck!

  8. mombshell: My husband claims he isn't a cat person and I catch him talking baby talk to them all the time. The dog. I have to remind him this one is Mine!

    Helpmama: I can't be scared of big dogs. My husband had a doberman when I met him. He brought it on our honeymoon. I'm not kidding!
    And please go on and on. I love it and I certainly do it when I comment; )

    Pamela: Be careful. That's how I started out!

    Peryl: I use to say each dog equaled one cat. I kind of had a bait and switch on this one. I said if we ever get another dog I get another cat. But then I got no, this is Your dog, no cat for you!

    blueviolet: Yes they have my number stamped on the soles of their feet like crib notes; )

    Susan: Close! Not quite as heavy though. Same height but top off at 130-135 lbs. Newfoundland's can get up to 150lbs. I think they are cool too but they wouldn't be able to keep cool where I live.

  9. Angelis: oops,missed you! But, I know right? How funny is that?

  10. WHAT A CUTE BABY!!!! and who cares if the blue eye makes him 'non-show' cause it did make him cheaper (which is never a bad thing)...and perfect for your family. his own little signature of rebellion. love it.

    i too am in puppy hell. although mine are not quite that large.

  11. Awwwwwww, loooookkkkk, A PUPPY!!! God, that always pulls me in to!! I've had 2 rotties, whom I adored, & a long line of kittys thru my home just isn't complete without my furry babies in it!! Love this post, & even more, LOVE THIS puppy!!


  12. What a cute little guy. I had a siberian huskie once with one blue and one green eye. Someone stole in from my backyard and I was devastated. I swore I would never have another dog after that. How do you pronounce his name?

  13. Loco Yaya: The puppy virus seems to be going around!

    Mayor: Thank you! we are all animal nuts in my family: )

    Onreeone: Thank you, That sounds like it was a cool dog, what a bummer. I didn't post his name, the lettering on the picture is my blog initials because I was being lazy but I wondered if anyone would think that!

  14. LOL - I never could grow seahorses :-)!! But now I have a kid and a pup and a parakeet...and ours is not show quality either but we love our little wiggly little diarrhea machine anyway!

    Thanks for coming by my blog during Naomi's guest blog - hope to see you again!


  15. AWWWWWW! it's a PUPPY!!!!!




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