Thursday, July 1, 2010

In To July

June has slipped through my fingers
A suntan oiled palm
Slipping out of my grasp
 to bask in sweat soaked July.
In haste to higher altitude
 this past, a time to remember
Held vaulted in film canisters
Waiting on my kitchen counter
 for lackluster rebirth
The summer child
notched in a doorframe
Two more to be etched
as milestones passed
After the Star Spangled evening.
I have yet to taste the salt
To gather the sun glittered
abandomed homes of sea life
To slowly drip a medieval castle
But I will do these things
Finish this heat induced scavenger hunt
The summer a shimmering runway I traverse
I fly at the end to Fall
Merely a mirage
As I crash land in the heat
Of my home town.

I wrote this many, many years ago. The circumstances are not the same every year but the feeling, it is.

© 1998-2010 All Rights Reserved
This work had been edited and changed from it's original version


  1. Very nice. It is hard to believe that it is July already. Time keeps on slipping into the future.. Steve Miller anyone?

  2. Where did June go? Summers go by to quickly...

  3. Lovely poem, you have a talent. Fall is probably my favorite season but I love them all except winter. Grey skies and cold winds are not my thing at all!

  4. SO gorgeous!!! You are so talented in writing poetry too! Did I ever tell you that I went to grad school for a degree in poetry writing? But I haven't written a poem in years. Your poem here makes me ache for it again. Beautiful.

  5. I love poetry. I love to read it, I love to write it. I find it so astounding that so much can be said and felt with so few words. A good poem can place you right in the author's heart, in 500 words or less.

    That's why I love poetry: it's a sock to the stomach in seconds flat.

    I loved this.

  6. okay. there is something SO cool about the fact that you did not recently write this.

    love, love, LOVE "the summer child notched in a doorframe"

  7. Beautiful as always. Yes June is gone. This year is almost over. Keep sharing your lovely writing with us.

  8. Love this! :)

    Half the year over already! Christmas is just around the corner --again! :)

  9. Beautiful poem! God, I wish I could write poetry. But, I'm happy to read awesome prose like yours:)
    Happy 4th of July weekend to you!

  10. To Everybody:
    It really does go so fast and July is a particularly difficult month for me but I will try not to wallow in it and also Thank You for the Very Kind comments.

  11. Happy Fourth! -- and yes, it goes by fast...

  12. 'bask in sweat soaked July'

    That sums up Texas til November! HA!

    Really loved this poem and the flow of it. Summer is hot but one of my favorite times of year because it's my birthday and it leads to fall. I'm on that runway too. :-)

    Hope you had a great 4th!

  13. Each passing year summer becomes more & more fleeting doesn't it??!! Makes me nostalgic for those days when it seemed to stretch on forever...

  14. Really lovely. It so succinctly sums up the fleeting days of summer, days that fly by way too fast.

    I'm on vacation this week, trying to slow this summer down, with my family. I'll be back full force in blogland next week.

    Enjoy these days as they speed by.


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