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The Worlds Safest Deposit Box

Before I tell my story:

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My Safe Deposit Box

   I love to wear rings. Starting in my teens, I usually wore several at once. I am also incurably sentimental. Now my husband TheSurfer doesn't really get it. To him there are way better things to spend money on than jewelry and he's right.  However he loves me and so has been known to give me jewelry from time to time for special occasions. Nothing extravagant, we aren't wealthy, but he added to my collection of  rings to mark some of our special times. My wedding band and engagement ring of course, a ten year anniversary band, and a little antique emerald that I had coveted for six months before my husband gave it as another anniversary gift. On my right index finger I wore another ring. It was  the least extravagant but in some ways the most irreplaceable. It was a silver band carved in the shape of a chain. I had seen it on my grandmothers hand and been fascinated by it my whole life, until she passed away when I was thirteen. When I was asked if there was anything I wanted, this is what I requested. It was already very old and after the added years of my use the chain pattern was worn down in some areas and I had been wearing it so long my finger was worn down as well in a deep groove around it. It was my talisman. I would use my thumb to spin it on my finger and when it was off I felt something akin to a ghost limb that drove me crazy so I never left it, except in the water. So even if the monetary value was not huge, the sentiment behind all of the rings I wore was.
   One night about 11 years ago, I was getting ready to get in the shower. I had carried some towels in and set them on the toilet seat lid to be within easy reach. As I started to get in the shower I realized I was still wearing my rings.
So I leaned out and took them off and set them on the counter, close to the edge away from the sink.
As I set them down I thought about taking them back to my dresser but was already wet.
    A little while later I was almost ready to get out when I heard the door open. We  know as moms that being in the bathroom by yourself is usually a fantasy. I turned the water off and heard a little voice. Littlest, somewhere around the age of 3. She had to use the bathroom. I tell her alright and wait. I hear the lid go up. A few moments later I hear the little voice. "Here, I will get you your towel." I have a flash vision of the towels being lifted and set on the counter and then picked up again. I simultaneously called out, No sweetheart that's Ok, with the sound of the toilet flushing and.....plink, plink, plink....bouncing on the toilet seat. So I'm standing there naked and wet and completely spinning out. And I stood there a couple more minutes till I could catch my breath and calmly proceed. I poked my head out to find a frozen child with eyes like saucers and asked, "was that my rings?" The small voice answered in Bill Cosby performance perfection by answering, "I don't know".
   I searched every inch of the floor and trash can hoping beyond hope to find at least one. Nope.
We took the toilet apart, Nope. I'm doing all this while trying to remain calm because this sweet little creature who wanted to hand her Mommy a towel certainly wasn't responsible. Mommy was for not being more careful. So I had to hide in the other bathroom and cry my eyes out. Sometimes I wonder if it was karma for the vanity of wearing all my finery at once. Who knows.
   The only consolation was.....we have a septic tank. We had them come out twice and empty it, telling the company what happened and hoping for the best. Nope. So unless they actually did find something and went to collect from the pawn shop instead of from an offered award, my rings are safe and sound, somewhere deep in my backyard or the bowels of my house. Of the two, I hope that's the case. At least I know they are nearby. My husband and I replaced our wedding bands but that is it. I like inexpensive silver rings with interesting shapes and that's all I wear now but most of the time I don't bother.

The only thing is that we weren't planning on staying here forever. Our house and yard take a lot of maintenance and the stairs will be a problem when we get old. But I can't bear the thought of leaving my rings behind. I keep thinking I will be in my sixties and out digging up the back yard because my house has been sold. But I try not to mention it much. Poor Littlest feels so guilty to this day, even though she certainly didn't mean it and I was the one who was careless. I find it hard not to joke now that they are older and tell the girls their inheritance is in the backyard but the one time I did her poor face was so sad, I had to give her a hug and remind her that it wasn't her fault. And that she is the most valuable thing to me, not the rings.

So you tell me. Have you ever lost something that broke your heart? Have your kids ever accidentally lost or broken something that you truly loved, but love them more, so had to suck it up? I have another example. My mom called my older siblings in the house one day when they were kids to find my sister wearing her destroyed wedding dress. It had been paraded through the yard and mud all afternoon and had to be thrown out, but my Mom kept my sister.

I have to go now. There is a battle raging upstairs that goes something like this:
M: You used all the Tampons!
L:  Quit yelling about tampons!
M: TAMPONS! (at twice the decibel).
So I have a feeling I will be making a trip to the store.

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  1. Oh if I listed it all even in the last last 11 years we would be here all day. The thing I think I still miss the most was my Great Grandmothers wedding ring that I was given way too young and due to my carelessness and trusting the wrong people has never been seen again. I am lucky it was not the only thing of hers had but even after nearly 20 yrs I still miss having it around.

  2. I have lost, broken and crushed more jewlery than I can name. I stick to the cheap stuff now because I know that between the kids and I, gold and jewels don't stand a chance.

  3. My son has broken. Numerous things, I can't even remember anymore. I remember. My oldest daughter wore my Motions purple & gold jacket. I got it when I was working for Alberto Culver. It was so unique because it was only given to their Techs. Me and the stylist in the salon got one because of a project we worked on. She wore it to school and I haven't seen it since. Now that hurt.
    MOTPG, I'm glad you're coming to guest blog. See you Monday

  4. I think I would have been out there with a shovel...

  5. I have lost so many things, I can hardly keep count anymore. The diamond of my engagement ring fell out in the middle of a crowded plane once, but thanks to the 10 other passengers on their hands and knees helping me look for it (its not that big), we found it. I have it somewhere. I think.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have tons of superglued knicknacks I don't want to part with either. At this rate there won't even be enough left for a garage sale after my funeral.

  7. OMG, my stomach is in knots at this one! Funny, much like you, I only really get attached to my rings, most of which are silver, & costume...I don't tend to wear much else in jewellry. What I do hold dear is things passed down...I have a ring from a grandmother & a grandfather, that I'm afraid to pass to my own kids any time soon! My 2 worst moments were my mother-in-law getting robbed of ALL her heirloom jewellry, brought from Germany after the war, meant for MY daughter, her namesake. Then my wedding day found me in tears over the loss of another ring...all 4 of our children were in attendance, & we had rings made for each of them, & had written a ring ceremony for the whole family....each child had their ring placed on their finger, & we finished the ceremony & moved to the table for "hand" pics of all our rings. The baby's was already gone...took about 10 minutes frik! Since we had gotten married at the cottage, I have now spent the last 3 summers (& the rest of that week in particular!), scouring that lawn for that ring...SOB! Despite having another made for her, it has just never felt the same to me...& not once have I allowed ANY of them to ever wear them again!

  8. Wow Mayor, I would be broken hearted too, what a beautiful idea for your ceremony! I would be searching as well. And the loss of your mother-in-laws' things makes mine look like losing play jewelry from a machine. How awful.

  9. Does my two beagles eating The Hubbsters wedding rings count??


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