Monday, March 8, 2010


I Am Thinking About Time Today
Time flows on. no matter how still we keep. Or grasp with nails embedded till torn or flail against the current. Desperate push and shove, it flows beneath, above, around us. Ceaseless it has no matter but is an  unstoppable force. And though we wish to stop, it will not. And we will ride without our will
 and when it frees us ask.
 What have we done with it?

This is what I am listening to today.
If you want to join me, go to this link and listen to The Mirror and Goals. (and more if you like)

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Pardon me for being "emo mom" today but if you have been reading you are accustomed to
my multiple personalities   the multiple facets of my personality. And I just spent 15 minutes desperately searching for a well worn tennis ball that was "right there" last night, so I could drop it in a hole, with a 12 year old dog.

I have been thinking about time a lot anyway over the past month but this just brought it home even further. He was the quintessential "Good Dog".  And for our family he was even more.  One of that last pieces we have left  from an un-scarred time in our lives. When our family was in a period of ease and simplicity. We  had  suffered very little loss in that time. We were whole and safe in our cocoon of family stability. Our blessings were multitude and we had joy in them. Pieces fall away as we move forward through time and though we pick up and add new ones as we go, it is hard not to glance back and say, don't want to lose that time, give me something to hold on to.  But it moves so fast, sometimes you only catch it in the mirror. And sometimes it slows enough, you can see it all before you. It shows in everything, it molds and forms us, teaches, gives us room to grow, but does it ever complete us? Or merely set us free. Today our families collective tears are part of that current of time. For our shared friend and part of our shared lives, which we always find mirrored in our memories of each other.

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  1. Wanted to let you know that I am highlighting your blog this week as my "Bright Crayon" I am thrilled to show you off!

  2. Thank You Crayon Wrangler, Now I'm sorry all I had out were my "black" crayons today!

  3. Highlighted indeed! Wow I was so taken in to this post & every post you write. Time time time

  4. I love that you had such a special addition to your life but I'm sorry you've lost him. :(

  5. Nice post. Sometimes I wish time could pause for just a moment.


  6. I constantly battle with time-always rushing, always looking forward to some other time... Can we make it stand still just once?

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. This was beautifully written.

  8. Stunning and sad - you do such a good job with these posts. Thanks for being so generous with your feelings.


  9. So sorry to hear about your loss. This was beautifully written. Your words are very moving.

  10. Oh....heart crushingly sad. I can't imagine. Why, oh why, couldn't our furry loves live longer than us? It is soo wrong. This brought tears as I am a softie that loves these special family members with all my heart.

    I'm sorry for your families loss. It is truly a family member and so hard.

  11. I am so sad for you and your family. We have an old guy (he's a 14 yr old lab) that has been through so many different times with our family.

    What a beautiful post. Here's to your family's best friend.

  12. The Grounded Family says Thank You to Everyone for the kind words.


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