Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Got No Strings....Well Just One.

 In the last few months I have read a few articles on how to create a successful blog.  I can't remember where they were and forgot to save them so I can't do links, but anyway,  I realize I break most of the pro-blogging rules. But I'm not trying to be a Pro-Blogger. I'm certainly not a professional writer and I don't give away anything but unsolicited advice....and awards: ) I don't try to use keywords, most of my labels aren't even relevant outside of my blog. Whether I'm just goofing off or getting some things out of my system,  I love running my mouth......I mean typing away at whatever is in my head when blogging and commenting.
And reading.  I have such a great group of  blogs I'm reading. No matter how many things are different about their lives or personalities they all have two things in common, they are Moms and they are all Awesome!

3 Wonderful  bloggers, 2 who have been very good to me,
Nicole @  Help! Mama Remote...
Susan @  Susan Fobes' Family Formula      
And someone I am more newly acquainted with

TheMomshell @ the momshelter   ( You gotta love that name! Very funny Lady! )
have given  awards to me recently.
Thank You So Much Ladies, I Appreciate You Thinking of My Blog! Please forgive me for taking so long.

I have been tardy in passing these on and have been working on this post for awhile but I had a lot of stuff going on and kept getting distracted......or disorganised.....or lazy...

 I decided to follow My Pattern and Bend the Rules a bit.

For the Happy 101 you list 10 things that make you Happy and try to do each one that day.
For the Sunshine you pass on to 6 others that spread Sunshine to you.
And a Bloggy -Just Cause You're Awesome!

My Bended Rules, I mean Bent....or twisted beyond recognition.....are

You can follow the regular rules if you wish or you can just put it on your blog to enjoy, you don't even have to do a link back to me. Some of you don't do awards or have these already & that's Ok too. You can pick, choose, grab'em all or you don't have to put them anywhere unless you want to.
I am just letting you know I Appreciate all of you!

The only string is that you take a look at this list and my followers box and choose someone who seems nice that has a blog you haven't visited before and check it out, spread a little Sunshine and make their day with a nice comment.
I am combining and  Including the 3 Bloggers above, I am listing 16 bloggers/blogs that make me Happy by....

 Sharing  your sense of humor, touching & interesting stories about your lives when I visit your blogs. When I started out I was looking for moms with teens but I soon realized there was a world of voices out there and it didn't matter where you lived, what your age was, or your children's ages, married  newly, forever or not at all. SAHM, WAHM, or Work Away Mom.  I am always enriched in some way when I visit you.
These are also given for  Making My Day and spreading some Sunshine to me by coming by & leaving your comments! My Little Blue Book never answered back and I have to admit I really enjoy seeing that # that says someone stopped by and actually read what I have to say. Thank You!

First All 3 bloggers above are included, help yourself !

Blue Violet @    A Nut in a Nutshell
The Crayon Wrangler@ Coloring Outside The Line
Farmers Wife@ Farmers Wife
Gen X Mom@ Generation X Mom
Rebecca D @ High Maintenance Aspirations
Redbonegirl97@ Life Requires More Chocolate
Angelia@ Living, Loving, Laughing...
Buckeroomama @ Mamahood, Among Other Things
Peryl@ Parenting Ad Absurdum
Naomi @ Organic Motherhood With Coolwhip
Accidental Expert @ Raising Complicated Kids
Sarah @ The Stroller Ballet
Father Knows Worst@ Really Bad Parenting Advice (Ok, this one is just here for my own amusement.)

I am passing all 3 of these on to each of you.

So Enjoy & Talk Amongst Yourselves ; )

P.S. My computer is having some kind of issue so I am not visiting today because I'm going to harm it if I don't walk away from it. My husband just said I sound like the Momma from"Throw Momma From A Train" talking to it, if that gives you an idea.


  1. Yay for blog awards! My work brain died a few hours ago, so I'm glad you gave me something fun to read.

  2. I have an award for you at my blog:

  3. I love a blog that doesn't follow the rules! Isn't that what makes us all "fun"?!?

  4. Nice to see you again-I have been away from my blog because just too, too busy... Glad you liked your award and congrats on the others! I really enjoy coming to your site.

  5. You are a doll! Thanks for including me on such a fabulous list of bloggers. I'm looking forward to checking out the ones I'm not currently reading.

    And here's to not following the rules - there are enough of them out there, we don't need them in here too!!

  6. You are wonderful! Thank you for thinking of me in your great list. Most of the list I already enjoy too. They are all great. I will definitely check out the ones I don't. And, who says we have to follow any rules! It's not school! Have a great weekend :)

  7. I'm so touched for including me on your list! Thank you!!! I am certainly in wonderful company on there!

    And woohoo for running your mouth however you should choose on your blog! :)

  8. Wow! Thanks for thinking of me. That's quite a list you have going. I'm going to be busy visiting.

    I love your blog and always look forward to your comments on mine.

  9. I had an unfortunate but rather humorous misspelling up there a moment ago. So Thank You(Not Yhank You)ladies. You are all wonderful! I just had to retype misspelling and you as well.
    I'm either really tired or had a stroke:)


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