Friday, March 12, 2010


There I was and I was already kinda bummed out in general & then I noticed I lost a follower which is a shame but I hope they left because they really weren't reading me not because I annoyed them & I haven't figured out who it was yet so maybe that's the case. So I went to change something around and I thought, Hey What Is That? That wasn't there before. So I pushed it &

It Was Like A Gift From God!

because God knows this is my busy season and I don't have time to figure out all this stuff myself  as I am already having to steal time from housework, and sometimes other work to find time to write and visit other blogs and I was just starting to get bored with looking at the other template and I almost didn't look at this one cause all I saw was  light blue & I'm not big on light blue, I like dark blue but I did and it was like

No Way! It already had a Dandelion on it and the rest is green!

So then I started having fun cause it was almost like Christmas and I totally forgot to cook dinner so we had to eat frozen pizza. And now I have more room so I can go collect buttons to add because I love them but I felt like the page was too small before so I am stoked, and hungry still but whatever and I'm probably gonna be in trouble cause I want to play with this but I have to go out of town next week and I have to accomplish some stuff before that so anyway I don't expect anyone to comment on this it's not like I did anything but push a button so anyway..

Thank You God....And Blogger......And Josh Peterson....whoever you are...!!!!!!!

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  1. You are too funny! I really like this new look-it's really open and friendly looking. Good job! (Now go get something to eat...)

  2. No way," I thought. She changed her design. I read you from my phone so sometimes I think my phones playing tricks on me. I love it! I love reading your blog. I always feel as though I'm visiting you in cyberworld. When I see my number go down I wonder was I talking. To much or not enough. Hope your day brightens :-)

  3. That happened to me, I was like who unfollow me? Did they hate me all that much? Was it something I said? Then I said who cares, I the followers that I do have and I read each and every one of their blogs, everyday if they post. If you post then I will comment.

  4. I find that on Blogger, followers randomly disappear and then reappear (and always on weekends). I wish the analytical tool could tell you who the unfollowers are, so that you can get a sense of whether its legit or not.

  5. I almost thought I had the wrong blog for a minute, don't you look so fresh and brand new..and hungry! I love how the title is big and's so good to have a change. You will notice that I FINALLY got to doing the meme you sent me, please forgive me for being tardy, but I enjoyed doing it so keep them coming xx

  6. Oh, pretty!

    Re: being unfollowed - meh, there are so many random things it could be that have nothing to do with anything.

    It's not you, because you, my friend, are a rockstar.

  7. I'm always depressed when someone unfollows or unfriends me. And then I neurotically worry if it's because I did something to offend someone. But I'm sure that's not the case here! You are the greatest and your blog is wonderful. I love your new look. Very fun! Hope your day gets even brighter!

  8. I was a bit confused at first. But then read the post and it all made sense. I like it!


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