Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird Wednesday

It's been a weird week so far...

Heard in my kitchen from a 14 and a 16 year old.
L: Walking in holding a pair of black flats. "These paper towels are so strong and soft.
     They're  almost too nice to clean dirt off my shoes with."
10 minutes later
M:  Frying eggs, "These paper towels are exceptionally fluffy"
Me: (thinking) This is weird. Can we get paid for this.
(Footnote: I always buy cheapest on sale. Never bought Viva before. It is strong & soft, now we're spoiled.)

My clothes washer broke and was stuck on fill for about 3 hours and no one happened to walk passed the den which was filling with water through the wall. The rest of the house has old wide plank floors that can really take a beating, this is the only room that has newer wood veneer. I mean had.....

 A couple weeks ago I bought us each a bag with 10 pairs of socks in it. During the past week I have noticed....that I have no socks.

Over the weekend Biggest and DecentGuy came over and cooked out. Middlests' boyfriend, (we all call him Arnie even though it's not his real name, so I will use it here, Biggest named him that), came too. I'm looking around at this family. All these people are so big. There are boys....actually young men in my house. It was .....well weird.

Littlest was stressing at school and said she got a hall pass to hide in the bathroom and cry. When she got there all the stalls were filled....with girls crying. She headed to another, the entrance door was locked and she could hear the sobbing. She sneaked to the back stairs. Crying girl already on the step. Headed to another quiet hall, older boy staring into space like he lost his best friend. She asks if he's ok. He hangs his head, sighs, yeah I'm fine. By that time Littlest was over it. I know this is a school for the arts but could they All have been "Drama" students.

Or is it the full moon.

Text from Middlest in a completely different high school: "That girl that was picking on me last week is sitting in the hall crying her eyes out, it must be Karma" 

Or maybe it's Drama.

 Text conversation with Biggest :
B:   I think I'm Catherine Linton..... from Wuthering Heights.....
  Me: You just noticed this?
B:   I'm at the part when she is having a tantrum because she says she is dying and  no one is         paying attention  so she tears the the pillow up.
  Me: Yep, that is familiar..
B:   I Love Her
  Me: You and Heathcliff

Other Text conversation to L who stayed after school for an activity:
Me: Check in with me.
L: Meh
Me: That'll do
L: Can I go to dinner with my friend, (Who I have never heard of) the answer is no, right.
Me: Yes, the answer is no.
L: Ur Mean
Me: Yep
Why did she ask?  Like I'm going to forget the rules or randomly change them.

Biggest works with animals and as a result collects them. She has a tiny dollhouse with 3 dogs, 4 indoor cats, 2 birds, I lost count of fish and turtles, and several outdoor cats that just show up (I think people are on to her) and she whisks them off to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated, then puts them back in her yard and feeds them.
On her day off she called and was having a fit because animal control had been through and picked up a new cat that showed up a few days ago and that luckily wasn't invested in yet. She ranted about someone probably calling and she couldn't believe was such a nice kitty...she wanted to keep it...yadayada..

Five minutes after she hung up she called me back and said her animals were driving her crazy. They wouldn't behave and she was about ready to ship them all off to the pound......


She is the pound, it will never happen. When her husband came home she probably told him they needed to drive to town and spring the other cat.

Middlest.....Middlest.....Middlest currently has an A in Algebra  and an F in AP English.....and she's been singing in tune...... and she's had the same boyfriend for 6 months......I think someone must have picked her up and turned her upside down and shook her real hard......that's the only reasonable explanation.......

Like a kaleidoscope...........yeah...

Spring Break starts here tomorrow....

Moon Music

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Worlds Safest Deposit Box

Before I tell my story:

My blogging (sort of) schedule is all out of whack. I usually try to post something Sunday evening or Monday but I have to work so I am posting today.  But luckily my friend Nicole graciously invited me to guest post for her Motivational Monday, Thank You Again Nicole, I am very flattered!  so if you are looking for me then, you will find me here Help! Mama Remote...  and while you're there take a look around, I Love Her Blog!

And also, while I was having my award ceremony this week I was given yet another. My trophy case is overflowing, I feel so honored! I would  like to Thank AmandaK and present  Blogger Towne. Check out what is going on there. This a new blog and it's a great idea for helping bloggers learn the ropes, (instead of hanging from them like I do) And a great place to connect and learn more about blogging!

My Safe Deposit Box

   I love to wear rings. Starting in my teens, I usually wore several at once. I am also incurably sentimental. Now my husband TheSurfer doesn't really get it. To him there are way better things to spend money on than jewelry and he's right.  However he loves me and so has been known to give me jewelry from time to time for special occasions. Nothing extravagant, we aren't wealthy, but he added to my collection of  rings to mark some of our special times. My wedding band and engagement ring of course, a ten year anniversary band, and a little antique emerald that I had coveted for six months before my husband gave it as another anniversary gift. On my right index finger I wore another ring. It was  the least extravagant but in some ways the most irreplaceable. It was a silver band carved in the shape of a chain. I had seen it on my grandmothers hand and been fascinated by it my whole life, until she passed away when I was thirteen. When I was asked if there was anything I wanted, this is what I requested. It was already very old and after the added years of my use the chain pattern was worn down in some areas and I had been wearing it so long my finger was worn down as well in a deep groove around it. It was my talisman. I would use my thumb to spin it on my finger and when it was off I felt something akin to a ghost limb that drove me crazy so I never left it, except in the water. So even if the monetary value was not huge, the sentiment behind all of the rings I wore was.
   One night about 11 years ago, I was getting ready to get in the shower. I had carried some towels in and set them on the toilet seat lid to be within easy reach. As I started to get in the shower I realized I was still wearing my rings.
So I leaned out and took them off and set them on the counter, close to the edge away from the sink.
As I set them down I thought about taking them back to my dresser but was already wet.
    A little while later I was almost ready to get out when I heard the door open. We  know as moms that being in the bathroom by yourself is usually a fantasy. I turned the water off and heard a little voice. Littlest, somewhere around the age of 3. She had to use the bathroom. I tell her alright and wait. I hear the lid go up. A few moments later I hear the little voice. "Here, I will get you your towel." I have a flash vision of the towels being lifted and set on the counter and then picked up again. I simultaneously called out, No sweetheart that's Ok, with the sound of the toilet flushing and.....plink, plink, plink....bouncing on the toilet seat. So I'm standing there naked and wet and completely spinning out. And I stood there a couple more minutes till I could catch my breath and calmly proceed. I poked my head out to find a frozen child with eyes like saucers and asked, "was that my rings?" The small voice answered in Bill Cosby performance perfection by answering, "I don't know".
   I searched every inch of the floor and trash can hoping beyond hope to find at least one. Nope.
We took the toilet apart, Nope. I'm doing all this while trying to remain calm because this sweet little creature who wanted to hand her Mommy a towel certainly wasn't responsible. Mommy was for not being more careful. So I had to hide in the other bathroom and cry my eyes out. Sometimes I wonder if it was karma for the vanity of wearing all my finery at once. Who knows.
   The only consolation was.....we have a septic tank. We had them come out twice and empty it, telling the company what happened and hoping for the best. Nope. So unless they actually did find something and went to collect from the pawn shop instead of from an offered award, my rings are safe and sound, somewhere deep in my backyard or the bowels of my house. Of the two, I hope that's the case. At least I know they are nearby. My husband and I replaced our wedding bands but that is it. I like inexpensive silver rings with interesting shapes and that's all I wear now but most of the time I don't bother.

The only thing is that we weren't planning on staying here forever. Our house and yard take a lot of maintenance and the stairs will be a problem when we get old. But I can't bear the thought of leaving my rings behind. I keep thinking I will be in my sixties and out digging up the back yard because my house has been sold. But I try not to mention it much. Poor Littlest feels so guilty to this day, even though she certainly didn't mean it and I was the one who was careless. I find it hard not to joke now that they are older and tell the girls their inheritance is in the backyard but the one time I did her poor face was so sad, I had to give her a hug and remind her that it wasn't her fault. And that she is the most valuable thing to me, not the rings.

So you tell me. Have you ever lost something that broke your heart? Have your kids ever accidentally lost or broken something that you truly loved, but love them more, so had to suck it up? I have another example. My mom called my older siblings in the house one day when they were kids to find my sister wearing her destroyed wedding dress. It had been paraded through the yard and mud all afternoon and had to be thrown out, but my Mom kept my sister.

I have to go now. There is a battle raging upstairs that goes something like this:
M: You used all the Tampons!
L:  Quit yelling about tampons!
M: TAMPONS! (at twice the decibel).
So I have a feeling I will be making a trip to the store.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Got No Strings....Well Just One.

 In the last few months I have read a few articles on how to create a successful blog.  I can't remember where they were and forgot to save them so I can't do links, but anyway,  I realize I break most of the pro-blogging rules. But I'm not trying to be a Pro-Blogger. I'm certainly not a professional writer and I don't give away anything but unsolicited advice....and awards: ) I don't try to use keywords, most of my labels aren't even relevant outside of my blog. Whether I'm just goofing off or getting some things out of my system,  I love running my mouth......I mean typing away at whatever is in my head when blogging and commenting.
And reading.  I have such a great group of  blogs I'm reading. No matter how many things are different about their lives or personalities they all have two things in common, they are Moms and they are all Awesome!

3 Wonderful  bloggers, 2 who have been very good to me,
Nicole @  Help! Mama Remote...
Susan @  Susan Fobes' Family Formula      
And someone I am more newly acquainted with

TheMomshell @ the momshelter   ( You gotta love that name! Very funny Lady! )
have given  awards to me recently.
Thank You So Much Ladies, I Appreciate You Thinking of My Blog! Please forgive me for taking so long.

I have been tardy in passing these on and have been working on this post for awhile but I had a lot of stuff going on and kept getting distracted......or disorganised.....or lazy...

 I decided to follow My Pattern and Bend the Rules a bit.

For the Happy 101 you list 10 things that make you Happy and try to do each one that day.
For the Sunshine you pass on to 6 others that spread Sunshine to you.
And a Bloggy -Just Cause You're Awesome!

My Bended Rules, I mean Bent....or twisted beyond recognition.....are

You can follow the regular rules if you wish or you can just put it on your blog to enjoy, you don't even have to do a link back to me. Some of you don't do awards or have these already & that's Ok too. You can pick, choose, grab'em all or you don't have to put them anywhere unless you want to.
I am just letting you know I Appreciate all of you!

The only string is that you take a look at this list and my followers box and choose someone who seems nice that has a blog you haven't visited before and check it out, spread a little Sunshine and make their day with a nice comment.
I am combining and  Including the 3 Bloggers above, I am listing 16 bloggers/blogs that make me Happy by....

 Sharing  your sense of humor, touching & interesting stories about your lives when I visit your blogs. When I started out I was looking for moms with teens but I soon realized there was a world of voices out there and it didn't matter where you lived, what your age was, or your children's ages, married  newly, forever or not at all. SAHM, WAHM, or Work Away Mom.  I am always enriched in some way when I visit you.
These are also given for  Making My Day and spreading some Sunshine to me by coming by & leaving your comments! My Little Blue Book never answered back and I have to admit I really enjoy seeing that # that says someone stopped by and actually read what I have to say. Thank You!

First All 3 bloggers above are included, help yourself !

Blue Violet @    A Nut in a Nutshell
The Crayon Wrangler@ Coloring Outside The Line
Farmers Wife@ Farmers Wife
Gen X Mom@ Generation X Mom
Rebecca D @ High Maintenance Aspirations
Redbonegirl97@ Life Requires More Chocolate
Angelia@ Living, Loving, Laughing...
Buckeroomama @ Mamahood, Among Other Things
Peryl@ Parenting Ad Absurdum
Naomi @ Organic Motherhood With Coolwhip
Accidental Expert @ Raising Complicated Kids
Sarah @ The Stroller Ballet
Father Knows Worst@ Really Bad Parenting Advice (Ok, this one is just here for my own amusement.)

I am passing all 3 of these on to each of you.

So Enjoy & Talk Amongst Yourselves ; )

P.S. My computer is having some kind of issue so I am not visiting today because I'm going to harm it if I don't walk away from it. My husband just said I sound like the Momma from"Throw Momma From A Train" talking to it, if that gives you an idea.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where I Went on my Field Trip...I mean business trip.

Yes, after months of text I have two picture posts in a row. Ok, here is where we went.

The World Famous Cocoa Beach
At least that's what they claim

I was a little let down, This beach is Not made out of Cocoa!

Waves were Supposed to be Rockin...Um,...No...
But If You Have To Do Some Very Stressful Business

I Guess This Is The Place To Do It
That's Cape Canaveral way over in the Background
I think

I Looked Everywhere For That Darn Bottle!

But in the end it wasn't necessary.
This is where I digress.
Digression 1: Over my life time I have noticed a strange phenomena. I sometimes see something I needed to see or that goes along with something I'm thinking about or need to hear, kind of personal messages....On the back of Semi Trucks.  It has happened too many times to be coincidence and I just take it for what is.Weird.

Digression 2. We have been working on the purpose of this trip for over a year. It took hours of study and research and hard work.(and phone calls.ew!) for both of us on top of every day business. Nearly every aspect of our lives was checked and scrutinized. My husband had to prove himself for a business we have had 16 years, and have others decide whether we were worthy. It has been a looming part of our lives for so long. What we needed won't guarantee more projects or income but puts us on a higher playing field of opportunity that we desperately need to be on to survive at all these days. We mentally and emotionally bled for it. And then......we got the nod of approval. Which is good because I'm so deaf I had to ask my husband outside, that was yes, right?
And the answer is Yes! We had a cause to celebrate!  We did our part, but that is not all there is to it.
 As we were driving home still in some shock that it was finished and remarking that we had truly been blessed though there had been times when we really felt despair at reaching our goal and feeling overwhelmingly grateful, I looked up as a Semi pulled into the lane in front of us, reached out for my husbands arm  pointing with my other for him to look......and I grabbed my camera because...

Oh Yes..... Indeed he is.....

P.S. Yes of course I threw that cup in the trash.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Foolishness...what else in new.

I don't have time for my usual long winded post. I have to leave Wednesday and my Mother in Law is staying with the I have to clean my entire house. My Mother in Law is actually most Awesome....
But still. We have some very serious and stressful business to attend to. If things go well we might have some fun too. And maybe have an income this year. If so I'll take pictures while we're there. If not, I might anyway.

In the meantime while I'm away,  please enjoy some pictures of fungi that I (or maybe Middlest, we both like fungi & can't remember who did which) took last summer.

And a Bunny.....

 Hee Hee, my husband just said "You like fungi better than me" and I said....No you're my favorite fun-gi!
You know, he kind of grows on you .....yeah I just typed that in public.

Yep, losing it.....Think that missing hour of sleep is catching up with me.....I'll be back Saturday.....

Have A Great Week!

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Friday, March 12, 2010


There I was and I was already kinda bummed out in general & then I noticed I lost a follower which is a shame but I hope they left because they really weren't reading me not because I annoyed them & I haven't figured out who it was yet so maybe that's the case. So I went to change something around and I thought, Hey What Is That? That wasn't there before. So I pushed it &

It Was Like A Gift From God!

because God knows this is my busy season and I don't have time to figure out all this stuff myself  as I am already having to steal time from housework, and sometimes other work to find time to write and visit other blogs and I was just starting to get bored with looking at the other template and I almost didn't look at this one cause all I saw was  light blue & I'm not big on light blue, I like dark blue but I did and it was like

No Way! It already had a Dandelion on it and the rest is green!

So then I started having fun cause it was almost like Christmas and I totally forgot to cook dinner so we had to eat frozen pizza. And now I have more room so I can go collect buttons to add because I love them but I felt like the page was too small before so I am stoked, and hungry still but whatever and I'm probably gonna be in trouble cause I want to play with this but I have to go out of town next week and I have to accomplish some stuff before that so anyway I don't expect anyone to comment on this it's not like I did anything but push a button so anyway..

Thank You God....And Blogger......And Josh Peterson....whoever you are...!!!!!!!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An A in Math and an F in Language

   First of all, I am not lenient about bad language. If my kids use "freakin" or other substitutes I tell them they might as well be using the real word,  it's the same thing, and they will get the same response from me. I've discussed modern day desensitizing of curse words and told them that using them repetitively  has taken the power of the words away and if we get in the habit of using them regularly it diminishes who we are and what we are saying without our even realizing it. I've told them that, for instance in literature, they are sometimes appropriate to the work. I've told them using bad language in a gratuitous way is too easy. And of course my REM CD that has a bad word in it is using it in context to show powerful emotion : )

My Mom told me, " Using ugly words makes you look ugly and you're too pretty for that" : )
Wasn't she Awesome?! Somehow I still had a filthy mouth for awhile in Junior High.

    Littlest  is easily stressed by distractions in class. This is most apparent in her math classes. In 8th grade she was in a class that was out of control. This is an unusual situation in the school she goes to. It seems that some how the class had a high level of kids who were disruptive and openly disrespectful to their teacher.  It was so bad that a veteran teacher was brought  to tears more than once and by the 2cd quarter a male teacher was asked to join the class to try to maintain order. They even had a special meeting with the principle, teachers & parents to try to get the situation under control. All to no avail. The class continued to have problems with these students.  I had contacted Littlests' teacher shortly after the year started because Littlest was coming home very upset about it & telling me she was having meltdowns from the stress. Her teacher was a wonderful woman and tried to address the situation by moving Littlest and a handful of other students to one row in the room where they were as separated as possible. Sometimes she would let them sit in the hall so they could focus on their work  because she knew they would behave. Littlest has to concentrate and work hard in math, this teacher had been very understanding & helpful with her and for the 1st time ever she was getting A's in the subject.

The Call

I had set my cell down and lost track of it so I was concerned when I saw a voicemail with a school number. Oh no, was there an emergency and I missed the call?
I listened and my stomach dropped when I realized it was The Call. One I never thought I would get with Littlest. The male teachers voice saying, Mrs. Grounded I am calling because.... we had a little incident today with Littlest....
There was some disruption in class and.....well.... she used some language that was ...not appropriate....
Mrs. Incredibly Patient Teacher and I have talked with her though and I think she understands....that she can't be doing that. We aren't going to take any further action....but we did want to make you aware of it.... You have a nice afternoon..

I could not believe this child was in trouble. I was so embarrassed, Oh My God, what did she do! This was the one kid I thought would, if not make me look like a good parent at least not leave me looking like a totally irresponsible one. And what was with "not taking further action"? What exactly did she say? What on earth was going on?

Despite her sometimes smartass  mouth in her private time, Littlest has always been a very serious kid when it comes to behaving in school. Even if she loathes a teacher she would never dream of being disrespectful or disrupting a class.  When it comes to peers she has problems with, she tends to keep to herself and tries to avoid them. One of the girls in particular had singled out Littlest to pick at because she realized Littlest had a problem with her behavior. Littlest is really good at just giving people blank stares if they mess with her, but unlike most, this one didn't get tired of not getting a reaction and give up. (She's keeping it up this year so keep your fingers crossed that I don't get another call at some point)   If Littlest is pushed too far she will stand up for herself and has a scathing tongue.  I'm not naive enough to think she hasn't used bad language when she was angry with an antagonist, (or because I wasn't around, but that's beside the point.) But this was a little different. I tried texting her but the bus driver didn't allow them to use phones.

Finally she was off the bus and in the car
What happened today?
Oh, did they call you?
Yes, what is going on, what did you say?
Umm, well that girl, So&So, I told you about her. Well, she just wouldn't stop today. She kept talking and interrupting the teacher and making comments. I asked her to be quiet, I was trying to listen  but she just said,"No, why don't you shut up" and then she started in on me again. And I just couldn't take it anymore....She kept going on & on & she wouldn't stop.
Alright, so what did you do?
Umm,  I got mad and I yelled something at her and then she was all like "ooh did you hear that, did you hear what she said?"
What did you say?
I don't want to say.
Tell me now!
I'm not allowed to say it. Am I in trouble?
Littlest, just tell the letter of the word it was, I can find out anyway.

...Itoldherto...Shut The F--- Up...... but I ......

You What?!!
What did your teachers do? You didn't get sent down? What happened?
Well they took me out in the hall, and I started crying and I told them I was really sorry but I just couldn't take it anymore.
And what did they say?
She said she was really sorry I had to be in that class and put up with that.
Thinking....Seriously? You're kidding?
Mr. Back Up Teacher said he understood how I felt but I shouldn't let that happen again.
But you didn't get a referral, they didn't do anything?
Well..... she gave me a hug.
What?! And then what?

I couldn't stop crying so they sent me into the sixth grade class to sit for the rest of the period. It was the same teacher I had in 6th. You remember her.

Yes, did she ask what was going on?

I guess they told her, Ms. IPT talked to her..... and then she gave me a hug too.
? OK.
She maintained that A average all year.

Ever wonder what teachers might really be thinking, but not saying ?

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Monday, March 8, 2010


I Am Thinking About Time Today
Time flows on. no matter how still we keep. Or grasp with nails embedded till torn or flail against the current. Desperate push and shove, it flows beneath, above, around us. Ceaseless it has no matter but is an  unstoppable force. And though we wish to stop, it will not. And we will ride without our will
 and when it frees us ask.
 What have we done with it?

This is what I am listening to today.
If you want to join me, go to this link and listen to The Mirror and Goals. (and more if you like)

                              John Frusciante Music Player

Pardon me for being "emo mom" today but if you have been reading you are accustomed to
my multiple personalities   the multiple facets of my personality. And I just spent 15 minutes desperately searching for a well worn tennis ball that was "right there" last night, so I could drop it in a hole, with a 12 year old dog.

I have been thinking about time a lot anyway over the past month but this just brought it home even further. He was the quintessential "Good Dog".  And for our family he was even more.  One of that last pieces we have left  from an un-scarred time in our lives. When our family was in a period of ease and simplicity. We  had  suffered very little loss in that time. We were whole and safe in our cocoon of family stability. Our blessings were multitude and we had joy in them. Pieces fall away as we move forward through time and though we pick up and add new ones as we go, it is hard not to glance back and say, don't want to lose that time, give me something to hold on to.  But it moves so fast, sometimes you only catch it in the mirror. And sometimes it slows enough, you can see it all before you. It shows in everything, it molds and forms us, teaches, gives us room to grow, but does it ever complete us? Or merely set us free. Today our families collective tears are part of that current of time. For our shared friend and part of our shared lives, which we always find mirrored in our memories of each other.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wish ?

I wish I had time
To write all day
Without all the life
That gets in the way
So full of thoughts
I can't contain
Within this limited
Human brain
Collected and stored
For decades withheld
The stories and feelings
Beginning to meld
Into a tiny atom called me
They explode like a universe
As my history
And without all the life
That gets in the way
The page remains blank
What would I say
No thoughts to share
No creative sparks
Just an essay composed
In question marks

© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


EDITED! I changed the name of this post to get rid of creepers. It may still come up in creeper searches but hopefully they will MOVE ON! This IS NOT what you are looking for.

  Last weekend we went bra shopping. Something I don't look forward to with the girls. They never make it easy.  We headed straight to the juniors section. It was easy to spot with the multi-colored hyperactive selection of patterns.  Littlest did a look over of one display and moved on to the next where another teen was happily picking through the colorful collection of stripes, polka dots and plaid, holding one up for her Mom and remarking, "This one is cute."  Littlest stationed herself directly next to this young lady. She perused the display with a slump postured, world weary air and loudly announced.
"These make me want to vomit.......blood."
The mother and daughter did the usual reaction to Littlest and froze momentarily, blinked twice and the girl set the bra she was holding down and kind of looked around like she was confused about where she was. That was when I wandered off to pretend I didn't know her.
Middlest was seriously thinking of comfort and cute at the same time. She picked several different styles but in the end walked up to me holding three black bra's with some accents that I can only describe as stripperish. "What's up with that I asked," don't you want some colors or at least one basic white?"

   I don't like the basic ones they're ugly.

I'm thinking, this should not be an issue for you.

   All the colorful ones weren't comfortable and they didn't fit right.

"These look like hooker bras," I tell her.
   So... no one's going to see them, she answers.

I'm one better be seeing them. She doesn't have gym so I decide I just don't care.
I head back to Littlest who is trying to sneak push up bras past me.

    The junior section is full of aided underwear. Why do teens need push up bras? Answer: They don't.  I really have a problem with the things that are marketed to young women. It  makes me angry that the choices are so limited for young girls who want something cute or pretty but are offered tasteless and trashy. But that doesn't stop the store from stocking them to prey on tired, stressed out mothers. And because the choices are limited, I might be the Queen of Falling Standards but my kids are just wearing me out and I'm starting to not care what they are wearing inside as long as they look decent outside.

   Littlest comes out of the dressing room saying, "these work" Two are cute blue ones with a pattern. I ask if she's sure she doesn't want more variety.
No, she hated all of them.
But your striped one has bright colors and it's your favorite.
No, those colors are obnoxious but I like this one.
She holds up the 3rd bra she tried on. It is light blue satin with brown lace. It did not come from the junior department. I check out the cup. It's a cliff in there.
You don't need that.
But it was really comfortable.
So, that is serious push up, you don't need it. you want me to try it on again so you can see.....
She knows this is a point because I am wearing out and she is the slowest person on earth in a changing room .
You know what I think, I tell her, how bad was it?
   Oh not bad at couldn't even tell."
 If I get that and then I see cleavage,  it goes, you are in trouble and you are short a bra.
   Why can't I have cleavage?
You aren't old enough for cleavage.
   That's not fair, Middlest has cleavage.
She can't stop her cleavage, it just happens.
   When can I have cleavage?
In two years,....  for now you only wear that with shirts that are cut high.
   "Ok". Happy Face, "I promise."

We moved on to clothes because Middlest needed jeans and Littlest worked me for a dress that looked like something from the Mary Tyler Moore show. For someone who can make shopping a miserable experience, Littlest has great style. I finally bought it just because I was so impressed with her fashion sense. . 
As we took our turn in line at the busy check out counter Middlest held up the striped black/gray skinny jeans she picked out and showed them to her sister,
 look, I got Emo kid pants....but I love them.
 Littlest eyed the counter and remarked,

what's up with all the black bras, are your boobs going Emo too?
Yeah, couldn't escape from that one, I had to pay for the stuff.

When we got home Middlest happily took her things to her room and my husband asked, "did they get everything they need?" Yep, and then it occurs to me.

I forgot that one of my nicknames for Middlest is the bra bunny. She is one of those people that start to fall apart the minute they walk in the door. You can tell where she has been by following the trail of books, paper, socks, shoes, jackets, and yes.....bras. She inherited the compulsion to take off her bra & get more comfortable through genetics from my Mom. Except my Mom usually would do it on the couch at the end of the day. Middlest does it wherever she happens to be. I have found them hid in the office, on the stairs, on the couch, behind the couch, the dining room and even the kitchen. I once opened the pantry door & found one on the shelf,  No Joke!
 I occasionally hang them from the ceiling fan or light fixtures just to get her attention and hope she will stop leaving them around. Even threats that one of her friends or boyfriend might come over and stumble upon one has no effect. She is my child that took all her clothes off at any opportunity when she was little, so I guess she is the one that is happiest when her spirit..... and boobs, are free.

However, I had forgotten about this when she said it didn't matter because no one would see them. TheSurfer will flee the room if he even senses someone is going to talk about boobs. Sometimes Littlest does it on purpose just to see him run.  I don't know how I'm going to explain it when he goes to sit on the couch  and it looks like an Emo Stripper has been hanging out at our house.

   Oh well, at least I've gotten that out of the way for awhile and the girls are happy. Things are pretty rushed and hectic around here before school but this morning I fleetingly noticed Littlest looked very pretty. She is getting more grown up every day and sometimes it hits me with surprise that she is going to be 15 this year. Every time I look at her it seems something has changed. This morning as she jumped out of the car and reached back for her bag I realized what it was.

The Cleavage.

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