Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are We Still Happy?

Warning! Pent Up Rant In Progress!

First it was report card weekend.
 Always a thrill ride around here. Trying to figure out how to deal with Middlests' bi-polar grades, which are usually mostly A's & F's with little variation in between. I figured out that the kids are sharing a brain. Originally Middlest was mostly into writing and Littlest liked art.  Around the time Littlest started writing Middlest started drawing & they switched main interests. However when Middlest mentioned she was taking Pottery next year,  Littlest actually froze and said "You can't do that, that's mine." They switched academics too. L soared in math last year, M has floundered. This quarter, M has a B. L has a D. They obviously can't think of the same thing at the same time but what I'm wondering is..

  Who was using the brain this week?

 It might have been Biggest. She was over Saturday. But then again she was here to use the internet to find info about how to file their taxes now that they're married. But she got so distracted updating her Facebook & looking for Gogol Bordello related video's on YouTube for 6 hours that she forgot all about it. So maybe not.
(If you don't know who Gogol Bordello is you probably  don't want to know, except the "start wearing purple song" I kinda like that one, maybe we can dance to it at our silver anniversary or something)

I had just started the washer with jeans when Littlest came out with another pair. "These need washing too."
"Okay" I tell her, hurry and throw them in, there's room.

She did..... along with her cell phone.

Then it was Monday.
The girls started the morning with a juvenile argument over who was going to get the front seat. They waited till we were out in front of the house at 6:45 AM to raise their voices to screaming status. (I long for the days when they were too little to sit in front of the airbags. It was so simple.)
Later, standing in the check out line at the grocery something told me," you are going to need those Hershey w/almond bars." Oh yes.

That afternoon I opened an email and used a link into what should have been a safe site and one that I have been to many times, when I was attacked. Still don't know if it came from where I was or had been hiding, waiting for the right moment. I spent the afternoon battling the Trojans and thought I had them under control. I forgot to mention it to my husband. Littlest got on my computer. When the allow access pop up started she turned to her Dad, who was highly distracted by looking for new cell phone deals on the other computer, and asked what to do.
Highly distracted and annoyed about the phone already Dad answered, I don't know..... just allow it.

So she did.
And it was all over. It got passed the McAfee. It looked like a pop up flea circus all over the computer screen. A Hackerama. My security center said it disabled my virus protection but the firewall seemed intact.  From what I read this virus was one of those rogue virus protection downloads or looking for banking info. It didn't look like they got passed the firewall but if so they still didn't have much luck. I not only don't online bank, I still write checks. So good luck to them. Maybe they could hack into my t-mobile account and get me the phone I would really like to have instead of the one my husband just got us for free by extending our contract, or ooh really dangerous, rearrange the hours set on the kid's phones......Maybe the kids did have something to do with this....Wait, when this happened I was actually in Alyssa's email that I never use for anything important,  maybe They can start getting all her Spam!
Anyway. I never do anything on the internet I wouldn't do in front of strangers.....even tell all our personal business. People around here.....know nothing about me.

It was so out of control we couldn't get in to anything and we couldn't make it stop.  I later found that McAfee has a separate fix for this that you can download for free..on the internet. Thanks so much McAfee that was very useful to someone who could not get anything to open. We aren't savvy enough to know all the tricks and I don't have the brain to figure them out. So my husband picked his favorite solution. The fastest for him. Kill the computer. If it was me I would research for months & learn how to get rid of the bugger . But no, he stripped my computer, empty, naked , cowering cold on the desk, with no soul.

But it was alright.  I did some research on tricks in case it happens again. It would take most of Tuesday but I could reinstall all my programs. And my New antivirus security program.
And most of my files were backed up on my flashdrive.
Where is my flashdrive?
Oh... do I mean my flashdrive that Middlest borrowed without asking because she didn't want to mention that she had lost hers,  AGAIN....pardon me and that she had forgot about and left plugged in to the back of my computer, where it was the whole time.
Yep, that flash drive.

And then my phone rings.
It's Biggest. She wants to ask me questions about filling out her tax returns.

Am I still happy? I have an interesting book to read, and some chocolate..... I'm good : )

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  1. You need to bathe in chocolate after all of that!!!

  2. I love this! I suspect my boys share a brain as well, though they are too young for report cards. They are pure yin and yang.

    Peryl ( login is old wordpress blog)

  3. Oh, I remember the front seat fights. I guess my son shares the brain with himself. He went from gifted program to a F in reading. How about not giving us his report card last week. I was doing my clients hair when she asked me how was his grades! Duh!!!! Her daughter went to the same school. Ugh!!!!!

  4. I was the youngest of four. The rule was simple. Seniority rules ALWAYS no questions, no fights.
    When ALL the others grew up, THEN I got front seat.

    Sux about the grades. Sometimes it's crappy teachers that causes those fluctuating grades.

    I am reading this post...happy I have ONE girl, so why do I find myself reaching for the chocolate? Sympathy pains?

    Glad the computer got fixed. Loved reading about your day. Makes mine seem so easy! I posted your happy award meme and a giveaway a few days ago. I forgot to tell you I did though. Thanks again!! :-)

  5. Haven't found the brain yet. Today Middlest discovered she lost her wallet, with license,school ID,library card,and $30.00. But hey, she hasn't done that since,oh.....November.

  6. That calls for more chocolates!!

    Hope you'll have a much better week ahead.

  7. Oh dear, Bless your heart!

    I am popping out some cookie dough and empathizing with you.

  8. Man you definitely need to hide out somewhere by yourself for a few hours-chocolate only does so much! My daughter accidently accepted a pop-up with a virus such as this and then left the computer running. Since it's their computer, I only get on it if my husband is using our "good" one, and I soon realized what she did.

    I took me almost the whole day to research this virus for ways to stop it-you could not right click, get on the Internet, or access the Control panel. I had to restart the computer in safe-mode to shut the virus down (that kept it from automatically starting with Windows) and installed updated virus software from my good computer... What a mess!

    Btw: Come by my site for an award...

  9. Thank You and the safe-mode thing is one of the tricks I learned too late. I still don't know whether my flash drive would really be affected or not but I haven't got the nerve up to test it!


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