Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Happy Things!

Susan at  Susan Fobes' Family Formula  has tagged me for a 10 things that make me happy meme. This is a good day to complete it because I am ready to sell my kids to gypsies for a couple of reasons and need to focus on the positive.
It actually was a nice list of little everyday things to reflect on.

1. Falling asleep with my husband on one side and my cat on the other to keep me warm. My husband just looked over my shoulder and said " Thanks for putting me on the same level as the cat, so I have to add: Wonderful husband who just worked on my back muscles for me so that I could sit here & finish!

2. Biggest, My oldest daughters' smile. It is a Wondrous and Magical thing that can tranform the world around her.

3. Middlest, Her love of reading and the joy it brings me as she gets older sharing my favorites with her and passing on the books my mother passed to me and finding we all have the love for them in common.

4. Littlest, especially when she is wearing a hat. And her bone crushing hugs and sense of humor.

5. What it Feels Like to sit on a big rock, near a river, deep on a mountain. When I can close my eyes and hear nothing but the water, feel the cool air rise to my face and smell the green around me.

6. Sad  Music. Strange but simply true.

7. Big,  Noisy,  Dumping Rain Thunder Storms.

8. Reading a good book during a big, rainy, noisy thunderstorm. With a cat on my feet and cup of tea in my  lap.

9. A  Photo of my Dad peeking out between balloons and grinning during one of his birthdays.

10. Finding a $20.00 rebate coupon for Olay Regenerest Micro Sculpting Cream. It was like digging for and finding a pot of gold!

This is a Pass The Happy Along meme so I am tagging the following: If you're not here but would be Happy if you were, let me know and I'll catch you next time or just help yourself anyway!

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Ok, This has taken me a long time because I have to keep getting up and stretching. So I have to stop before I visit and tag everyone and start some dinner, Mmm, pot roast...that is a Happy Thought!

Alright I'm back.  I had to do something I have been avoiding all day and take something for my back. I am off to tell everyone in the list above I tagged them. If I leave you something drooling or nonsensical please forgive me....or if I run out of steam I will finish that tomorrow.

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  2. Thanks MOTPG. You know I will participate. Hope the kids are O.K? lol

  3. Great list! (btw: I found that coupon too-Yahoo!)

  4. I love your list! I have the exact same sleeping arrangements - with husband and cat!

  5. Thank you for the tag! I love happy stuff.


    And what's funny is that I really love SAD songs too. I agree, strange.

  6. What a good reminder to celebrate what makes us happy :). I think I'll make the same list today, at least in my head.

    (the above is my old wordpress blog)

  7. What a wonderful brain and heart activity to start my Monday!
    I have responded in traditional meme style on my own blog.
    Thanks for the tag and the comments!

  8. Following you from FFF on MBC!

  9. Hi! Great blog :)

    Now following from FFF on MBC…if you could take a few seconds and visit my blog, that’d mean a lot!

  10. I sometimes love a good sad song sometimes too! I am working on my 10 happy things. Thanks for tagging me.


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