Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me and Alyssa Get Some Email

 I have several emails to keep up with. Two business emails, the email I use to communicate on my blog, one totally personal that only family and the kids teachers have, and the one I use when I register for things online.

 For several years my personal email was my 4 initials on my internet provider email. After 3 years of no spam one day I opened to no less than 15 messages for Alyssa. They were for some dieting, health, and vacation sites. Hmm, personalized spam? I am not Alyssa but my 1st initial is A. Someone must have used the same letters as a fake email. What can you do? From time to time Alyssa found a new dieting site or online mag subscription.
  Shortly afterward we changed providers  and I realized I would lose the account and created an internet email for personal use and decided to use the new provider email for registrations. I used my initials again.
  Imagine my surprise the first time I went to the provider email and found.... Alyssa had already been there. Never before used by me it was full of registrations to useful sites, all for Alyssa.
Me and Alyssa  seem to have been through some ups and downs. For awhile I was getting worried about her. First there was the obvious low self esteem and bad body image. Our email began to be full of free credit reporting, getting out of debt, and loan modification messages. But things seem to be looking up because now we are learning about new ways to earn cash and getting some credit card offers. Why Alyssa can make money with the google bail out plan or earn $242.00 dollars a day or more. I'm so relieved! She is thinking about going back to school to increase our chances of a better career.  Looking into some Direct TV,  won a cruise, got a free visitor pass to Direct Buy and Oh boy, a new subscription to an online Luxury Living Magazine!

So Thank You Alyssa!
For helping me learn to lose weight,  do some shopping, go into debt, get out of debt, get an education, and live a luxurious lifestyle. I do not thank you for the adult dating sites, that is uncool and just trashy! What were you thinking?

Oh and Alyssa, wherever you are, Good News!

You are being considered for inclusion onto the 2009-2010 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the registry!!!! It will include biographies of the worlds most accomplished individuals!!!!!!

WOW!!!!  you sure have come a long way... I'm so proud... sniff sniff....

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  1. You hold a place in my heart too. It took me 2 weeks to complete mine as well. We'll be pros before we know it.

  2. Haha - that is funny! Sometimes you just have to wonder...thank you so much for passing the bloggy award on to me! I am flattered. I was out of town last week (which is why I didn't respond). I'm going to try and get around to posting the awards at some point this week!

  3. LOL! Don't you just love spam? Visiting from MBC and following you now. Very awesome blog. Visit me if you get a chance at

  4. I connected to you from MBC. Funny posts! I'll be back...

  5. :P SO true. I love it. I hate when I get spam with names that match mine or are of friends/family members. It's that eerie 'Big Brother is watching' feeling!

    Following you now!


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