Monday, November 30, 2009

Middlest Moment

I found this article   Fear of Success   by Grace Fleming very interesting. Mostly because it agrees with everything I already say. It sounds a whole lot like the lecture I give Middlest about 5 or 6 times a year. I was excited when I found it because it would save me the trouble of repeating myself again. So I called Middlest.

Me: Hey, you need to come read this.

Middlest: sits down to read.
"What"? "I don't have fear of success Mom."

Me:  "Just read."
"What do you think?"

Middlest: Well, that kind of sounds like me but....

Me: Did you read all of it?

Middlest: reads more
" Well I kind of do that, ...and think that,.... and feel like that sometimes".....
  "But I don't have a fear of success."

Me: ? just ????

Actually, after she finished,  it had such a huge affect on her that she decided to make a change!

To her facebook status. It now reads: My Mom thinks I have a Secret Fear of Success!

However if your teen is NOT obnoxious and you think they aren't living up to their potential, I think this is a pretty insightful article.

I spend a lot of time crawling around in my childrens heads trying to figure out what is going on in there. The other two have surprises and difficulties but can usually be figured out. The true free spirit of the group, Middlest is the biggest mystery. She is the one I have asked most often, "what are/were you thinking"? Most of the time the answer would be.. ?.. Her brain appears to be huge labyrinthe filled in 3rd's by: Words; Art; & Boys, with maybe a niche set aside for politics, history & religion. And nothing else.  There are plenty of dark winding tunnels I haven't explored yet. But she steadfastly refuses to shine a light in there for herself  much less for me. I truly have never encountered anyone else who has perfected the art of really Not Thinking about something she doesn't want to. She admits it herself. But I'll keep crawling around looking for matches. That's my job.

Question: What was I thinking when I decided to change my tried and true hair highlighting method that has worked for years because I am extremely busy right now and it is a time consuming and intricate process, & opt for the quick easy method when I know I'm going to hate it, exactly one week before my daughters wedding?

ME: ?

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