Saturday, October 31, 2009

U R Grounded

Teenagers can be so selfish. Does it never occur to them that if Halloween falls on a Saturday night that one of you could be spending the night with a friend & the Other could be out at a party if she Didn't Have An F in German + D's in math & science and when I went searching for any excuse on the online grade book found that she didn't turn her math work in on Friday and is starting this quarter with an F already.....that me and their father might have an evening Alone! But No.

This morning I listened to 3 hours of whining and pitiful excuses and gave my responsibility talk. Now she's out front trying to lure children to the house and give away the Nestle crunch bars, Dads playing playstation football, & I am doing this.

Her Dad came home from a morning of surfing while I did laundry. He gave her a lecture too. And a pretty good one. He told her he was the freedom bank and her payments were keeping up with responsibilities but she was defaulting on her loan, and that until she was caught up on payments, freedom was in Repo.

Then he told her she could have her phone back and maybe her boyfriend could come by for a little while this evening. So yeah, he's out there giving out candy too.

Who is really grounded here?


  1. Wow. It's good to know I'm not alone. I'm going through a similiar situation with my teen daughter & my 8yr old son.

  2. Thank you Nicole, now me and my blog don't feel so alone!


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