Thursday, October 15, 2009

There Are No Cheerleaders Here

My husband and I sometimes joke that we have the answer for genetic engineering. If you add 2 idiots it = 1 genius .But what kind of genius? The bullheaded, underachieving only learn it if they want to kind of course. I played supermom. We did years of softball, gymnastics, scouts, & music lessons. We read out loud, knew the teachers, checked homework, fundraised, and volunteered. Attended a mainstream church, talked about values, self worth & don’t do drugs. We served vegetables. At the same time I just was never part of the clique and neither are my daughters. In nature verses nurture I have found nature is what wins. While nurturing an environment of responsibility, goals & values I have also encouraged individuality, creative expression, & being non judgmental. These traits are apparently oil & water in high school.

My oldest started out as an overachiever perfectionist. She was in the “popular” group. They annihilated her shortly after she began 9th grade. My second is a card carrying member of what is known as The Goonies at her school & my youngest a self proclaimed Anime dork & as she puts it, “ Proud of it.” So while I am amazed at the gifted kids I have been dealt I am trying to figure out why I am so disappointed that they aren’t different. I fully expected my kids to be achievers, and motivated and gorgeous and popular...and they really aren't popular...  at least not with the “normal” kids. Maybe worried is a better word than disappointed. According to my daughters the “nice kids” who excel at school and are involved with worthwhile activities are not really so “nice”, at least not to them. So join me on my journey to find why my lovely kids from gentle suburbia prefer to find their friends from among the stock of broken families, unsupervised kids, and juvenile delinquents. And why my cell phone won’t spell taco.

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