Monday, October 19, 2009

She Said What!

Three times I have been secretly tickled at my kids for being awful!

My daughters tend to be very quiet, especially away from home. The following are 3 of my favorite examples of moments they snapped. And also surprised me into not knowing what to think, or do, except laugh to myself.

The 1st is the most benevolent. The scene is from a young 1st time parent who was diligently over protecting her child.

I didn't know she had ever heard the term "Gay"
My oldest was the only girl of her age group among 5 boys in our neighborhood They all played together until around age 9/10 when there was a defection. One boy stayed loyal however.One year younger than my daughter he worshipped her & was fine with playing with the "Disney Prince" dolls if she was in a barbie kind of mood, and she was fine with knocking each other upside the head with sticks. Which is what they were doing in the yard one day when a posse showed up led by her little friends older brother. The boys proceeded to harass her friend for playing with girls & calling him gay. They weren't using it in a "social acceptance" kind of way. I was just about to rush outside & give the bullies a piece of my mind when I hear my daughter pipe up,"Oh Yeah, well if you're gay you don't like girls so you must be the ones who are gay! "The fray was silenced. They bowed their heads & melted away. And my daughter has a friend for life.

< My All Time Favorite

My youngest was a child who wouldn't stand up for herself. This is not true anymore. Nowadays she could fill a resume with moments like this. In 5th grade her teachers didn't seem to like her much. She can be a little abrasive & perhaps was not worshipful enough. She seemed to be particularly annoying to her gifted class teacher which makes this even sweeter. The class was assigned to work in groups and create a "TV" show using fairy tale characters that they would perform for parents of the class. These kids can be really clever so this is usually a lot of fun. My child was assigned with a partner to write commercials. "Glittery" we'll call her told my child that she wasn't allowed to give out her phone # so they couldn't work that way or meet up. This assignment had several weeks to be completed. My kid worked on it. Every week "Glittery" didn't have anything to contribute. Just to clarify, I try to teach my kids responsibility by making them deal with situations themselves instead of Mom rushing in to save them. She wrote a couple of outstanding & hilarious commercials. I told her to tell her gifted teacher that the work was all hers. She kept putting it off. She was waiting to see if "Glittery" had something to add.I think she also sensed the teacher wasn't fond of her & avoided dealing with her. She turned the work in, didn't tell, just complained. I repeatedly told her that if she wanted the credit for the work she needed to speak up. Littlest didn't want to be the "kid who tells", she asked "Glittery" to admit that she hadn't helped. Yeah, right. The day of the show arrived. The acts were introduced. Including: Commercials by, Littlest & "Glittery". After a very entertaining show it was time for curtain call. MC announced:  The commercials brought to you by.... Littlest stomps up with arms crossed & PO'ed look on face. "Glittery" floats up, smiling wide her arms akimbo as she gracefully plunges into a curtsy, her long hair streaming forward to touch the stage as her forehead is bowed to the ground in humble appreciation of the applause of her fans.... And then a voice is heard above the din of parental clapping... SHE DIDN'T WRITE IT! I DID ALL OF IT SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! Glittery's curtsy wobbled a bit & her eyes widened. Confused parents looked relieved as the next kids were called up. Glittery's mom appeared frozen for a moment, then ignored the situation. Teacher looked like she wanted to smack Littlest. Immediatelt afterward I told her and her teacher, "she could have picked a better time for that. "Yes, she could have " answered her plainly annoyed teacher. But to be honest I was awed by her beauty in that moment & forever became her biggest fan!

But I didn't get my icecream
This is very minor but huge for this kid.
My second child is possibly the most passive person on earth. She's even passive aggressive. She was age 15 when she came home sobbing her eyes out. Her little escape is to go to McDs, get an icecream & do some writing or sketch the other customers. Some girls from school showed up & were picking on her. When she came home she was hysterical & I thought something truly horrible had happened. In choking sobs the story came out in bits. She snapped, She threw the icecream, it landed in her antagonist lap, she fled. I was very pleased that she finally fought back & asked why she was so upset. If she wasn't an easy target they would most likely back off. "I know" she said, "I'm glad I did it, but I really wanted that icecream". We supplied a gallon.

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