Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Loaf of Stress, A Container of Worry and a Stick of Panic

Remember that little grocery list cartoon from Sesame Street, A loaf of bread a container of milk and a stick of butter?  Ingrained in my brain from childhood whenever I am listing "to do" in my head I find myself finishing off with that. I had to update it though. Within the next 2 months I have to arrange, prepare for & pay for:  My middle girl going to homecoming, My oldest getting married and of course the holidays. I realize I have been coming to my blog to escape the lists. But then I have the list of things I want to write about. For someone who obsessively worries about the  air in my tires whenever I'm in the car and whether the gates are closed and my dogs in whenever I hear barking. This is a bit much. I had to stop watching the news altogether.But here are my worries.

1. Middlest going to homecoming  and not getting home till after midnight and will she really be there cause there isn't much else to be up to at that time of night but no good and I don't like most of her friends to well.
2. Planning a wedding you had less than 2 months notice for, and doing it for under a thousand dollars, and what the heck is the weather gonna be like for an outdoor wedding on Dec.5th. and if there can only be 40 people, who will they be, and am I capable of creating a wedding arch flower arrangement by myself ? Oh and are you really sure you want your 14 year old sister to make your wedding cake? Especially since the two of you are more high strung and neurotic than I am and we all know your middle sister is going to be No help at all.
3.When am I gonna have time to decorate for Christmas and how are we orchestrating those festivities this year.
4. Whose gonna feed us Thanksgiving, cause I'm not.

OK I have to go write my grocery list now.

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