Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Background Music

As this is a brand new blog and no one knows about it yet I thought I would explain a little about who I am writing about. We got married when I was 20 my husband 22. One of the things we agreed upon was that we didn't want kids. Seven months later God had other plans for us. And Thank Him he did. It's 23 years later & we are counting down to finished products & our second childhood.

The biggest: A perfect child. Joined to me at the hip as a little one. The darling of her teachers. Straight A student. A talented writer whose 5th grade teacher wrote in her yearbook "I'm looking forward to reading your 1st novel someday". Inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society in 8th grade. Also the child who at 11 had a winning softball season where her team had 0 losses, personally had 0 outs, won the league championship & herself won the giant homerun derby trophy, when asked on the way home if she hoped to have the same coach next season, replied she didn't want to play anymore. It was boring. Her 1st year in high school her "popular" friends turned on her & she turned to the scariest people she could find. Then followed 4 years of horror. Drinking, drugs, running away, violent behavior, & exposing our family to dangerous people. Now 22, we got our formal letter of apology when she was 20. She's doing great & we feel a little vindicated from the people who looked at as askance.
The Middlest: Currently 16. Born 6 years after her sister. Tagged by her elementary teachers as the absent minded professor. Was the kid you would send to school neat & polished, would pick up with her hair in 5 directions,shirt untucked, covered in spills & with no socks. Had college level reading skills in 2cd grade. Did all her work but didn't,(still doesn't) turn it in. Began playing cello in 4th grade. Went to an excellent Arts Magnet in middle school for orchestra. Found she could write added that art. Found she could draw, added that too. Was accepted to an exclusive High School for the arts as a creative writer. Proceeded to fail 9th grade. When given the opportunity to plead her case & continue chose to go to the local high school because they have more boys. Beginning junior year & on 7th boyfriend. Currently has an A in AP English lit&composition and an F in basic algebra 2.
The Littlest: Currently 14. The curmudgeon. Sisters say she was born 30. Very serious, brutally honest but with a hilarious cutting wit & dead on sense of dry humour. Also the most empathetic person I know but doesn't suffer fools gladly. Is very useful for law & order because from the time she could speak has ratted her sisters out for everything. Managed to make her grade school teachers think she had been traumatized, but she was just depressed at school cause she thought she was surrounded by idiots. Attended the same arts middle school also as a writer. Was accepted in to the exclusive arts high school this year by auditioning with the 1st chapters of a novel she is writing about a serial killer. Loves to write, hates to read. Is in a creative writing program & doing well in those classes but carrying a D in honors English and an A in math. Is obsessed with Japan, speaks Japanese to us, calls us Japanese names & eats everything with chopsticks. Is a board member of the local Anime club.

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