Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just starting to get the hang of it.

I'm trying out a new font size. I dared to go to the Updated Editor so I could do that drop thing & realized my spell check had disappeared. I can never remember how to spell disapeared so hopefully I have spelled dissapeared right the 1st time. Maybe it's still here somewhere & I will find it again.  I got up my nerve to add some of the blogs I like to a list on my blog & now I am waiting and hoping the people won't notice & read my blog & then tell me they don't like me, remove them immediately. If you check back & have statcounter or something similiar Yes I am the one who has been frenetically going back and forth to your site trying to make sure I'm doing this right and getting an idea of how things are done and hopefully not committing some dreadful blogging faux pas. Just let me know.
I will eventually add a bigger momblog badge when I feel I am worthy. I am such an infant here.  But I'm having fun figuring out how it works & figuring out the community thing. I headed this with the purpose of talking about some of the serious issues I face with my children as well as having some fun. I found there is always alot of "professonal advice" out there but  have not as yet, found a lot of people just talking about it. I will do this at intervals. After a  schizophrenic change of titles I think I'll stick with this one. And I'm coming up with ideas. Like the label U R Grounded! If anyone ever reads me I will occasionally have post relating my childrens antics and I will ask others to post their opinion on whether they should be grounded or not!  As if grounding your own kids isn't enough fun! Anyway... There is a whole lot in my head and I will continue to bleed out. If I could just get all these people who live here to stop asking me stuff,  like I'm in charge or something.... Gosh!

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