Friday, October 23, 2009

The Blogosphere ( Or I'm such a dork)

My polish is chipped
My roots are growing
And though I ignore it
My waist is showing
Signs of all the cookies I ate
While staying up & reading late.
The laundries not done
The whole house is messed
It's quarter till noon
And I'm still not dressed
My car's out of gas
And it needs a dusting
The yard work tools
are busily rusting
I don't have no friends
Can't find any followers
Among all the other
Blogging wallowers
Maybe someday, interest will spark
I won't be alone
In the internet dark
For now I keep typing
And thinking up stuff
To blab on my family
Without being too rough
I think they are calling
 But don't really hear
I'm lost somewhere
In the blogoshere.

© 2009 All Rights Reserved

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