Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Speed of Light From the Moon

For various reasons I have had all three of my girls around the house a great deal lately. This is not the case normally and I admit it is a little fun and We tend to spend a lot of time on our back yard balcony discussing every thing under the sun.

Recent conversations included this:

Littlest: I hate extreme feminists.  I think women should be equal but that doesn't mean they have to freak out about everything. "This isn't fair-that isn't fair."
 I mean, Why does everything have to be an insult to your vagina.

Middlest: I'm joining the Navy-and since Lutherans only have male pastors, I'm using the college money they offer to become a Presbyterian Minister.

Biggest: You can't be a pastor. I'll burst into flames.

We are having one of those weeks when the hormonal and moon collision is spectacular, but that didn't stop our chats. For instance, we were out back when Middlest announced, "I think I heard a murder plot this morning." What? I don't know, I was outside and from the other side of the fence I heard a man say, "I'm gonna kill that SOB!" What? Who was it? Did you look? It's trash day, was it a trash collector or on eof the people working on the house next door? "I don't know, she replied, if I'm hearing a murder plot I'm not gonna stick my head over the fence and take a look. "
No. She''ll just announce it on the back porch.

 Later I saw Middlest running out of the kitchen and told her to go back and finish her work. She screeched, I will when they're out of there! I don't feeling like dealing with their crap right now! I went outside and asked Biggest what happened.
 "I asked her what was wrong with her!"
 I sighed, She on her period, just ignore her and leave her alone."
Which is when Littlest piped up loudly with,
"So What?" Pointing to Biggest she announced, She's pregnant and I AM TOO!"


No ; ) She meant she had her period too.(Let's all give Thanks, shall we)
 But the neighbors will never know the difference.

By this time Mid had returned and we all had a good belly laugh. We decided to give up on the day and created a kitten pile in the living room and watched America's Got Talent reruns for 4 hours.

Because these days are going to become as scarce and rare as unicorns before long. They are all grown. They have all seen their destiny and are moving toward it at the speed of light.
Or at least the speed you need to reach the moon.

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  1. I do love those rare day s when everyone is home in the house. Today is the first time in at least a month and I am cooking in bulk so I can cover them for the next month.

    1. Oh, I admire you for that. I haven't been feeding anybody!

  2. These are the days we love. Last weekend - all four of our boys at our house for tea and the grandson as well. Generally this doesn't happen that they're all in the one place at once and without girlfriends no less.

    It was a night in a million that hasn't happened since they were younger. His son, my son and our sons, plus the grandson - all in one place.

  3. OMG... four females in the same house and a Super Moon, no less!!!

    1. Yeah. Add in my hot flashes and it's been a real hoot ; )

  4. "an insult to your vagina" - AWESOME. And yeah, way to stop a conversation in its tracks. The thought of your kitten pile makes me all smiley.

    1. I almost fell out of my chair. I LOVE that kid : )

  5. ROTFL BWAHAHAHA!!! Talk about good talks! I love y'all relationship.


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