Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Will be Just Like Christmas In June!

We are down to the wire folks and I couldn't be happier. When I walked out of my high school a million years ago it never occurred to me that I would be back. And I didn't look back. Then I had kids and quite honestly did everything in my power to keep my kids out of it. At least I started Biggest there and figured it would be okay until I yanked her out five months later and home schooled her. I then started preparing the younger girls for a magnet school to avoid it and was successful until their sophomore years when the School for the Arts became an unhappy stressful environment instead of a wonderful opportunity. So. There we were. Back at 'cool' school where the Alma mater are so pleased with themselves that they throw an "all year reunion" every year because we are such a special club.  It's difficult to escape because I suspect they put a chip in your diploma that prevents you from ever leaving this town. The reunion is always packed. I never attend because I might run into someone I went to school with ; ) Out of all my highschool years I do know a few souls who escaped. Two actually made it to Broadway, two are in a cult and the other five are dead.

It isn't a bad or dangerous school. It's a ridiculous school.
 And some how by next week I will be done with it. FINALLY.

 To the place where I smoked in the locker room and wrote poetry on the bathroom stalls and fell through a crack. The place where the SeaMonkey didn't show up if there were waves and nobody cared because it's possible the teachers were at the beach too. And if anyone was stoned it didn't matter because our math teacher was stoned too and would usually send someone out for donuts.
 The place that let my Honor Roll student oldest daughter fall, not just through a crack, but through a wide gaping hole to hell. The place that ignored the documented brilliance of my middle child and would not bend a pinkie to help figure out the best way to deal with her mind, that would not fit the box, and the best course to use her talents and let her fall through the rabbit hole.(Except for her Chemistry teacher-He Was Amazing-and home schooled his own kids) And finally the place where my very strong youngest straddled the crack, despite her hung over math teacher and apathetic guidance counselors that dismissed her from being of interest when they learned she was joining the military, instead of going to college- We will gloriously say goodbye.

How's it go?

No more conferences
No more expensive year books
No more PTA's dirty looks!

Pretty sure that's it  ; )

During the next week we have-senior award night-baccalaureate- and next Monday-
And even more important-I Am Done With the PTA FOREVER! : )


So I'm little extra busy this week. I'll be dropping by blogs whenever I have a free moment.

IN NEXT WEEKS ISSUE: Sappy Graduation Post For My Wonderful Littlest!
Stay Tuned : )

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  1. Wow. That's quite an occasion. I can't imagine having my kids go to the school I went to. Well, my son is a boy and I went to an all-girls high school, so I especially can't imagine that, but you know what I mean. Actually, I think they made it co-ed after I left, which was when I heard they were running a prostitution ring out of the ninth grade campus. Anyway, congratulations on so many levels. You done good.

    1. hee hee..Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are selling hash in the cafeteria at ours ; )

  2. Hallelujah! Let the partying begin!

    1. You mean let the napping begin! No more 5:30 AM alarms clocks!!!!

  3. Congratulations and thank you! Thank you for proving that I'm not (that) crazy for walking away from my shitty high school and never looking back . For never going to a reunion. For only taking those friends with me that were of like mind and for never being on Facebook with my real name so that I'd never have to accidentally bump into all the people that I intentionally left behind . F high school. F the PTA (twice). And hallelujah for your freedom! Good for all of you for getting through and getting out!

  4. You Are Welcome DG! I know exactly what you mean but I can't hide because all the same A-holes I left behind are still wandering the halls fundraising for their kids. XOXOXO

  5. Clearly we went to the same school. Hoe did I miss you?

    1. You remember me. I was the chick wearing the Levi's and the blue tube top with a Hawaiian shirt over it with the 2 stripe blue Deckers, and the long blonde hair with wings cut in front that I kept trained with the long handled comb stuck in my back pocket. Well...that narrows it down to about best friend was the brunette with the curling iron rolls on each side of her head and the cork wedges....oh well : )

      Are you back?! I'll check in later, hope so! : )

  6. HALLELUIAH!!!! heck yeah mom!!

    next year will signal the sophmore year for Big'K and Lil'K is only third grade *sigh* it feels like it will never be over...yet is passing way too quickly all at once. but kuddos to surviving MOTPG!!!

  7. You said it! Unbelievably slow and incredibly fats all at the same time.
    But as the song says: I'm Alive!


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