Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did Someone Say Get Me Out Of Here?

My work schedule has been grueling and I was supposed to work through this weekend as well. BUT. That has been postponed. The Wonderful SeaMonkey surprised me the other day by saying that to celebrate our 27th! Anniversary he is taking me to my favorite place! For 5 Days! And the high will only be in the thirties for a couple of those days! There is a chance of snow flurries but he said he can't guarantee there will be snow. I said, That's fine as long as it's cold and I'm Not Here.

We have had a warm winter and summer is barreling down on me like a locomotive transporting coconut scented suntan lotion and inadequate deodorant. If you've been around long enough you know what that thought does to me. So for all of you currently stuck in frigid temperatures and buried in snow who are asking yourselves, Is this woman a lunatic?  The answer is Yes. Yes. I . Am.

And a very happy one.

As always I wanted to make sure you all knew I was leaving because I know that otherwise you would all be sitting at home worrying about where I was ; )
I'm in the mountains. ok?

have I ever mentioned that it snowed in Florida in March the day I got married? Of course I have : )
How appropriate.

In light of the Full Snow Moon, for the time being I will leave these questions behind;

Will Middlest behave herself like a mature young adult and stay home and take care of things? Or will she become intoxicated and allow total strangers into my home while we're gone?

Will Littlest call if Middlest misbehaves and disrupt my serenity? Or will she reprise a previous role and put Middlest in a headlock and lock her in a shed so she can't get away?

And last but not least will Biggest find anything more beautiful than this to share?

Moon Music Courtesy of Biggest.

I think not.

A translation in the YouTube comments says the words are these:
English lyrics: Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. May your heart be strong , be strong. God is with you. Death is jealous. It separates those in love. Don’t be disheartened my sister. God is with you. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Work hard Neria. God is with you. Neria. Neria, ooooh. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Work hard Neria. God is with you.

I certainly hope so. Nah. I know : )

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

But..but..surely they hang on my every word.

Did you know I am an ignorant and inexperienced parent who does not realize that my techniques are doing the opposite of what I wish to accomplish?

ha... haha...hahaha Hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!


I'm not even going to explain this. Just laugh along with me.

Sometimes I do lose track of who I am.

I am Mom of the Perpetually Grounded.


I've chewed up, spit out and chased off scarier than you while filing my nails.

Though some people, who obviously know nothing about me, may think otherwise, in my 26 years as a parent, which I believe is longer than this person has been alive, I have learned you can only try to prevent gullible dumbass and point out that it is being manipulated but you certainly can't stop it when it is a legal adult. However you can control your own environment.

All it takes is two little words. And around here if you are past 18 those words Are Not
'You're Grounded'.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Guard

He's been guarding his family and his house for twelve years.

Standing sentinel where he has a full scale view to warn off unsavory characters riding bikes and of all things, walking other dogs past his establishment.

He was once formidable.

Head held high. Barrel chest proud. If he slipped the gate and decided to take a stroll  I was immediately besieged by calls from panicked neighbors letting me know the Guard was patrolling beyond his designated area.

What they never saw was him letting 'his kitties' rub all over him and lay with him. He still cleans them. Or him doing the Hokey Pokey with me. Because he really could.

He's getting scraggly. His fur thinning and patchy. His ears falling.

He is deaf as a post. You have to stand in front of him and use sign language to let him know it's time for dinner.

He is becoming senile and sometimes wanders around licking the floor...and occasionally the furniture.

His back end has become brittle and frail. Wobbly. His rear legs weaving precariously back and forth.  He rarely shows pain. He can still make the stairs. Just slowly. He still will give a good tussle a go with his little buddy. Who now outweighs him by 60 pounds. But he just plants his front legs firm and bites at the feet of the wildly jumping young dog bouncing around him. He never gives ground. He always wins.

But it's true that standing and sitting are short lived .
His spindly old legs can bear his weight only so long.

He gets tired.

But he never


Abandons his post.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hate to Post and Run but...

that is what I'm doing because I'm traveling again tomorrow. I returned home on Wednesday last week but I didn't visit much because Thursday was the 4th longest day of my life. The other three being the days I gave birth. And this was the day I, not physically but intellectually and emotionally, waited while my Littlest, my last child, began her journey into adulthood.

I am now 'Mom of the Marine Corps Poolee.' On Thursday Littlest spent the day at the Military Entrance Processing Station and passed all the requirements. We then watched her raise her hand and swear in to the Marine Corps in the Delayed Entry Program. What does this mean? It means we still have a way to go. She has to graduate. She has to wait for her Occupational Specialty to open. She has to complete Recruit Training. (Boot Camp) This could take up to a year but at this point the date is about seven months. It also means that as long as nothing changes to prevent her from qualifying she will become a Marine.

In my post about our first trip to the recruiting office I said that we would not be signing papers for her to join before she turns eighteen. We learned a little more about how this works. The Delayed Entry Program provides physical training and guidance in preparation for boot camp before you show up there. It's a way of having an advantage. We gave it six months and the fact is that she has been unwavering in her choice. Steadfast in her decision. More determined than ever. So we signed the papers. She will begin what they call PT on Monday with the other Poolee's led by Marine Corps instructors. She will train and consult with her recruiter several times a week from this day forward.

We Are Immensely Proud.

her sisters cried. her dad cried. i haven't cried yet. i will.

There really is no way to decribe this feeling as a parent. Proudified? Teriffoud?

This post could be a long discussion on a whole lot of stuff that is going on, but, honestly, we've been having that discussion at our house for about two years and there's nothing left to discuss. The last conversation we had the night before MEPS was what might happen if she wore her Superman underwear to processing : )

But here's something else. Littlest only needs 3 credits to graduate. She fulfilled and surpassed her elective credits long ago but she is still taking classes all day. She wants to drop these extra classes which would leave her with an AP Language Arts, AP Government and a Marine Science class. It's a split schedule so that would be two classes one day and one the next. She doesn't need the other classes or credits and would rather be doing something besides sitting there bored in classes she doesn't like. I think she should suck it up for four months and just finish the year and it will be over. Her dad said that if she was mature enough to raise her hand and swear to protect her country she was mature enough to decide she didn't want to take classes she doesn't need. We both told her to get her recruiters opinion because at some point in her career she will be continuing her education.

What do you think Peanut Gallery?

Now I'm going to try to visit as many of you as I can before I have to finish getting ready to head out. As always, when I'm gone, if I miss you I'll catch you when I get back. Namaste. (I don't actually say that..ever..it just sounds nice ; )

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